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All you need to keep your hair damage-free and perfect

When hair problems hit us, we feel totally stressed and this stress does nothing good to the hair problems. In fact, it worsens the hair problems. When did we say hair problem do you wonder if your hair problem is included? Yes! We have a perfect solution to every hair problem ever. Hair fall, alopecia, dull hair, frizzy hair, dry hair, thinning hair, premature greying itchy scalp, dandruff, lice whatever it might be you just need to use these three products together – Yeka Moringa hair oil, Araah Skin Miracle Hair Wash Powder and Hair Wash Conditioner. And voila!! You will witness your hair transforming into lustrous, voluminous, strong, and healthy hair and you will have a healthy scalp too. This is because these products are made with ayurvedic formulation by picking the best of herbs, combining them in the right way to get your hair the perfect health it needs and it is trusted by 30k+ customers. And what’s more this product is unisex, also cools and relaxes your body keeping you stress-free!  It can also be used for male baldness caused by helmet and travel; female baldness caused by post-delivery. This is the ultimate triplet you need for enjoying great hair days every day!!


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What Does Combo Include?

moringa hair oil
Hair Oil

A herbal oil that is propelled by the Moringa powder. This vitamin rich Moringa houses more than 27 vital elements (Small onion, hibiscus petals, fenugreek, curry leaves, neem, carom seeds, poduthalai, camphor, Black cumin seeds, Lotus petals, jatamansi, amla, henna leaves, rose petals, liquorice, kadukai, ashwagandha, virgin coconut oil & 6 organic greens)

that cares for your hair. It is rich in antioxidants and has the ability to nourish the hour and give it a healthy shine. It strengthens the hair from the roots and makes it strong from within and even helps hair growth in the bald areas. It works well to smoothen the frizzy hair, calm itchy scalp, and ward off dandruff and lice. Use it once and you will never go for another oil

Hair Wash Powder

hair wash

True to the name, this hair wash powder is a culmination of all-natural (Arapu, Soapnut, Lemon Peel, Karisilangani, Avarampoo, and other herbs) that have beneficial effects on the hair. It locks in moisture and prevents the hair from drying. Thus hair becomes naturally soft and smooth. It revives the dull hair making it lively and bouncy. It also adds volume to your hair and you have a hair that is thick and strong. It also prevents and reverses premature greying of hair. This will be your perfect hair wash partner.

Hair Conditioner

hair conditioner

A nice conditioner is what a nice hair needs. For extremely dry hair conditioning becomes the vital step to lock in extra moisture in the hair. And what is best than the Hair wash conditioner that is made with natural ingredients (Hibiscus leaf powder, Almond, Flaxseed, Moringa, Bringraj, Frog fruit, Fenugreek) that love the hair. Our Hair wash conditioner is just the one that your hair needs. It goes the extra mile to protect your hair from damage, reverses hair damage, and makes your hair perfect for you.


  • Chemical-free, safe for hair, and adds volume to hair.
  • Controls hair fall prevents premature greyness, adds a healthy shine to hair, and richness of herbs.
  • Hair conditioning components give soft, smooth, and lustrous hair.
  • It also controls hair fall and promotes hair growth by strengthening the hair follicles.

How To Use?

hair washStep 1: Hair Oil

1. Moderate Hair fall: Use weekly thrice before hair wash. Apply on scalp and leave for a minimum of 1 hour and wash off. Slowly increase the duration to overnight for better results.

2. Heavy Hair fall: Apply a few drops of the oil every day on your scalp. Weekly thrice use it is massage oil and give a gentle massage from scalp to ends and wash the Hair.

Step 2: Hair Wash Powder

  1. Mix the required quantity of the Hair Wash Powder with Curd/Water to form a paste.
  2. Apply generously all over the scalp & wet hair, massage gently, keep for 10-15 mins not more than that.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with normal water. Pat towel dry. You can follow with our Herbal Hair Conditioner  if your hair is dry & frizzy

Step 2: Hair Conditioner

  1. Mix the required quantity of the conditioner powder with Rice water/Green tea to form a paste. For extremely dry and frizzy hair add a few drops of Olive Oil/Coconut Oil/Almond Oil to the paste.
  2. Apply it generously all over the cleansed oil-free hair; leave for 10-20 minutes and wash off with water.


Hair Oil: 

If you have a cold body, you can start using the hair oil just for 10 minutes before hair wash and slowly increase the duration.

The causes of hair fall may be Hormonal Changes/Change of Place / Change in Water/ Stress Kindly control the stress level and stay relaxed

Eat lots of veggies and fruits Take Amla or Amla powder daily. Take fresh curry leaves daily.

Hair Wash Powder: 

  1. The Hair wash powder has mild foaming properties. Add water in
    a small amount slowly while massaging to increase the foam. If
    you feel there is not enough foam, add some more Herbal hair
    Wash powder paste on hair and start adding water while
    massaging it.
  2. The powder particles take time to wash off. Hence wash the hair well after massaging
  3. For some during the first day of hair wash, the hair may seem dry frizzy due to the powder particles. Hence check the next day about the frizziness and use hair conditioners.
  4. Use the Hair wash powder for at least 5-7 washes and check its impact
  5. The Hair Wash Powder can be mixed with boiled rice water
  6. Green tea/ hibiscus infused l green leafy vegetable infused-tea etc and made paste for application. It will give added benefits to the hair.
  7. Use Yeka Herbal Hair Oil and leave for at least 2-3 hours before hair wash for best results.

