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Acne/Pimple Combo 3


1. Moringa Facewash Powder 100g

Pimples can now be under your control with our Moringa Face Wash Powder. Mild cleansing face wash powder with Moringa leaves, French green clay controls excessive oil secretion and controls pimples. 100% natural, herbal, toxin & chemical-free face wash for pimple clear skin suitable on all skin types.

(ADD NOW – Soap only )

2. Green Tea Gel 30g

green tea gel to make your skin as beautiful as you. Reinvent your skin and make it glow just the way you want it to. The polyphenols in green tea control excess oil secretion while the basil and moringa leave act efficiently against acne-causing organisms and combat inflammation. This organically made green tea gel is your skin’s best friend with no harsh chemicals, or toxins and is completely handmade.

2. Haritah SS  50g

Clear and control your pesky pimples with our Haritah SS Anti-pimple Face Pack especially created for sensitive skin. 100% natural, chemical, and toxin-free face pack made with anti-bacterial rich ingredients to keep your pimples in control. French green clay is an added benefit to control excess oil secretion. Suitable for all sensitive skin types.



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Key Ingredients

avocado butter


castor oil

Castor Oil

coconut oil

Coconut Oil

olive oil

Olive Oil


Which skin type it is suitable for?

It is suitable for (All) skin.

Can men and women use this?

Yes, men and women above age 15 can use this.

Weight 100 g

10 reviews for Acne/Pimple Combo 3

  1. Sneha

    Hi Thanku so much for the right products, it’s just 10days I see a lot of difference on my face. It’s working very well, Moringa is like .. Lots of love to arah ,it’s really a miracle.. the best thing I did is I threw all the other products today. I would always want to shop with u… Araah is the best. Thanku so much..

  2. Geetha

    Hi team, I would like to give a feedback on your skin consultation. I had dry sensitive acne prone skin and I was recommended for Avacado soap and green tea gel. I have been using it for the past three weeks. I could feel the difference gradually. Acne has reduced and there are no new acnes building up. Thank you! Keep up the good work. And I’m happy that I’m using chemical free products.

  3. Priya

    Pimple full gone Mark also little bit fade I’m so happy

  4. Ragav

    I have ordered second time Anti acne trial combos.. it was realy working on my skin.. worth for penny mint soap was just wow green tea gel is moisturizing my skin day by day. moringa powder and haritah anti pimple pack was really good.Thanks for the good product.. no need for any other products.. Araah is just awesome keep rocking

  5. Sneha

    Hello Sorryy for the late review actually m waiting for the results. And u wont believe that results are amazing My skin has be- come so soft, brighten and fair. People are asking from me that whats the secret behind this. I have ordered oily skin combo a month ago… Thank u so much team Araah… u people are like a blessings in my life.. and i really mean it

  6. Radha

    What a product yaar Loved it I see much difference in my skin my acne Mark’s got reduced Thank you so much will order the same shortly

  7. Jeevitha

    Nice product


    Dear Team. My pimples got cleared after using Harita SS pack.. Thank you very much for such beautiful products… Could you please suggest suitable Products for clearing Acne Marks and Large pores on my face.

  9. Vindhya

    Thank you for the good product. Its reduce my acne mark white bumps and tan in 1 week i used haritah powder,green tea gel.

  10. Barathi pimples are faded.pimple spots are getting lighter day by day.just love to use this product, thank u araah family Yes nw want to order again now give me some another product for glowing skin.

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Acne/Pimple Combo 3