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Saffron Cream (30g)
saffron cream
saffron cream
saffron cream
saffron cream
saffron cream
saffron cream
saffron cream
saffron cream
saffron cream
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Saffron Cream (30g)


Exotic saffron cream for dry skin for women

Bade goodbye to dryness, uneven skin tone, and dull skin with this best day cream for dryness Welcome well-hydrated skin that glows and adorns even skin tone with this best moisturizer for dry skin in India. Own the skin that you deserve with Araah Skin Miracle’s Saffron cream. A blend of saffron, lemon oil, and coconut oil in an aloe vera base yields a non-sticky, non-greasy formulation. Wear this natural cream for dry skin and you will never face dryness. Bright Skin, even skin tone vanishing blemishes, and improving complexion are the result of this natural face cream for women that is completely free from toxins. The unique combination of natural herbs makes this saffron cream one of the best creams for pigmentation and the best dry skin brightening cream. So, now you can Inspire beauty goals for others to follow with this best Saffron face cream in India. And the bonus is this also acts as the best primer for your dry skin. It prepares your skin to receive makeup without having any flare-ups.

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What and why of the ingredients of Saffron Cream?


These tiny stigmas are chock-full of antioxidants, and vitamin C, It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It brightens skin, evens skin tone, and is very effective for fading pigmentation and reducing environmental stress on the skin. Its carotenoid crocin is also a powerful anti-aging property. These properties of Saffron are what make it the best ayurvedic fairness cream for dry skin

Carrot Seed Oil

 A trending ingredient in cosmetics, this cold-pressed oil obtained from steam distillation has anti-inflammatory antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties.

coconut oilCoconut Oil 

It is an excellent moisturizer for even extremely dry skin and can treat even eczema. It also has antibacterial effects.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera

Pure and natural aloe vera helps in the quick absorption of the cream. It calms down irritated skin and also deeply hydrates dry skin.



 Loaded with antioxidants it fights free radicals, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. It gives an instant skin brightening solution.

How to get the best out of it?

 This gel can be used as a day and night moisturizer and also as a makeup primer.

 How to use it as a moisturizer?

 To get the best hydration follow the following steps. This gel  must be used  before sunscreen

 Step 1-  Cleanse your face thoroughly

 Step 2– Take an adequate amount of gel  on your clean fingertips

 Step 3- Gently massage onto your skin

 Step 4- Do it every morning and night to get the best out of the gel

 How to use it as a Primer?

 This gel prepares the skin to receive make-up and helps the makeup to stay longer.

 Step 1 Cleanse the face

 Step 2 Take a little gel on your fingertips

 Step 3 Apply it to the face

 Step 4 Give a massage and let it dry

 Step 5 Your skin is now ready for foundation and makeup


  1. Moisturises dry skin
  2. Absorbs UV light and helps in lightening pigmentation.
  3. Slows down ageing

Customer Reviews

saffron creamsaffron creamsaffron cream

Product Details

Skin Type            Normal to Dry Skin
Usage Frequency Daily day & night
Gender   Unisex
Expiry 6 months


Is it safe to use saffron cream on sensitive skin?

No. It works best on dry non sensitive skin.

Can men use this cream?

Yes. It is unisex product only.

Is it free from chemicals and toxins?

Yes. It is Paraben free, preservatives free, toxin free and chemical free product.

How often should we use this?

Use this twice a day regularly (in the morning and night after cleansing) for better results.

Should I apply it on day or night?

You may use it both times for better results.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s completely safe

Can a pregnant woman use this?

Yes. After the first trimester.

Is it natural cream?

Yes . It is free from chemicals and toxins.

Is that creamy in texture?

It’s lightweight in nature and in the cream-gel formulation.

Can I use it as day cream?

Yes. It can be used.

Can I follow up with regular make up after using this cream?

Yes. You can even use this as your makeup primer.

Can it be used for kids?

No. To be used preferably above 18.



13 reviews for Saffron Cream (30g)

  1. susmitha

    Saffron cream works well for the skin when I apply it overnight. It’s an awesome effective product. Felt the quantity can be little more for the price….

  2. abinaiya

    That was my first order.. from then on, no looking back.. I have been using saffron cream.. I have sensitive skin..but your products are too good on skin. Quality products.. pocket friendly price.. Great going…

  3. kruthica

    Hi…. recently i bought ur products…. saffron cream also so so awesome ….after apply the saffron cream More

    Tat cream gives a natural glow…I buy ur products more and more…

  4. janani

    Hiii my dear araah family . Happy by using our products Im using our products for past 1 year Presently am using saffron cream doing ultinate magics on me so much thank full to our team members expecting more and more products from our team love u araah…

  5. sumathi

    Hi .. I really don’t review all d products …, but srsly I love to review abt Saffron cream ,, used from yesterday only but results are amazing ….. !!! Thank yo so much

  6. komathi

    Hey dear…HD used saffron cream.. after 1 use my skin really felt soft…will give u more feedback after using more products…n yes saffron cream smells really nice …

  7. mirakikaur

    I started using ur products nly from past one week .. really results are amazing ( a face cream makes NV S glow & lightens my complexion .. saffron cream also makes softens my skin fr the products …

  8. srileka

    Hello there Thank you a tons for your products.. The saffron cream is soo foamy and it smells sooo good Its really soooo gooood..its just my one day review i ll let u know more after a month lots of love from mangalore…

  9. munirathna

    your saffron face cream is superb without makeup we can go outside confidently..realy it s superb it moisterous my skin till evening feeling happy…

  10. ravya

    Heyyyy i recieved your products.. saffron gel ARAAH i just love it ….it exfloits soo nicely…can feel that softness…

  11. lyfis

    Yes yes very Nice product | used Three weeks my skin soo soft Gud moisturizing and skin sup Glowing thanks this Saffron Cream

  12. prasanna (verified owner)

    Saffron cream works well,within 2 days I am able to see the change in my face,,, best moisturizer and good for glowing skin

  13. Prajakta Kokje

    I really love the saffron cream. It is such a lightwight cream and leaves your skin soft and supple. Such an amazing product at affordable price.

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saffron cream
Saffron Cream (30g)