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Rose Lip Balm (8g)


Lip care just got a rosy punch

Dark, cracked, and the chapped lip isn’t gonna be a problem anymore as the rosy, smooth, and soft lips are easy to achieve with Araah Skin Miracle’s Rose Lip Balm!  Give your lips the essence of rose and see it magically transform into naturally pink lips. The beeswax and shea butter in the lip balm ensures that your lip is well moisture for a long time and the rose oil gives a rosy twist to your lips. And of course, the irresistible scent of rose is the added bonus.


Rapid result: Use it along with Rose lip scrub 

This item: Rose Lip Balm (8g)
rose lip scrub is to make dark lips
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What & Why Of The Ingredients?


Beeswax and shea butter:bee wax

instantly moisturize your lips making them soft and supple.

rose oil

Rose Oil

Enhances natural lip texture, softens pores, and polishes the lip

rose petals    Rose Petals

Combat dryness, boost natural pink color

How To Use?

Step 1: Take a small amount of lip balm on a clean fingertip.

Step 2: Apply on the lips evenly and gently massage for moisturized lips. 

Step 3: Reapply within 3-4 hours for constant moisturization


  1. Makes your lips soft and smooth
  2. Prevent lip dryness and keep it moisturized 
  3. No more chapped and peeling lips skin
  4. keeps your lips cells protected 

When To Use?

  • When lips get dried due to dehydration
  • At night, before going to sleep
  • Immediately after scrubbing lips (Rose lip scrub)

Product Details

Skin Type            All skin type
Usage Frequency Daily day & night
Gender    Unisex
Expiry 6 months

Real Reviews

Rose lip balm review


Rose lip balm review


Rose lip balm review


Does it have tint?

No. It does not have any added or artificial colors.

Is it safe to use on sensitive skin?

Yes very safe as it’s made out of 100% natural ingredients. It is paraben, preservatives, and toxin-free

Why to use lip balm regularly?

Lip balm helps to keep your lips hydrated and prevents it from drying and chapping. . Our lip balm is made with natural butters and bee wax which keeps your lips hydrated and makes it soft.

Does this work on reducing lip pigmentation?

Yes.  Anti-oxidant-rich rose oil prevents and fades off lips darkness.

Can men use this?

Yes. Our lip balms are unisex

How long does it stay?

3 to 4 hours

Is it natural product?

Yes, it’s natural and made with bee wax, rose oil, natural butter and virgin coconut oil.

Can it work on dry and chapped lips?

Yes. Natural butters and oils make your lips soft and supple on regular usage.

When can I see the results?

3 months time duration. Use it continuously for better results

Do I need to use it day or night?

Use lip balm whenever you feel your lips are dry. It is always advisable to use regularly both the time.

Can a pregnant woman use this?

Yes. After the first trimester.

Shall we use it on kids?

It can be used on kids above 5 years.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s completely safe



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Weight 20 g

48 reviews for Rose Lip Balm (8g)

  1. Suji

    Rose lipbalm and scrub My lips look one shade lighter now

  2. Ramyadevi

    rose lip scrub and Balm are just wow and magical products. Very effective from the very first time

  3. Arjun

    Lip Balm: Smells so natural and very melts in our lips so well and keeps hydrated for so long.

  4. Kala

    i would like to thank you for providing us with ur wonderful products. i have been using ur rose lip balm and rose lip scrub from last 20days and i m really very happy to see the desired result in sucha short period of time. Your lip products are amazing .. I would like to order some more products from araah.

  5. Sidhu

    love with yur rose lipbalm too it makes my lip Sooppper soft nd pinky one

  6. Vino

    I have been using rose lipbalm for a week… result is unbelievable…my lips are soo soft and moisture. I am really really satisfied with your product.. thanks for your rose lipbalm

  7. Harini

    rose lip balm.. Yh.. ts realy amazing… Its doing miracle in my Skin.. Nd my dark lips getting change. Thank u fr d useful products..

  8. Ramyadevi

    rose lip scrub and Balm are just wow and magical products. Very effective from the very first use.

  9. Avinashkeerthu

    lipcare n lip scrub making great good changes..

