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Simple De-tan Kit For Oily Sensitive Skin

Simple De-tan Kit For Oily Sensitive Skin


The Most Simple De-Tan Kit For Oily and Sensitive Skin

Are your internet searches mostly about how to detan skin? Are you worried about how can tan be removed, especially because you have oily and sensitive skin? If you are suffering from oily skin that is sensitive and wants to remove tan permanently you have reached the right place. We at Araah Skin Miracle have combined detan products that will work with your oily and sensitive skin and detan skin completely.This detan solution is very simple and effective. You have to use the detan soap Charcoal Papaya soap and  Yeka Kumkumadi Glow Serum. You are on the road to remove tan permanently with just these two products.

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Combo Includes

Charcoal Papaya Soap

CHARCOAL PAPAYA SOAP for skin careDetan skin in the most effective way with this Charcoal Papaya Soap. Charcoal works well with grease and grime, while the enzyme papain in Papaya cuts through tan and removes it. Both Charcoal and papaya work together to give a bright skin. So, you can enjoy bright and tan-free skin with Charcoal Papaya Soap.

Yeka Kumkumadi Glow Serum

This ayurvedic miracle oil is made to suit oily skin in Yeka Kumkumadi Oil.  This oil is your go-to product for treating dark skin, dull skin, and tan skin. Made of 16 natural beauty herbs this works on your skin to remove all the dark and tan patches and the stubborn dark circle. With Yeka Kumkumadi Glow oil you can achieve Korean glass skin easily. Witness the change in less than a week.

What & why of the ingredients?

Charcoal Papaya Soap



Charcoal exfoliates without stripping the face of natural oil. It Deeply cleanses the pores. This is a grime magnet and thus it keeps your face bright and off dirt.

papaya pigmentation


Papaya is rich in antioxidants and papin. Thus it cuts through tan and pigments and gives your skin a tan free youthful look

Shea Butter

shea butterShea butter is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and antioxidant properties। It is also an emollient and keeps your skin nourished.

Yeka Kumkumdi Glow Serum


It  has potent antioxidant properties which help lighten skin discoloration and remove tan


It has s a natural way to reduce pigmentation, improve complexion, and reduce inflammation.


Sandalwood is great in removing  skin tan and also helps in nourishing skin

How To Use It?

Step1 – Cleanse:

Cleanse your body every day with Charcoal Papaya soap. Can be used as regular bathing soap.

Step2- Nourish

Nourish your skin with Yeka Kumkumadi Serum. To help your skin adapt to this potent concoction start by applying this on your skin for 5 mins for the first two days, slowly increasing to half and one hour. If you feel no redness then increase to wearing it the whole night. To remove the serum using a mild cleanser.


Can Sensitive skin use this combo?

Yes. It is made especially to work on sensitive skin.

Which age group can use this product?

Above 18 years of age.

Can an expectant mother use this combo?

Yes. After first Trimester.

Is it natural product?

Yes. Its 100% Natural, chemical, and toxin-free product.

Does it cause any side affects?

No. It’s all Natural.

Who cannot use this combo?

People below 18 years of age.

Weight 120 g


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Simple De-tan Kit For Oily Sensitive Skin