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Kamariya AHA Serum (10ml)
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Kamariya AHA Serum (10ml)


Few drops of this serum gives you a flawless skin

Are you someone who is constantly thinking about how to have beautiful skin? Are you always looking at clear skin people and wondering how they do it? Now, you can make heads turn to your side too. Enjoy flawless skin with this simple and effective skincare routine. All you need to do is get Kamariya Serum from Araah Skin Miracle and use it as a day serum. This fruit AHA serum vanishes off all pigmentation and blemishes and the hyaluronic acid gives you soft, smooth, and plump skin.


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When there are so many Products in Market Why ARAAH?

Its ingredients & the Purity and Ethics in Making! When We Claim It, We Do It!

Unlike the other Brands where they just use the available ingredients, We ensure to get the best ingredients. Our R n D team is committed to give us  ingredients to make products that give perfect solution to even the most difficult skin care problems. We follow traditional and ayurvedic  methods to make our serum.

What We Choose?

Every ingredient we choose has a special note!

Hyaluronic Acid – Promotes Healthy and supple skin. It keeps the skin moisturized and gives an ageless beauty to your skin. It makes the skin soft, smooth, and plump.

Fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acid – It is an exfoliant that can dissolve dead cells. It penetrates deep into the pores and eliminates bacteria. It helps to maintain skin pH, and remove pigmentation and blemishes. It free’s the skin from inflammation and gives clear skin. It also helps in anti-aging.

What is Serum for skin?

A serum is typically light and easily absorbed by water or oil-based liquids. It is a powerful and highly concentrated formulation that is quickly absorbed by the skin. It delivers a very intense dose of skin-enhancing ingredients that can improve the skin. It is most effective for anti-aging. The other benefits of serum are,

  1. Soothes sensitive skin
  2. Hydrates skin
  3. Fades scars and blemishes
  4. Prevents breakouts
  5. Fights free radicals
  6. Prevents premature ageing
  7. Improves collagen production

Why Trust Araah ?

Every customer is Our Celebrity and over 5000+ Customer Queens have shared their heartfelt Review. Here are just a few snippets of them.


What We Promise?

Powered by skin-caring Fruit AHA this serum is a boon to your skin. You can clear dead skin and bacteria from your skin with this serum. It also fades off pigmentation and blemishes. This serum also contains Hyaluronic Acid which protects the skin from drying. It always keeps the skin well hydrated and nourished. Thus, a supple skin which is clear, plump and nourished is all yours to flaunt.

  1. Keeps skin hydrated
  2. Youthful skin
  3. Removes pigmentation
  4. Adds radiance
  5. Gives soft and smooth skin
  6. Gives a natural glow
  7. Fights dryness
  8. Prevents premature ageing

How to use a serum in the right way?

This is an ideal day and night serum.Follow the below steps while using it.

Step 1- Put few drops of serum onto the skin

Step 2 – Gently Massage in circular motion

Step 3 – Apply sunscreen/moisturiser/ your any other skin product over it.

Step 4 – Use it regularly both in the morning and night.


Welciome the skin of your dreams with this serum.


What skin type can use this serum?

It is suitable for Oily, normal & combination, Normal to Dry. Not suitable for sensitive skin and extremely dry skin.

Does it make skin oily and sticky?

No. It gets absorbed on to skin easily and does not give sticky feel.

Can this be used as after bath serum?

No. Its overnight serum.

Which age group can use this serum?

It’s suitable for 18+ age group.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin?


Does it have any chemicals?

No, it is 100% natural, chemical, toxin-free, paraben-free.

Can men use this serum?

Yes. It is unisex serum.

Can people with pimples use this serum?

No. It has essential oils which may clog pores and aggravate pimples.

Who cannot use this serum?

People with active pimples and acne-prone skin.

People below 18 years.

People with sensitive skin.

Can an expectant mother use this serum?

Yes. After the first trimester.

Weight 40 g


3 reviews for Kamariya AHA Serum (10ml)

  1. Komal

    Perfect serum for beginners with fruit based derivatives gives a perfect soft skin n exfoliates gently ?

  2. itishree Biswal

    Its good thin concentensy formula for all skin type . I love this product ❤️.Worth its money.

  3. Puja Debnath

    Amazing product and best part is it’s not sticky at all

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Kamariya serum
Kamariya AHA Serum (10ml)