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Natural Kajal
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Natural Kajal

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Is your Kajal safe from chemicals? Or is your kajal causing you more damage than good? Or irritating your eyes? You deserve to have a kajal that cools your body, clears the dark circle,s and makes your eyes healthy while giving you the perfect smokey eye. Now get a Jet black finish that is Nourishing as well with Organic castor oil, camphor, almond oil, and more. Organic castor oil loaded with Vit E gives the perfect black tint and heals your eyes. Organic Camphor cools your eyes and relieves it from all the stress and strain. Desi Ghee helps you fight the dark circle. Copper in the kajal is antibacterial and also almond oil helps to keep infections at bay.

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  • Rich in Vitamin E: Ayurvedic kajal made of pure castor oil is said to be very healthy for the eyes. Castor oil in its purest form is the richest form of vitamin E. castor oil gives a deep tint and it’s good for improving eyesight.
  • Almond Oil and Desi Ghee soothe your eyes keeping them away from infections
  • Anti-Bacterial: Copper which is used in making organic kajal is well-known for its healing properties and is considered a purifier.
  • Cool Eyes: Camphor is the main ingredient of organic kajal. It helps in providing coolness to the eyes and gives the eyes relief from stress
  • Keeps Dark Circles Away: Ghee is another ingredient that is used in making Ayurvedic kajal. Ghee keeps dark circles away by relaxing them

How it is made?

Our natural Kajal is made from Almond Oil, Desi Ghee, camphor, and castor oil.

How To Use

Start by applying the kajal to your lower waterline to make it more prominent. Start at the outer corners in order to impart a darker color. If you have smaller eyes, do not apply the kajal to your inner corners as this will make them appear even smaller.

Product details

Product Details

Skin Type            All skin type
Usage Frequency Daily day
Gender    Unisex
Expiry 6 months


Is Natural kajal good for eyes?

Instead of using chemical-based products which give only cosmetic benefits, the ingredients of this kajal is completely safe, benefit your eyes, and can be used in any age group.

Does it come with a sharpener?

The product doesn’t need a sharpener. It comes in a twist-up packaging

Does it have any chemicals?

No. It is 100% natural made with castor oil black soot and desi ghee. No added chemicals and paraben free.

Is it suitable for babies?

Yes. It is Very safe to be used on babies

Is it smudge and water proof?

As it is made with no chemicals and purely natural, it is not much smudge and waterproof like chemical kajal.

Is it safe to be used daily?


Does it give darker black color?

Natural carbon soot gives a darker shade of black color.

Weight 20 g

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  1. kamakshi

    The Kajal u given is beautiful and Suitable for my little ones eyes…thank you so much…

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Natural Kajal
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