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How To Remove Tan in Less Than 1 Month

“Tan Removal Home Remedies”“How To Remove Tan Instantly”. Are these the questions topping your browser history in recent days? We understand how frustrating it should be.

What if we tell you, You need no expensive parlor treatments or chemical peel-offs. You just Need One Simple Solution, which is going to be 100% Natural & affordable! Hold on. There’s more 🙂

60000 Fresh Roses + Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to treat your Skin Magically.

YEKA GOLDEN GLOW SKIN OIL – And yes this has been the choice of Actress Hansika &  50000 other Lovely Customers.

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Here’s How To Remove Tan From Face, Neck & Body Naturally & Easily

Scorching Summer is Here! And the Sun & Tan are something inseparable.😃 Agree?

If You’re reading this, chances are you’re already Exhausted & Tired With This Sun Tan. You’re really Looking For Solutions To Get Back Your Original Skin Tone at least.

Are You Sitting there Nodding Your Head, then here’s a Great News For You! Now You can Remove the Sun Tan Easily with Just 1 affordable Simple Solution.

*Yeka Golden Glow Skin Oil*


This question is obvious with the ocean of products around you. But here’s how Yeka Stands apart. It lies in its Magical Ingredients Yeka virgin coconut oilDid You Know Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is said to be equivalent to Mother’s Milk? Yes Loaded with Lauric Acid & Medium Chain Fatty Acids, it helps in complete Cleansing Of Your Skin, Removing Tan and dead skin cells.

Damascus Rose Petals Contains Loads of polyphenols & antioxidants that protect Your Skin From Cell Damage caused by Excessive Exposure to Solar UV Light.

And these two ingredients are magical ingredients to detan your skin completely.

How Can One Oil help in Removing the Tan that I have developed Over Years?

Not to blame you but our skincare industry has created this Myth – You need 10 – 15 different products for Glowing Skin. But do you remember, our grannys and ancestors always had a simple Skin Care Routine Turmeric and Coconut Oils were the most sort after beauty routine of their period. Yeka 8 in 1 miracle skin oil

YEKA believes in such MINIMALISTIC SKINCARE & Hair Care Solutions. And Yeka Golden Glow Oil is one-of-its-kind. The Oil can be used both as a Cleanser and as a massage oil. The Damascus Rose and the healing properties of the Organic Virgin Coconut Oil completely detans your skin and imparts a lasting glow.

Is it just Regular Coconut Oil?

Definitely Nooo!!!

Yeka Golden Glow Oil Vs Regular Coconut Oil

In Regular coconut oil, oil is extracted from the copra and hence is exposed to more impurities. To refine this, it undergoes RBD (Refining, Bleaching, and Deoxidisation) processing & thus more chemicals are added to this. The chemicals reduce the Lauric Acid (nourishing content) content to a minimal level.

yeka golden glow oil

Yeka’s Miraculous Secret Equation

Unlike this, VCO is extracted from fresh milk of the coconut. It is not exposed to any chemicals and thus retains the original Lauric Acid content.

One of the major differences between regular coconut oil and virgin coconut oil is the method of extraction.

Organic, unrefined coconut oil is the best coconut oil for skin care because it contains all the naturally occurring phytonutrients and polyphenols.


1 Lauric acid 47.5 % 52.1 %
2 Myristic acid 18.1 % 20.4 %
3 Stearic acid 2.6 % 3.2 %
  • Lauric acid is the best acne-fighter and provides an excellent moisturizing effect.
  • Myristic acid naturally gives excellent lubricant and is found in increased range.
  • Stearic acid helps in removing dirt, sweat, and excess sebum from the skin.

And it is not just this but is made with 60000 Fresh Damascus Rose Petals! Check the Making of Our YEKA Golden Glow Oil here

How Can I Trust You?

It is the fear of every new customer. 🙂  But will you say No to a product that has transformed 50000 + customer’s skin magically. Here’s just as you how Ms.Amita Lodaya started her journey with so much hesitation. But do you know, now she is an ardent fan of Yeka!Ordering 6 units of Oil Every Month.

 yeka skin oil reviews

And it has been the favorite Oil of Actress Hansika too, She says “Her Day Begins & Ends with YEKA !”

How To Remove Tan From Face/Neck/Hands/Feet Quickly?

