Syamah Tan Removal Face Pack (50g) - Araah Skin Miracle
Syamah Tan Removal Face Pack (50g)
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Syamah Tan Removal Face Pack (50g)


Your Search for a Toxin-Free Detan Face Pack ends here!

If you are looking for solutions to remove tan naturally, then this Syamah Charcoal Detan Face Pack is the best tan removal product. Charcoal, Bentonite, Tamarind, and Kumkumadi Powder in this best-selling product fades off even stubborn tan and restores the skin tone, thereby increasing the radiance. The unique cooling sensation that this pack gives is truly special and it also gives a spa experience from the comforts of your home.




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Why should I buy Araah Skin Miracle’s  Syamah Detan Pack?

People often rush to use steroids or chemicals-filled products that cause various health issues and skin allergies. But, Araah Skin Miracle strives to provide alternative & natural solutions by scientifically formulating high-performing products that are free from chemicals and made with purely natural herbs, clays, floral, and fruit extracts. Moreover, the chilling sensation due to the presence of peppermint gives you the world experience while using the pack.

The De-tan pack has thus been one of the best-selling tan removal face packs which saves your parlor and cosmetic treatment expenses.

Check a few of our customer’s Feedbacks here

syamah packdark neckdark neckdark necksyamah pack

Check the detailed Benefits & Ingredients here

bentonite clayBentonite Clay

It’s a natural clay that has abundant beauty benefits. Removes the toxins from the body. Takes away excess oil from the skin making it dirt and grease-free skin. Cleanses skin deeply and removes blackheads.

charcoalActivated Charcoal Powder

Best Detan Ingredient because of its detox and exfoliation power. Gets rid of dirt, toxins & dull tanned look.

lemon peelLemon

Natural Skin lightener. Rich in vitamin C helps to prevent skin discoloration as well as restores lost skin tone.


Tamarind is the latest arrival in skincare.

It’s rich in Alpha Hydroxy acids(AHA) which exfoliates the skin and rectifies age spots, tan looks & blemishes. It also protects skin from harmful free radicals.

saffron powderKumkumadi Powder

The traditional ingredients such as saffron, Manjistha, Lodhra, Vetiver, etc used for making age-old beauty secret Kumkumadi oil has been powdered and used in this best-selling Detan Pack to give a rich herb experience.

papaya pigmentationPapaya

Papaya has excellent Skin bleaching properties. Protects skin against sun damage. The presence of Vitamin A & C with lycopene makes the skin glowing & bright.

tea treeTeatree

It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory,anti-fungal & anti-bacterial oil.Effectively prevents the formation of acne due to dirt caused by pollution.

peppermint oilPeppermint

The cooling effect of this oil soothes sunburnt skin..

How to use this pack?

  1. Take the required amount of Syamah Pack.
  2. Add Araah Skin miracle’s Saffron Rosewater and make a thick paste. Apply on a clean face and neck.
  3. Leave for 20-30 minutes and wash off with plain water or with Soap/Facewash.
  4. For Dry skin, we would suggest adding a few drops of Yeka Golden Glow oil along with water /rose water and use

You know what?

Tan Removal Facial can be made at home with Our Natural Detan combo. No need to rush to the parlor for expensive Detan Treatments. Check the combos here. (DETAN COMBOS)

Detan combo dry skin


Is it natural product?

Yes. 100% natural, chemical free, toxin and paraben free

Which Skin type can use this product?

All Non Sensitive skin types can use this facepack.

Can expectant mother use this powder?

Yes. After first trimester.

Is it unisex product?


Can I use this on sensitive skin?

Not suitable for sensitive skin.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s purely natural

Who cannot use this?

People below 18 years.

People with sensitive skin.

People with active acne and acne-prone skin.

Which age group can use this facepack?

It can be used by anyone above sixteen years of age.

Which age group can use this facepack?

People above 18 years.

Weight 85 g


6 reviews for Syamah Tan Removal Face Pack (50g)

  1. roshini

    I’m using syamah face pack It’s amazing I used lots of treatment for tanning but not satisfied but when I used all thise products within 3 days my skin is too good even my skin is glowing thank you so much ma’am for the amazing pure product

  2. rose

    Hi araah first of all thank you so much dears I am using your

    syamah pack Really I can feel the difference

    afraid to use any product because (next day small pimples vanthurumBut I am regularly using your pack really it works WOW WOW awesome…

  3. atchumma

    One week result … Really great … It’s fading little by little..thank you araah…

  4. divyaa

    I don’t know about other customers review (max u doing with models reviews)… Upto myself I used some of ur products and from that syamah pack, awesome… After my twin pregnancy my skin gets flawless and mature skin, heavy dark neck, my skin gets total turn… After using your mentioned product it gets clean and clear.. now I hav my old skin tone back Some of ur products are best and bestest for post pregnancy skin problems (i m telling for my skin alone) don’t know about others skin …

  5. Vindhya

    Wow syamah pack is awesome I feel like glowing after using it My face is not oily even while waking up Love the product

  6. Beena

    review for shymah tan pack.darkneck prblm nu vanguna nala result iruku.face laum use panna face nala bright ah mari iruku.en frnds naraya peru sonnaga face nala bright ah aagiruku nu thank u so much

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Syamah Tan Removal Face Pack (50g)