Oily Sensitive Skin Detan Mini Kit - Araah Skin Miracle
Oily Sensitive Skin Detan Mini Kit

Oily Sensitive Skin Detan Mini Kit


1. Charcoal Papaya Soap 30g

The combination of charcoal and papaya makes this soap unique to remove stubborn tan. It clears dead cells and brightens skin. This works best on the oily, combination, and normal sensitive skin. For dry sensitive skin use this along with Yeka Golden Glow Skin Oil.

2. Kumkumadi Serum Sensitive 10ml

This serum improves the general health of your skin. It’ll make it feel softer, smoother, and more supple in less than a week! It treats hyperpigmentation, prevents acne and pimples, decreases spots and blemishes within days, heals the scars (and other injuries) suffered by both men and women, etc.


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Key Ingredients





bentonite clay

Bentonite Clay

fruit aha

Fruit AHs

How To Use


Which skin type it is suitable for?

It is suitable for (All) skin.

Can men and women use this?

Yes, men and women above age 15 can use this.

Weight 100 g


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Oily Sensitive Skin Detan Mini Kit