Hair Conditioner: 

This can also be used as a hair mask (Mix with Curd/Green Tea/Rice Water) before hair washing. Apply the hair mask to oiled hair; leave for 10-20 minutes and wash off with our Herbal Hair Wash Powder

Customer Feedback

Hair careRudraHair careHair careHair care hairhairhair


Can a cold body use this combo?

Yes. But follow these instructions.
Use hair oil 30 minutes before bathing.
Use hair conditioner powder a day after using hair wash powder.

Can I use this on kids?

Yes. You can use it after 1 year.

Can an expectant mother use this combo?


Is it a natural product?

Yes. 100% natural, no added toxin or chemicals or parben.

can men use this combo?


Is these three mandatory to use Every time?

Hair oil & Hair wash powder is mandatory.Hair conditioner you can use once in a week.

How many times do I need to use this in a week?

Hair wash is recommended thrice a week for the best results. A Minimum of twice is week is suggested.

Weight 150 g


17 reviews for HAIR CARE TRIAL KIT

  1. Divi

    Your hair oil is so amazing that I can’t express my happiness after using it My single hair didn’t come out after applying your oil and after washing it with your hair wash powder No smell of oil after wash Complete smoothness to hair I haven’t imagined such kind of smoothness without shampoo but now m really happy using your oil and hair wash powder Thank you so much Really very happy

  2. Priya

    I started using yeka herbal hair oil and herbal hair wash powder twice a week.. first 2 weeks I saw a significant reduction in hair fall and now it’s almost 5 weeks.. my hair has grown thick. lam unable to beleive that this oil has done wonder which many medicines can’t do.. Thank you so much

  3. Nithu

    Hi Araah This is my review for hair oil, shampoo and conditioner. The hairfall has been drastically reduced. The hair combo is really good. Very easy to comb hair. The hair remains soft. The dandruff problem is slightly getting better. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Want to be the regular customer of Araah

  4. Deepi

    I just to share my review about yeka hair oil and hair conditioner… I’m completely in love with your product am using your yeka hair oil and conditioner product since one month.. And the result is just unbelievable….my hair became silky and shine… Long too.. My splits has gone Hairfall became less.. And I want to buy 2 more hair oils for my relatives.. They were shocked by seeing my hair..

  5. Joycy

    Hair wash powder and conditioner are amazing hairfall stated reducing and it’s giving ultra smoothness to my hair! Thank you

  6. Rakesh

    I’m using hair oil n hair wash powder also… i m using hair wash powder wid rose water my hairs become to much soft n silky Thnq so much mam For Awsm Productsss I’m ur permanent customer

  7. Nivetha

    hair wash powder & conditioner are just amazing.its giving bouncy look.i would love to try more products.thanks alot for the most amazing products

  8. Nethra

    After using the hair oil and hair wash powder I have stopped using a any shampoo.. I can see baby hair coming.. Hair fall is still there.. Bt it has reduced a lot as compared to before☺️

  9. Mithra

    It took so long for feedback about your products.I ordered Yeka hair oil, wash powder & conditioner powder 2 months ago. Now I can see tremendous change in my hairs my hair volume increased, they are becoming thick& long day by day I was so worried about my hairs, but now I am very thankful to you and team You guys just gave me my back & old days when my hair was in good condition.

  10. Lavanya

    Hi… | used ur hair wash powder n conditioner for the first time yesterday.. My hair feels awesome after the wash… There is no Frizz…my Curls have look so natural. My hair looks healthy..all this in one hair wash.. Thnk u Araah Absolutely love ur products.

  11. Manickam

    Hi ? I have to say that I have become a huge fan of your hair wash powder. It greatly helped me in reducing dandruff. It also increased the thickness of my hair. Such a wonderful product is your hair wash powder.

  12. Brinda

    Hi I have to say that I have become a huge fan of your hair wash powder. It greatly helped me in reducing dandruff. It also increased the thickness of my hair. Such a wonderful product is your hair wash powder.

  13. Cathral

    After using the hair oil &hair wash powder I have stopped using a any shampoo. I can see baby hair coming… Hair fall is still there.. Bt it has reduced a lot as compared to before,

  14. Mona

    I want to give a review about hair wash powder…my mother in law used it ..she had itchy scalp n pimple in head …so many things tried bt not effective…then she used my hair wash powder and she realised that her itchy scalp became normal n pimple also gone.. thanks for ur pure n handmade products which is very beneficial for our skin n health

  15. Monisha

    Your hair wash powder is amazing Thave used no shampoo after using that my hair feels soft after using it

  16. Kayal

    Hai…l am using your products for the past 3 months.I have tried lot of products for my hair fall problem,but nothing helps me..but after using yeka & araah hair care kit, I can able to see the changes within a week..My hair fall is completely reduced.Your hair oil and hair wash powder have done wonders.. now my hair is smooth and soft…

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