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Beetroot Powder 25g


Beetroot has wonderful benefits for skincare. Here’s our natural Beetroot Powder that provides all the goodness of beetroot to your skin. We have derived the beetroot powder from all-natural beetroots without adding any chemicals or preservatives. Our Beetroot Powder can be used in various forms of your skincare DIY to satisfy various needs.


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ARAAH Beetroot Powder is a 100% natural product made from carefully picked, cleaned, dehydrated, and powdered beetroot. It offers a convenient way to incorporate the benefits of beetroot into your Daily Skin and hair Care Routines.

How is ARAAH Beetroot Powder made?

Our Beetroot Powder is crafted through a meticulous process. We start by hand-selecting and cleaning the finest beetroots. They are then dehydrated and ground into a fine powder, preserving the natural goodness of the vegetable.



Method 1:


Beetroot powder 1tsp + Rosewater 2tsp


Step 1 : Mix both ingredients and apply them on the lip as a pack.

Step 2 : Leave it until it dries and washes off


Method 2:


Beetroot powder 1tsp + Coconut oil 50ml
Almond oil 1tsp


Step 1 : Add coconut oil and almond oil and heat it using the double boiler method.

Step 2 : Add Beetroot powder and mix well.

Step 3 : Cool it at room temperature and use this as your lip serum.


Method 3:


Beetroot powder 1/2tsp + Sugar crystals 1tsp

Coconut oil few drops + Honey 1/2tsp


Step 1 : Mix honey, Beetroot powder, and coconut oil together.

Step 2 : Now add this to sugar crystals and use it as a lip scrub weekly twice.


Method 4:


Coconut oil 3tsp + Beetroot powder 1tsp


Step 1 : Mix both ingredients together and store them in an airtight container.

Step 2 : Use this as your natural lip tint to enhance lip color and gloss.


Method 5:


Beetroot powder 1tsp + Raw milk 2tsp

Turmeric a pinch


Step 1 : Mix all ingredients and apply as a lip pack.

Step 2 : Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off.


Method 6:


Beetroot powder 1tsp + Ghee 2tsp


Step 1 : Melt ghee using the double boiler method.

Step 2 : Add Beetroot powder and mix well.

Step 3 : Refrigerate it and use it as your regular lip balm.


Try Our Other Fruit Powders  (natural-fruit-veg-powders/)

Check Transformations Of Beetroot
Video Here..!

Product Details

Skin Type             All Skin Types
Usage Frequency Daily
Gender  Unisex
Expiry 6 months


Is it natural powder?

The Beetroot Powder can be used for all skin types.

Does it have added color?


Can I Use this as facepack?


Can I use on kids?

Yes. It is natural powder and can be used on kids.

Can an expectant mother use this?

Yes. After first trimester.

Can sensitive skin use this product?


Can sensitive skin use this product?


Weight 25 g


8 reviews for Beetroot Powder 25g

  1. Karthika

    Hi I am using your products and I can really see the difference it’s just amazing!! And the Sinamika face wash powder.. I mean omg it’s really worth … I think after using that powderI would say no one needs to go for clean-up.. Same with beetroot one is also good I don’t have words for the Kum Kum oil .it’s just amazing… THANK YOU for such beautiful products.. and now I will do my bridal skin care with you only Thank you

  2. revathi

    Hi Araah team, I have applied the beetroot powder with curd today. I was having a doubt either this beetroot colour will be there in my face … was wrong.. When I washed the face after keeping it for just 20 minutes , my skin was super shining and super soft.. really couldn’t resist myself by touching my cheeks .. and feel to eat the powder too well done team !!

  3. samnisa

    Applied beetroot powder + curd on face for the first time.. omggggg… instant brightness n skin is super soft.. I couldn’t resist my son touching my cheeks…. thanks to araah

  4. Kavitha

    Happy to share this thing ,ir products are really works skin complexion ,even blemishes are f ace become so glowing.this is juz becoz of ur products.anti ageing serum n beetroot powder. Once again thanku for ur service.

  5. Kavya

    Ur aloe rose gel & beetroot powder vera level .. Enoda skin la dark spots reduce agiruku & then skin knjam bright ah iruku.. lam ur regular customer. I try many homemade products but no one suits my skin. Only aarah products suits my sensitive skin tq sis

  6. Meena

    Beetroot powder it was amazing instant brightness kudukuthu. Wow my god…. It’s really very super product mam… Thanks araah???

  7. Nethra


    Using your Beetroot Powder…
    Whenever I open the pack, I can
    smell natural beetroot smell and
    also it makes my skin glow…??
    Thank you

  8. Nethra

    Hey Using your Beetroot Powder… Whenever I open the pack, I can smell natural beetroot smell and also it makes my skin glow???… Thank you

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Beetroot Powder 25g