Saffron Rose Water (100ml)
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Saffron Rose Water (100ml)


Experience Instant Freshness with Desi Gulab and red gold

Dull skin, tired eyes, or loose pores can’t bother you anymore. Welcome to the world of instant freshness with Araah Skin Miracle’s Saffron Rosewater. Celebrate and pamper your skin with a pure mix of Damascus rose and exotic saffron. Use it as a spritz on the go, or include it in your regular facial care to feel the instant rejuvenating and mood-elevating action of the saffron rose water. The gentle action of rose hydrosol and saffron strands instantly tightens pores, balances Ph, and gives a firm and younger look that will make heads turn. It clears out grease, oil, and grime. Its natural astringent property heals scars, cuts, pimples, and whiteheads. The skin-loving property of saffron bestows upon you bright, glowing, and radiant skin.


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Key Ingredients



rose hydrosol

Rose Hydrosol

How To Use


Is it natural toner?

Yes made with Steam-distilled rose water and Saffron strands. No added toxins or harsh chemicals

Is it alcohol free toner?


Can men use this?

Yes. Our toner is unisex.

When to use toner?

Use this on cleansed face both in morning and night for better results.

Shall I mix this with my face packs?


Can expecting mothers use this toner?

Yes. After first trimester.

What age group can use this toner?

It’s suitable for people above 15 years.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s completely safe

How long should I leave this on face?

Spray a little amount of toner on cleansed face and leave it until it absorbs, followed by moisturizer or serum.

Should I wash my face after using this toner?

No. Leave it as such so that it gets absorbed into your skin.

Which skin type can use this toner?

It is Suitable for all skin types.

Is it suitable on sensitive skin?




Enlarged pores are more common than you may think. They affect men and women of all ages. Pores are the…



13 reviews for Saffron Rose Water (100ml)

  1. Sara

    Hi l’m using Ur saffron toner for past one week and I’m in love with that before I didn’t used any other toner Ur product is the frst and the bestFragrance is amazing my day starts nd ends with ur saffron rose water nd glow glow powder is working amazing for me it’s reducing my pigmentation no words to say abt Ur product it’s simply amazing it’s natural can feel the fragrance of nature doing good job

  2. Devi

    Heyy ?? The saffron rose water is really very nice Its awesome This is the 1st timem using any toner in my life N, ur saffron rose water made me fall in love with toners Its soo natural It made my skin so soft n smooth Really liked it Sending my best wishes Stay safe n happy

  3. Divya

    Hello Dear Araah❣️❣️Saffron Rose water Toner This was the first time that have used any toner and I’m glad thatI have used your rose water toner as it’s amazing it makes skin clean and balances skin also helps in reducing pores.

  4. Fauzia mirza

    My favourite toner.
    Good for my acne prone skin. It really help to calm my skin. I enjoyed using it. Buy far my favourite skin toner.

    I use it with my hands and I don’t use cotton pads, so much product is wasted on cotton pad. After cleansing I patted the product on to my face with my clean hands. I give it a minute to absorb on to my skin before moving to moisturiser.

    Go ahead and give it a try.

  5. Ugiran

    Hey dear ?Your saffron rose & glow oil products are really amazing..even i am top of the sky.keep the hard working going on… You guys are awesome thank you ?

  6. Shweta

    As i bother avout my Dull skin and tired eyes, and my frnd recommed me saffron toner
    Welcome to the world of instant freshness with Araah Skin Miracle’s Saffron Rosewater. include it in your regular facial care While ctm and I literally feel the mood-elevating action of the saffron rose water. Just after using saffron toner it helps in tightens pores, balances Ph, and gives a firm and younger look morever It clears out oil,from face and give a fresh look

  7. Monisha

    Hei Araah… I cant thankyou enough for making me feel confident…. I just wanted to wait until its one week but i couldnt stop myself from telling you about ur product… Your toner is such a miracle that my skin feels soft and glowing… I feel pretty… Thankyou soooo muchhh

  8. Dan

    Absolutely divine! Araah Skin Miracle’s saffron rose water is like a luxurious spa treatment in a bottle. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and with a subtle glow. A must-have in my skincare routine!

  9. Priya

    I’ve tried many rose waters before, but Araah Skin Miracle’s saffron-infused version is on another level! The addition of saffron adds a unique richness and radiance to my skin. I use it as a toner every day, and my complexion has never looked better.

  10. Baby

    I’ve been searching for the perfect rose water for ages, and I finally found it with Araah Skin Miracle’s saffron-infused version. It’s incredibly hydrating without being greasy, and the addition of saffron gives it an extra boost of anti-inflammatory properties.

  11. Tanya

    Araah Skin Miracle’s saffron rose water is pure magic! Not only does it smell heavenly, but it also helps to balance my skin’s pH and minimize pores. I love spritzing it on throughout the day for an instant pick-me-up.

  12. Honey

    I’ve been using Araah Skin Miracle’s saffron rose water for a few weeks now, and I’m blown away by the results. My skin looks brighter, more radiant, and feels incredibly hydrated. Plus, the luxurious scent of rose is so soothing and calming.

  13. Laila

    Araah Skin Miracle’s saffron rose water is a game-changer! I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my skin’s texture and tone since incorporating it into my routine. It’s gentle yet effective, and I love that it’s made with natural ingredients.

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Saffron Rose Water (100ml)