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Festival combo 5
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Festival combo 5


Spectacular Skincare Gift Box for a Ravishing You


Want to gift something nice and useful? Or thinking of a great gift for someone special.  We have a gift that you can’t resist. This gift is packed with the goodness of nature that can solve all your skin problems. You can now make anybody feel special and look beautiful with this Araah Skin Miracle Gift box combo. And the best part is you get a burst of amazing natural products at an unimaginable offer price of 1199-/only!

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When there are so many products in Market Why ARAAH?

Its ingredients & the Purity and Ethics in Making! When We Claim It, We Do It!

Unlike the other Brands that just use the available ingredients, we research skin problems and source the best ingredients and make completely organic and ayurvedic products that help to give flawless skin.

What do We choose?

Every product we choose has a special note!

In this combo you get


red wine gelRed Wine Gel 

Red wine gel is infused with red wine gel, aloe vera, and pomegranate. This gives your skin a tremendous boost of antioxidants which slows down aging and gives you instant brightness. Flavonoid and resveratrol in red wine fade away wrinkles and fine lines.


rose lip scrup

Rose Lip Scrub

We at Araah Skin Miracle have solutions for every problem. You can now easily transform your mood and your lips into just the way you love. Araah Skin Miracle Rose Lip Scrub is loaded with the goodness of rose. This mood-enhancing aroma-filled lip scrub will help you remove dull and dead cells. You can now sport a super soft, smooth, and plump lip by just scrubbing your lip with Araah skin Miracle Rose lip scrub just twice a week


Eye Cream

kumkumadi EYE CREAM

Kumkumadi eye cream with the power of traditional kumkumadi thailam heals the stubborn dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles around eyes. Its 100% natural formulation, a toxin-free remedy to fight dark circles under eye





Saffron Body Wash

Are you hitting the big 30 years of age? Worried about the skin changes that may reveal your age? Don’t worry, Amyra Serum from Araah Skin Miracles is made to defy the laws of aging. Age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, or rough skin can’t get near with a few drops of Amyra in your skin every day. Powered by skin-caring hyaluronic acid, this serum protects the skin from drying. It always keeps the skin well hydrated and nourished. Thus, supple skin that is plump and nourished is all yours to flaunt



Beetroot Powder 

Beetroot has wonderful benefits on skincare. Here’s our natural Beetroot Powder that provides all the goodness of beetroot to your skin. We have derived the beetroot powder from all-natural beetroots without adding any chemicals or preservatives.



Golden-glow-powderGolden Glow Powder 

Wild turmeric works steadily on reducing your facial hair growth and gives you a stunning glow. Avarmpoo works its way through blemishes, pigmentation, and acne, leaving you with spotless beauty.The combined effect of the ingredients imparts an unmatched solution to skin infection, scars, inflammation, and eczema. Now you have the power to reinvent your skin and get a brilliant radiance

How To Use

Step 1- Use Araah  Skin Miracle cold process soap for your face every day. Use Saffron Body wash to cleanse your body. Use the designer soap to cleanse your face in the night.


Step 2- Apply Araah Skin Miracle gel before you apply any make up or sunscreen. Wait for it to absorb before doing make up.


Step 3-Eye cream – Apply the eye cream around the eyes while giving a gentle circular massage


Step 4- Lip Scrub – Gently scrub your lips weekly twice with Araah Skin Miracle lip scrub. Massage with the scrub and wash off with water.


Step 5 Apply Araah Skin Miracle Lip balm every day.  Reapply it if you feel lips are getting dry.


Step 6- Beetroot Powder – Make your own skin or lip pack with beetroot. You can mix it with honey, curd or milk and apply ot on your skin to enjoy a pink glow. Add in ghee to this powder, freeze it and you get your own lip .


Golden Glow powder – Mix with rose water or water to make your face pack. Make a thick paste, apply on your skin and wait until it dries. Wash off with water

What We Promise ?

Our skin and hair goes through numerous stress everyday. Our lifestyle, food habits, sleep routine, screen time everything affects the way our skin and hair looks. Most of the times the things we tend to do can bring ill effects to our look. To combat this and help you keep your charm always and give you a special glow and glamour we have curated this product. We promise to





  1. To Fade pigmentation
  2. To Add natural glow
  3. To improve complexion
  4. To Brighten skin
  5. To give Soft skin
  6. To give smooth skin
  7. Even skin tone
  8. Moisturise your skin
  9. To fade dark circles
  10. To reduce eye puffiness
  11. To reduce wrinkles around the eye
  12. To give Pink lips
  13. To your lips
  14. To give Lustrous lips


Can men and women use this?

Yes, men and women above age 15 can use this.

Which skin type it is suitable for?

It is suitable for all skin

Weight 260 g


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  1. Anjana

    Hi luv ur products my mom like amyra serum n beet beauty soap… good soon I’ll purchase more from araah thank u so much..

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Festival combo 5