Herbal Face Cleanser (50g)
(20 customer reviews)

Herbal Face Cleanser (50g)


It is a standalone product, a blend of more than 25 vital herbs which clear all your blemishes and impart naturally clear and bright skin – Herbal cleanser face pack. It always gives you a fresh and bright look. 100% natural, chemical-free and toxin-free product is so mild and bets suitable on all skin types.

Skin Type: It is suitable for All Skin Types

Note: Sensitive Skin always take a patch test




- +


Key Ingredients

wild turmeric

Wild Turmeric





lemon peel

Lemon Peel


rose petals

Rose Petals

How To Use


Is it natural product?

Yes. 100% natural, chemical-free, toxin and paraben-free

Which Skin type can use this product?

All skin types can use this facepack.

Can expectant mother use this powder?

Yes. After the first trimester.

Is it unisex product?


Can I use this on sensitive skin?


Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s purely natural

Who cannot use this?

People below 18 years.

People with active acne and acne-prone skin.

Which age group can use this face pack?

People above 18 years.



20 reviews for Herbal Face Cleanser (50g)

  1. chayacrover

    I m very glad to give feedback that i m using ur herbal cleanser, and it really work on my face, my pimples had gone and scars are reducing slowly, really ur products are worth buying, m looking Forward for using ur products for a lifetim…

  2. ishika komal

    Just see the difference in just 10days omg,..I really love the product of araah they are simply amazing..I have try lots of products but none of them work for me but I’m using herbal cleanser and I just love them… Thanks sooo much for suggesting me these products.. I am so blessed with these products thanks so000000 much…

  3. thamizhsai

    Past six months using ur products. All ur products are doing wonder… I am using herbal cleanser made my skin pimple free and dark spots fadded too.. skin smooth n glowing now…

  4. Regina

    Im very glad to give feedback that i m using ur haritah pack, pineapple soap and ur herbal cleanser,and it really work on my facemy pimples had gone and scars are reducing slowlyreally ur products are worth buyingi m looking Forward for using ur products for a lifetime

  5. Ria

    it was 8th day. i am using ur mint soap, SS pack & hebal cleanser.. Ur products are pure magic my acne problem solved completely.. as i toldu earlier i have use so many natural product from insta store but nothing wrks on my skin but urs ste im loving tiss tq. So much mam ill b ur regular customer.

  6. shivani

    Hii araah

    I want to thank you for recommending me such miraculous products

    I can see drastic changes in my skin

    Thanks a ton

    God bless your team

    Just love your work

  7. pavithralakshmi

    Hie araah! I have been using herbal cleanser pack for 2 weeks, I can see significant improvement! I hope all my acne will clear soon, thanks so much…

  8. tammu

    These black spots were 10 to 12 years old. I have been taking medicine for many years but now my skin clean and clear slowly by herbal cleanser pack…thank you araah…

  9. jagadishk

    Hi araah

    This is review time

    Lot of times iam asking lot of questions. and irritating u

    Heartful saying….iam ur life time customer….herbal cleanser pack also… present my face no dullness,no black heads no black spots….clean and clear skin i have …that credit goes to only only only u . without fair and lovely…iam confidently going…

  10. nehaagrawal

    As you can see changes in my skin, Your produc herbal cleanser is amazing. I am so impressed with your product. My acne scars are getting reduced day by day. Thank you for suggesting me what’s best for my skin.

  11. shobha saraswati

    Hi Araah herbal face cleanser. I can see glow & softness on my skin. Im using trial kit Your products miracle for my skin without any doubt. Would Love to Be your regular customer. Truly Blessed

    I would like to thank you guys for doing great job,your products quality really really appreciable.

    using your products. Thanks for I guiding me & suggest me these amazing, natural Products without any harmful chemicals which is Rare nowadays. Love You Team araah…

  12. Sangee

    i m using Golden glow oil and herbal cleanser. The effects of golden glow oil is simply amazing, it reduced tan and helped in lightening dark circles under eyes and it smells good too. As for herbal cleanser it tightened the skin and helped in reducing pores. And i’m in love with those both products and wanted to order again

  13. Subiksha

    araah I’m using araah products fr two months These r completely awesome I left all costly derma products My pimples reduced magically Now m using kumkumandi ss serum..pineapple soap…herbal cleanser nd rose water My blemishes are betr then before I hv full faith that these will reduced in some time Thanks so much

  14. Bhava

    am the most impatience person but just after reading all the reviews i really thought of been a little patience over the beautiful products that you suggested me and trust me i have started seeing difference over my skin in 15days my pimple is settleing down and there is a cute little glow and shine over my face after using the mint soap, herbal face cleanser and the Haritah face pack. The yearly and deadly pigmentation mark over my hand is getting light because of the Golden glow oil. Seriously i had no confidence before over the brand but today can blindly suggest all the beautiful girls out there to once give a try for your beautiful products. Its worth trusting. Thank you tons and tons for the amazing work that you doing.

  15. madhuri

    Hello araah

    I’m continuously using ur herbal cleanser since 1 year & I shared my review allredy with you , my pimples have cleared and my skin feels so soft…

  16. Shahina

    Initially I was suggested to use haritah pack, face wash powder for clearing pimples. Within a month of using I had been free from pimples.. With full of trust i ordered for golden glow powder, herbal face cleanser,lohitah and svarna face pack of my choice. Herbal face cleanser/ lohitah face pack at alternative days..it makes my skin to feels fresh however I came dull after the work using the facepack maintains the glow..

  17. Radha

    After using mint soap my pimples are reduced ur herbal cleanser is awesome

  18. Seetha

    I used your herbal face cleaner as a face pack on daily and skin feels fresh. Thank you for the product.

  19. Kavya

    your product are so amazing after I started use herbal face cleanser pack and aloe rose gel my skin all prblm slvd now mah skin clear.nd glowing with in 4dayz.you are great

  20. Rekha

    Im continuously using ur mint soap, haritah face pack, golden glow in, aloe rose gel and herbal cleanser since 1 year &I shared my review allredy with you, my pimples have cleared and my skin feels so soft and cleaned. My friend also using ur products avocado soap, haritah face pack and herbal cleanser and she loves your products she has a dry skin and her pimples have also been cleared. Thank you so much for amazing skincare products

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Herbal Face Cleanser (50g)