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Lip Lightening Combo


Get rid off dark lips with this Natural yet Powerful Lip Lightening Combo

If you are worried about your dark pigmented lips and tired off trying various lip products then this combo is the best one for you!
Made with pure natural ingredients such as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Rose extracts, Sheabutter, Sugar Crystals etc the combo has transformed more than 20,000 people’s Lips into Pinkish & Luscious.
No need to wait anymore. Just get this. Because You Deserve this!


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1. Cleansing :

Apply a few drops of Yeka Golden Glow Oil on the lips and massage for a few minutes. Wipe off the oil with wet cotton. Do this daily at Night.

2. Exfoliation:

Mix the Lipscrub with a little amount of waste and make a semi-solid paste. Apply on lips and massage well for a few minutes. Wash with water. Do this thrice a week at night after cleansing.

3. Lipbalm:

Apply the Lipbalm all over the lips and leave overnight. As well apply the Lipbalm whenever the lips are dry.



  1. Makes your lips soft and smooth
  2. Prevent lip dryness and keep it moisturized 
  3. No more chapped and peeling lips skin
  4. keeps your lips cells protected 

Customer Feedbacks


Why should we use lip scrub?

Scrubbing lips helps to remove dead and dry lip cells making lips softer. IT also helps to fade off darker pigmented lips.

Does it help to remove lip pigmentation?


Does it dry out my lips?

No. Our lip scrubs are made with natural humectants – sugar crystals which keep your lips moisturized and hydrated.

Are these natural products?

Yes. It is 100% natural, toxin and chemical free product.

When can we see results?

3 months time duration. Use regularly for better results.

Do I need to scrub on day or night?

Use lip scrub preferably at night.

Should I use lip balm after scrubbing lips?


Shall we use this on kids?

It’s always preferable to go for exfoliation above 18 years.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s completely safe


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Lip Lightening Combo