When you’re back Home From the Scorching Sun, just follow this quick fix!

Apply a Few Drops of the Yeka Golden Glow Oil on your Face, Neck, and other Sun Exposed Body Parts. Give a Gentle Massage.

Take a cotton cloth, dip it in warm water and wipe your Face, Neck & Body. This completely Cleanses Your Skin From Dirt and gives you a clean, fresh look.

Wash with a mild Natural Soap. You can also choose Tan Removal Soap from our sister Brand Araah Skin Miracle.

This method is also called as Double Cleansing, The Famous Korean Skin Care Routine.

*How Do I Remove Tan That Have Been Created In Years ?*

*Is it really possible to remove the Stubborn Tan that I Have Developed over the Years ?*

The Great answer is Yes & that is Too Naturally! Just that you should have little patience.


Here’s an Amazing Head-To-Toe Beautifying Oil for a Radiant, Healthy Skin !!

The goodness of Organic Virgin coconut oil and Damascus rose petals that give your skin the desired flawless glow!

Just slather this Detanning Oil all over your body to brighten & impart a natural glow to your skin.

👉It is also one of the best products to treat your cracked heels.
👉And yes, best For Your Lips Too☺️ Get the Pinky Plump Lips.
👉This also helps in fading the darkness under your arms, neck and inner thighs.

For Face, this Oil is a Treat if you have Dry Skin. It super hydrates & rejuvenates Your Skin!

Key Ingredients


Damask Rose

coconut oil

Coconut Oil

How To Use



How To Remove Tan From Face/Neck/Hands/Feet Quickly?

Procedure :

1. Cleansing: Apply a Few Drops of the Yeka Golden Glow Oil on your Face, Neck, and other Sun Exposed Body Parts. Give a Gentle Massage. Take a cotton cloth, dip it in warm water and wipe your Face, Neck & Body. This completely Cleanses Your Skin From Dirt and gives you a clean, fresh look. Wash with a mild Natural Soap. You can also choose Tan Removal Soap from our sister Brand Araah Skin Miracle. This method is also called Double Cleansing, The Famous Korean Skin Care Routine.
2. Exfoliate: Weekly twice, mix brown sugar with Yeka Golden Glow Oil and give a gentle massage to your Face, Neck & Other Sun-Exposed Body Parts. It Scrubs The dead cells from Your Skin.
3. Massage: Give a Loving Massage with the Yeka Golden Glow Oil on Your Skin every day before the bath
For Dry Skin Face & Other Body Parts – Leave it overnight. And wash off in the morning
For Oily/Normal/Combination – Apply 5-10min at night and wash your face.

Apply a few drops of oil on your hands, legs, and entire body before bath. Give a gentle massage. Leave it at least for 20-30min. Leave it overnight for best results You
can also use it after bath oil to prevent skin dryness

BODY SCRUB: Weekly twice mix the Oil with brown sugar and scrub the surface gently.

LIP SERUM: Clean your lips with a mild cleanser. Apply a few drops of oil on your lips and leave it overnight. Repeat it whenever your lips feel dry.

Apply a few drops of the oil on your face. Give a gentle massage. Take a cotton cloth or wipe dip it in hot water and wipe off your face. It removes even stubborn waterproof makeup

This is 100% Natural with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil & Damascus Rose. So it is completely safe and pure. Apply oil to your baby 20min-1 hour before bath. You can also use it as after bath Oil.

FIRST USE: PATCH TEST- Apply 2-3 drops of oil on the baby’s fist. Wash off after 10-15min. Few baby Skin may be very sensitive to roses as well. If there is no such skin redness irritation, you may continue with the usage.

Take a few drops of oil. Apply it on your cracked feet after cleansing your feet thoroughly. Wear socks to keep them intact. Leave it overnight Again apply in the morning before bath For best results, scrub your feet
with a pumice stone.


Can it be used For Face ?

If you have Dry Skin, you can use it for your face. Else avoid it.
For all skin types,you can use it for Your Body

Can this be used for babies ?

Yes from 6 months, you can start using this Oil. It is 100% Natural and is an excellent moisturizing & nourishing Oil


This Juice would make your skin super glow !!!

How to get rid of dull skin naturally? Try this healthy drink! Drinks for glowing skin! How do drinks help…


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