Rose Body Scrub (100g)
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Rose Body Scrub (100g)


Feel fresh and bright with our Miraculous Rose body scrub which is so effective in removing blemishes from your skin. Made with high-quality rose oil rich in antioxidants, it is very much useful in reversing UV damage, reducing tan, pigmentation, and dark spots. This 100% natural, chemical & toxin-free, paraben-free scrub made with palm sugar exfoliates the skin, making it bright. This is best suitable for dry, normal, and combination skin.

Skin Type: Suitable for All Skin Types

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Key ingredients

rose petals

Rose Petals

Rose is one of the most precious ingredients you can give your skin.  Its nourishing properties keep the skin well hydrated and nourished. It makes the skin softer and smoother, and naturally enhances complexion.

palm sugar

Palm Sugar

Antioxidants and B vitamins in palm sugar can prevent signs of premature aging on the skin. Palm sugar also helps protect the skin from various problems such as acne and blackheads.

coconut oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil, Loaded With Vitamin E, K and Fatty Acids treats the hardest Fungal, Bacterial Skin Conditions. It’s Skin-friendly For Your delicate Skin !!

white sugar

White Sugar

Cleansing your skin with sugar helps to fight toxins and removes them.

How to use

Product Details

Skin Type            All skin types
Usage Frequency Twice Weekly 
Gender  Unisex 
Expiry 6 months

Customer Feedback


Is it natural body scrub?

Yes made with brown sugar crystals, rose oil, and other natural ingredients. No added toxins or harsh chemicals.

Is it suitable on sensitive skin?

Yes. Its mild formulation makes it safe to use on sensitive skin.

Can men use this?

Yes. Our scrub is unisex.

Can expecting mothers use this scrub?

Yes. After the first trimester.

What age group can use this scrub?

It’s suitable for people above 18 years.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s completely safe

Does it dry out skin?

No. Sugar crystals are natural humectants that lock in needed moisture and also added coconut oil prevents drying of the skin.

How long should I scrub my face?

Scrub on the body surface until sugar dissolves.

How many times I can use this scrub?

Use this twice weekly.

Can I wash with soap after using this scrub?

Yes, you can.

Who should not use this product?

  • People with active acne /pimples should not use this.
  • People below the age group 18 should not use this.

Which skin type can use this scrub?

Suitable for all skin types.


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21 reviews for Rose Body Scrub (100g)

  1. Kuttyma

    rose body scrub, rose body butter and rose lip balm.. everything are just so awesome. I’ve made up my mind to throw away all the other products l’ve been using and jump into Arah products completely !!

  2. Soni

    Rose body scrub is jst so awsme….after use my body feel so soft n I like bcoz it’s chemical free….I love all your products but few are my favourite.

  3. Kalai

    Rose body scrub it’s amazingly working on my body now its smooth and soft my husband keep pulling my cheek and saying your so soft…

  4. Amara

    Really good results after using rose butter thank you for ur suggestion

  5. Guna

    the rose body scrub is very effective & soft really like the herbal authentic scrubber..happy thnku so much

  6. Dev

    Your products are really nice body scrub, lip scrub lip balm and your soaps superb

  7. Swathi

    Hello I have waited for exactly one month before giving my review for your products and to be very honest I have had very positive effects I have been using avrampoo soap, golden glow powder and red vine gel regularly and even after my hectic schedule uneven eating pattern and constant touch with pollution my pimples have vanished. I have used the rose Scrub and suvarna pack only twice in this month even then Ifeel the difference in my skin thank you so much

  8. Varsha

    I’m using tan removal soap.rose scub..tan removal face pack red wine gel& glow oil …& It’s amazing Iused lots of treatment for tanning but not satisfied but when Iused all thise products within 3 days my skin is too good even my skin is glowing thank you so much ma’am for the amazing pure product

  9. Yogasri

    Fell in love with ur Rose body scrub and red wine gel.. Both smells awesome.. Makes my skin smooth.. Jus love these too products

  10. Cindrella

    Ibought the below 3 combo on 2nd june.. normally i won’t use outside product..this is the first time i bought from you.. 1.GOLDEN GLOW POWDER 2.REDWINE COMB0 3.ROSE SCRUB Seriously got the best result.was waiting for the results. These 3 are good and my face is improving by using these products…thank u so much…ill buy more in future.

  11. Sitha

    Thank u for the wonderful job araah really really worthy.my black spots have been reduced after using liquorice soap..and rose scrub is amazing..it’s kinda am eating that u are doing great job And usully i believe when somebody notices me regularly and spotted my improvement in face.my frnd told me that my black spots and acnes have reducing day by day

  12. Vidhya

    And Your products are really really good amazing and stunning and miraculous Sooooo effective products

  13. Uma

    I Used scrub Golden glow powder Lohita Kumkumadhi gold serum I didn’t have much trust.. Becausel was bored of using many products that I didn’t find any results.. But Araah product made some miracle in 2 weeks. My black patch is reducing visibly.. I loved the real traditional fragrance that is packed.. Wonderful customer service.. Quick response with more patience. Thank you…

  14. Shivan

    have been using rose sugar Scrub, rose lip scrub, beetroot lip scrub and lemon lip scrub, golden glow powder, avarampoo soap, rice water soap, rose soap, saffron goat milk soap, and svarna pack. Imust tell you all your products are worth buying. I am loving my skin as it is changing into a soft and glowing one. I am really lucky to have found you love the good work you guys are doing. Am the ine who will buy your products for the rest of my life. Thank you Araah

  15. Lavanya

    Using Rose scrub for a week now, Results are visible from day 1 it- self. My dark neck is becoming lighter day by day. Thank you for amazing products Araah. More orders are on the way

  16. Soni

    Rose body scrub is jst so wonderful….after use my body feel so soft n I like bcoz it’s chemical free….I love all your products but few are my favourite.

  17. Diana

    Using rose body scrub and Now my face was soo soft and clear 100% no more pimples thanks a lot for your team Suggestion for solve my skin problems thank you soooooo00o much mam

  18. Kavya

    Really it’s a Magic mam..i loved today mrng I got my parcel.. I massaged my body and face withurskin oil and I use rose scrub after noon I really loved it a lot mam seriously it showed changes.. I was tired of spending money on other products. But I really felt very happy spending money on Araah

  19. Soni

    Rose body scrub is jst so wonderful….after use my body feel so soft n I like bcoz it’s chemical free….I love all your products but few are my favourite.
    I used pomegranate Powder, beetroot powder, green tea gel, kalki scrub, avocado soap these all are awesome

  20. Soni

    Hi araah…. I am fan all of your products specially Rose Body Scrub….it’s a good tan removal combo with rose soap. One more reason I like rose body scrub bcoz it is a organic .

  21. Dharminder

    Hi araah….I am fan of your products. Specially Rose body Scrub…it makes my skin soft.

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Rose Body Scrub (100g)