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 A Trio that is a Sure Shot Solution to Vanish Dark Patches

All are not naturally gifted with a uniform complexion. Developing skin discoloration or pigmentation can be very disturbing. Neck, elbow, and knee have a natural tendency to look dark and dull. This may cause you to become sad and worried. But you need to know that this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for you. If you have not got bright and beautiful skin naturally then we can help you out. Without any chemicals, without any expensive treatments, you can achieve the perfect matching complexion and even skin tone with this trio- Golden Glow oil, Sinamika Facewash


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Combo Includes


Sinamika Face Wash Powder 25 g

sinamika facewash given best result detanChallenge your tan with this natural face wash powder. Made with skin-loving ingredients rice, tamarind, fruit AHA and  Bentonite clay, this face wash powder works extremely well to fade off dark spots anywhere in the body. The natural exfoliants, bleach, and mild cleansers work from deep within your skin. It transforms the dull and dark neck into a bright and beautiful neck. Be ready to change your wardrobe to flaunt your neck


Yeka Golden glow oil 25ml 

Give yourself a youthful glow with golden glow oil Made with the flower of youth Damascus Rose and Pure virgin coconut oil, this is the traditional elixir of your skin. The mood-elevating rose enhances your skin tone naturally and the virgin coconut oil deeply nourishes your skin. As a result, well-nourished glowing skin is all yours to flaunt. Witness the dramatic change in the look of skin with this oil.

What and Why of the ingredients?

Sinamika Face wash powder

riceRice – A game-changer in skincare this is rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and ferulic acid. It helps to tighten, tone, and brighten your complexion. This is also a mild cleanser

fruit ahaFruit AHA–  This is considered as skincare super heroes. They combat signs of aging,  help exfoliate, brighten tone and texture

tamarindTamarind- A natural bleaching agent , this aids in skin Brigtening, removing tan and pigmentation

bentonite clayBentonite clay–  It attracts dirt and grime and cleans your skin deep from within removing dead and dull skin cells

Golden glow oil

roseDamascus Rose– The flower of youth bestows complexion enhancement along with giving you an ageless skin

coconut oilVirgin coconut oil– Pure coconut oil obtained from coconut milk without any additives gives ultimate hydration and nourishment.

How To Use It?

    Step1 – CleanseTake a few drops of Yeka golden oil in cotton. Apply it to the dark spot region ( knee, neck, elbow) like a cleanser. This helps to remove dirt. Then Take the required quantity of Sinamika Face wash powder and mix it with water into a paste. Apply on the dark region and massage well and rinse it off. Do this morning and night

   Step2 – MoisturiseUse Yeka Golden oil as a night serum. Apply a few drops on your face other dark areas and rinse off in the morning

Product Details

Skin Type            All skin type
Usage Frequency Facewash -Daily 2 times

Skin Oil – Daily

Scrub – Weekly 2 time

Gender  Unisex 
Expiry Facewash – 6 months

Skin Oil – 3 Years

Scrub – 6 months

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Are these natural products?

Yes. They are natural and no chemicals.

When can I expect result?

3 months time duration.

Can expectant mother use this combo?

Yes. It’s safer to use after the first trimester.

From which age group this combo can be used?

Sinamika face-wash can be used from age 15.

Kalki scrub can be used from age 18.

Golden glow oil can be used on kids from 6 months

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s all natural.

Does Sinamika face-wash foams well?

Yes. It foams well like liquid face-wash.

When should I use Sinamika face-wash?

Use it for cleansing on morning and night.

When can I apply Golden glow oil?

Apply this on cleansed neck and leave it overnight.

When to use Kalki Scrub?

Use this weekly twice preferably at night.

Should I use this only as combo?

Yes. Use this as a combo for better results.

Weight 80 g


5 reviews for DETAN TRIAL KIT 2

  1. Salakalaimathi

    I am already using it for my hands in just 5 days tan is reduced.

  2. ragu

    prdt is very good to use and my tan is gone. recommended prdt

  3. sharmila

    my tan went away in just one week.. im so happy i will recommend to my friends and family

  4. lavanya

    my friend told me to buy this product and i didnt trust at first but when i used it i saw my tan is reduced little by little now i have a tan free body

  5. Regina

    im very impressed to see that all my tan has gone.. thank you araah for your magical products

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