Instagram Herbal Baby Bath Powder (100g)

Instagram Herbal Baby Bath Powder (100g)


Your search for a gentle and natural baby bath solution stops here!

A mother can’t rest until she is 100 percent sure that she is giving the best for her kids. This journey isn’t an easy one, yet as a mother, you search to give the ultimate protection to your baby. Then why do you compromise on baby skincare? Why do you go for chemical soaps? Behind the chemical brands label hides a whole lot of chemicals that strip off your baby’s naturally soft skin. And did you know you should stay off from labels claiming hypoallergenic, fragrance, and essential oil for your baby? It can harm a baby’s skin and the little one ends up with rashes and skin irritation. And you will be wondering what went wrong.

With our herbal bath powder, we are saving you from all those harmful chemicals in baby’s soap. Araah Skin Miracle’s Herbal baby bath powder contains a whole lot of natural Herbal goodness and no chemicals.


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What and Why of the ingredients?

green gramGreen gramGreen gram is a natural cleansing agent. While it is very effective in removing the dirt it is very gentle on the skin. It helps to maintain the baby’s soft skin

wild turmericWild turmeric– This gives a natural glow to the baby’s skin and helps to remove the baby’s facial hair. It also helps in the overall reduction in the growth of facial hair and hence your child can grow into facial hair free adult

rose petalsRose Petals – Rose helps in skin brightening. It works on improving your baby’s complexion naturally

sandalwoodSandalwood- Sandalwood also helps in improving the baby’s complexion. Apart from it, it has natural anti perspiring, anti-inflammatory properties which keep the baby’s skin clear of sweat and irritation

vettiverVettiver– It helps to keep the skin well moisturized and nourished. It helps to keep the ph balance and is effective in preventing skin rashes and irritation.

fennel seedsFennel seeds– Rich in antioxidant and natural exfoliant it also helps to keep your baby’s skin calm.

Bhabchi seedsBhabchi seeds– A potent skin ingredient this helps against skin irritation, rashes, and eczema. It also naturally brightens skin

nutgrassNutgrass –It is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and flavonoids.  It is  extremely beneficial for the skin

CardamomCardamom – It has antibacterial properties. It helps in healing breakouts. It also acts as a skin purifier.

Eagle woodEagle wood – Growing 1500 feet above sea level, this herb reduces inflammation and eczema

Black vettiver- It fights dryness and keeps your baby’s skin well moisturized

How To Use?

baby bath powder

Step1 – Mix the required amount of powder in water to make a paste.

Step2- Apply the paste to the baby’s wet body

Step3 – Give a gentle massage

Step4 – Rinse off with water

Why Araah’s Herbal Baby Bath Powder?


herbal baby bath powder

      We are saving you from all those harmful chemicals in baby’s soap. Araah Skin Miracle’s Herbal baby bath powder contains a whole lot of natural Herbal goodness and no chemicals.

     Made with green gram, vettiver, rose, sandalwood and wild turmeric, your baby’s skin is not only safe from chemicals but it is protected for life.

      The baby soft skin is guaranteed for life, and your little one will never ever face any skin problem. Added to it, the natural ingredients cleanse, hydrate, reduces facial hair growth, give a natural glow and shine and keeps your baby skin always happy .

Product Details

Skin Type            All skin type
Usage Frequency Daily
Age  4 months – 5 years  
Expiry 6 months


Is it natural?

Yes. Chemicals, paraben free, preservatives free and toxin free baby bath powder

Is it safe to use on new born?

It can be used from 4 months to 5 years age group.  For new born choose Rose baby bath powder. Always do the patch before using the product

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s safe to use on babies.

Can I use this daily?


Should I use soap also along with this bath powder

Not needed. Use this as replacement to soap.

Is it tear free?

Yes. But if it gets into eyes it may cause little irritation as it’s in powdery texture.

Weight 130 g


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Instagram Herbal Baby Bath Powder (100g)