Rose Baby Bath Powder (100g) - Araah Skin Miracle
Rose Baby Bath Powder (100g)

Rose Baby Bath Powder (100g)


Celebrate and pamper your baby’s skin with this natural Rose baby bath

Did you know that mothers around the world are shifting towards natural products for their kids? Because they realized that their little munchkin’s skin is every bit tender to handle the chemical soaps filled with glycol, phthalates, and toxins. You as a mother have done the right choice by coming here. A place where we truly believe and commit to giving a healthy natural start to your little one’s skin.

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What and Why of the ingredients

green gramGreen gram- Green gram is a natural cleansing agent. While it is very effective in removing the dirt it is very gentle on the skin. It helps to maintain the baby soft skin

Rose- Rose is one of the most precious ingredients you can give your baby’s skin.  Its nourishing properties keep the skin well hydrated and nourished. It makes the skin softer and smoother. It also naturally enhances baby’s complexion

hibiscusHibiscus- Hibiscus is a natural cleanser that helps to thoroughly clean your baby’s skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent rashes and skin irritation and give protection against sun damage. It helps to balance the skin’s Ph and oil secretion. It also helps to increase the elasticity of your baby’s skin

How To Use?

Step1 – Mix the required amount of powder in water to make a paste.

Step2- Apply the paste to the baby’s wet body

Step3 – Give a gentle massage

Step4 – Rinse off with water

Why Araah’s Rose Baby Bath Powder?

Araah Skin Miracle’s Rose baby bath powder is simply the amazing choice for your baby’s skin. The natural aroma of rose calms your baby while it acts on the skin to make it soft and smooth. Along with green gram and hibiscus, this baby bath powder gently cleanses your baby’s skin, gives it a healthy shine, and improves complexion and brightness too!! The best part is these baby-friendly ingredients retain the tender baby’s soft skin and helps to fight infection, inflammation, and rashes. We are sure as a mother you know how easily kids get affected by rashes, but with Rising baby bath powder you can guarantee a skin problem free life.

Product Details

Skin Type            All skin type
Usage Frequency Daily
Age  New Born to 3 months
Expiry 6 months


Is it natural?

Yes. Chemicals, paraben-free, preservatives-free, and toxin-free baby bath powder.

Is it safe to use on new born?

Yes. It can be used from 1 to 3 months age group. Always do a patch before using the product.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s safe to use on babies.

Can I use this daily?


Should I use soap also along with this bath powder

Not needed. Use this as a replacement for soap.

Is it tear free?

Yes. But if it gets into the eyes it may cause little irritation as it’s in powdery texture.

Weight 130 g


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Rose Baby Bath Powder (100g)