Neem Coconut Oil 25 ml

Neem Coconut Oil 25 ml


Stronger, Smoother, Healthier Hair is guaranteed with Yeka Neem Oil

We know that a bad hair day can take away your happiness. It can leave you stressed and worried. To make sure you have a great hair day every day, we at Yeka have formulated Neem oil. Made with Fresh neam leaves, coconut oil, and more this oil is your way to have stronger, smoother, and healthier hair.

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When there are so many Products in Market Why Yeka?

Its ingredients & the Purity and Ethics in Making! When We Claim It, We Do It!

Unlike the other Brands which just use the available ingredients from the Market, We only select the best organic ingredients and use them in our products. Each product is made after thorough research and hence all our products are skin safe, give what we promise. And we believe in giving back to society. A percentage of sales is used to help the needy every week. When you order from us you satisfy your soul along with your beauty needs.

What do We choose?

Every ingredient we choose has a special note!

Neem Leaves- Handpicked fresh neem leaf is used in the making of this oil to give you the hair of your dreams. Soft, smooth, long, thick, strong, frizz-free hair is what neem leaf can give you. It can control dandruff and lice. It also reduces the greying of hair and conditions the scalp.

Sweet Basil essential oil –  Sweet Basil essential oil stimulates hair growth and improves blood circulation. It regulates oil secretion and facilitates the healthy growth of hair by controlling hair loss.

Virgin coconut oil- Pure virgin coconut oil gives you strong hair. It prevents dandruff and lice, calms the scalp, and stimulates hair growth. It reduces frizziness and gives smooth and shining hair.

What Causes Hair to thin?

Certain lifestyle activities and medical conditions can lead to thinning of the hair. Some of the lifestyle activities that cause thinning of hair are

  1. Harsh hair products
  2. Overuse of hair products
  3. Tight hairstyles
  4. Stress
  5. Lack of balanced diet

How To Fix Hair with Yeka?

We at Yeka carefully select only active ingredients in our products. Each ingredient add adds value to your skin. We source our ingredients from the best places and hence we have pure organic ingredients. Only natural ingredients backed by Ayurveda are added and there is 0 ingredient that can cause any harm. So, with Yeka products you are safe and on the way to healing and recovery from the first use itself.

Why Trust Yeka?

Every customer is Our Celebrity and over 5000+ Customer Queens have shared their heartfelt Reviews. Here are just a few snippets of them.

What do We promise?

With this Yeka Neem oil, we promise to give your hair all the nourishment it needs. The combination of this oil makes your hair healthy,  strong, and smooth. By  just adding Yeka Neem oil to your routine you can have


  1. Healthy hair
  2. Strong hair
  3. Lice-free hair
  4. Itch-free scalp
  5. Delayed greying of hair
  6. Well-conditioned hair and scalp
  7. Dandruff-free hair
  8. Healthy hair growth
  9. Smooth hair
  10. Oil balance in the scalp

You can change your hair for good now. Just click here to make it happen.

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Neem Coconut Oil 25 ml