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Oily Skin Anti Pigmentation Combo 4

Oily Skin Anti Pigmentation Combo 4


Turn around your uneven and  oily skin with this 3 step solution

Having spots, pigmentation and blemishes is a big headache. To cover it with makeup to look flawless is tiring and time-consuming. But what if we say you can get your oily skin to sparkle and glow without a mark naturally, will you take it? Get ready to transform your skin with Araah Skin Miracle promise. It is now possible to change your oily and uneven skin with Araah Skin Miracle Oily skin anti- marks combo. We have lined up 3 exclusive products that work with each other and your skin to give you a flawless look you desire.

In this combo you get

  1. Pigment thwarting Avarmpoo Soap– Avarampoo is an ancient secret to flawless beauty. This soap will give you blemish-free skin that you will love.  (To Buy Click The Link – https://www.araahskinmiracle.com/product/avarampoo-soap/ )
  2. Skin brightening Golden Glow powder and Svarna Face pack the natural turmeric and herbs in these pack gives an instant brightness to the skin.                                                                                                                          Golden Glow powder- (To Buy Click The Link-https://www.araahskinmiracle.com/product/golden-glow-powder/ )                                                                                                                                                                                     Svarna Face pack (To Buy Click The Link- https://www.araahskinmiracle.com/product/svarna-anti-pigmentation-face-pack/  )
  3. Natural Kalki Brightening Scrub – The natural exfoliators of oats and rice removes dead and dull cells. The papaya and fruit AHA in this scrub help to remove tan and uneven skin tone.                                                               (To Buy Click The Link- https://www.araahskinmiracle.com/product/kalki-brightening-scrub/  )
  4. Red gold Kumkumadi Serum– Saffron is an age-old ingredient which is used in skin care. This traditionally made Serum is a blessing to your oily skin. It gives you a glowing flawless look that everyone will fall in love with..(To Buy Click The Link- https://www.araahskinmiracle.com/product/kumkumathi-glow-serum-sensitive-skin/ )

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How To Use?





Start with clean running water, lather the soap in your hands, then apply lather to the whole body rubbing in circular motions for a minute. Rinse off the body and face then pat dry with a clean cloth.




Mix with water & make a paste. Apply on cleansed wet face & massage for a minute. wash off with plain water. Do this daily while bathing or at night for fast results.

It can also be used as face packs. Mix with Besan/Multani Mitti and use as a face pack.



kumkumadi serum

Take a few drops & apply to cleansed face and neck. Massage for a few minutes and leave for a minimum of 30 minutes. Initially start with 5-10 minutes. Slowly increase the duration to 30 minutes and then overnight.

Overnight usage of the oil gives the best result.

Customer Feedbacks

avarampooavarampooavarampooavarampoo soap


Which skin type it is suitable for?

It is suitable for (dry) ) skin

Can men and women use this?

Yes, men and women above age 15 can use this.

Weight 260 g



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Oily Skin Anti Pigmentation Combo 4