Rudra Triphala Face Wash (25g)

Rudra Triphala Face Wash (25g)


Rudra facewash powder is specially curated for people who cannot follow so many steps on skin care! 

Pigmentation is the most common issue to be faced by many people of all ages. This is mainly caused due to excessive melanin secretion at particular areas and dead cells accumulation. Now you can easily cure this problem with our Rudra facewash powder – A stand-alone to cure dark spots and pigmentation. Made with Triphala (Amla, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki) as the main ingredient, this face wash clears pimples spots and pigmentation. 100% natural, toxin & chemical-free face wash powder is best suitable for all non-sensitive skin types.


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  • Clear stubborn dark spots and pigmentation
  • controlling excessive melanin production
  • Acts as a mild exfoliant to remove dead cells
  • control excess oil and keep your skin fresh longer
  • Its anti-oxidant nature and also its capacity to rebuild skin’s protein eventually makes this the best to work on hyperpigmentation

Key ingredients







kaolin clay

Kaolin Clay

How To Use?

Step 1: Take the required amount of powder and mix it with water to make a paste.

Step 2: Apply the paste on the wet face and massage for a few minutes over the face and neck.

Step 3: Wash off with plain water. No need
to use Soap or any other face wash while using this Powder


  • Sensitive skin can always buy trial packs before purchasing bigger ones.
  • If you feel the skin is drying after use, Apply Yeka glow oil or serum before using it.
  • It Can be used above 18 years onwards.
  • People with active acne /pimples should not use this.


Which skin type it is suitable for?

It is suitable for (All skin)

Can men and women use this?

Yes, men and women above age 15 can use this


Weight 30 g



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Rudra Triphala Face Wash (25g)