  10. Shivani

    I have trust on you Coz after using your lip scrub & balm I saw results

  11. Kavya

    after using ur lip balm I’m loving my lips. they don’t crack or hurt the lip corners anymore.. however I don’t use them regularly still have found lot of differnce.. thank you so much.. next time I want to try a different flavour .!!

  12. Susi

    last lip balm it really keep my lips so hydrated throughout out the day And also I have recommended my frnd

  13. Latha

    Received lip balm 10-12 days back. Loved the products The color of lips also getting better by using rose lip balm. Would love to continue more shopping

  14. Krishna

    the rose lip balm… stopped using every other balm It’s perfect for even winters now.. So moisturising and hydrating.. It’s with me wherever go.

  15. Bhavani

    Thank you it’s very goodiam liking it and my lips it’s doing very good it’s turning out pink slowly thank you so much for your products..

  16. Subashri

    Rose lipbalm I normally have to apply lip balm every cOuple of hrs but I haven’t applied the rose lip balm after first usage,adequate moisture to lips even after 6 hrs + and it smells heavenly

  17. rubzz

    In non winter season my lips could be like dry as sahara desert but now as its winter my lips are soft

    No dry and cracked lips

    Its amazing rose lip balm amazing…

  18. Aaradhya

    Your scrub and balm is awesome indeed it taking away my tan. Eventhough it cant full tan because of braces I’m still wearing but it fights to take my lip tan so well thank you so much

  19. Shimu

    rose lipbalm is really effective .. I can notice the darkness is reducing.. am really surprised. Tried so many products even from natural homemade products. But nothing gives me result.. you gave me real results Thank you so much araah..

  20. Sithu

    love with yur rose lipbalm too it makes my lip Sooppper soft nd pinky one

  21. Raveena

    Iam using Ur products rose lip balm for the past 2 doing some magic in my lips..

  22. Sadhana

    lip scrub and lip balm its juz awsm it makes my lips soft and the slowly the lip shade also becomes lighter..

  23. Uma

    I could see changes in the colour of my lips after using rose lip balm nd scrub in the past 3 weeks. Feels happy

  24. Priya

    Rose lip balm is just amazing product it’s smells so good I can feel the organic it’s really amazing product I’m using daily on my day

  25. Sidhu

    It’s actually doing goodthe skin is bright..I’m just loving the product and iam more happy witg the lip balm.its too beautiful thank you So much

  26. Shradha

    rose lip scrub smell is jst OsmThn rose lip balm. Using my lips long lasting fragrance soft nd smoother lips will order more nd more. Thnq so much for your . You’ve the bestest products

  27. Avyarni

    Your products are very good, Ihave used rose lip balm see a good difference in a week’s time. Thank you for such great products.

  28. Yogitha

    That lip balm is amazing N my lip color has changed As I already mentioned that my lips r black but now the color is changing little thanks araah

  29. Raveena

    Iam using Ur products rose lip balm for the past 2 doing some magic in my lips.. my lips getting pinkish

  30. Benito

    Hello my ⅼoved one! I wish to say that this article is awеsomе, great written and come with
    almost alⅼ vital infⲟs. I’d ⅼike tо look more pоsts like this

    Review my webpage: snaps

  31. Hindu

    I was using ur lip balm last 2 months All product are very nyc and effective

  32. Viru

    You are really doing a great job lam using your rose lip balm All the products are magic Really thank you for those beautiful boons Keep rocking

  33. Vino

    Rose lip scrub and balm are awesome I have been using them since a month

  34. Bino

    I have been using rose lipbalm for a week. .. result is unbelievable…my lips are soo soft and moisture. I am really really satisfied with your product .. thanks for your rose lipbalm

  35. Sinthya

    Rose lip balm and scrub both are amazing. My lips have become softer and shade also has become lighter… Truly a great product.

  36. Beena

    Heyy araah see the magic of your rose lip balm. Im so much impressed by the changes in my lip colour. My lips are getting pink day by day. So much obsessed with your products

  37. Brinda

    rose lip balm made my lips color into pink ..thng araah fr the wonderful products..expecting full day routine products frm hair to face .. thank you

  38. Nethra

    Lips became light colour because of rose lip balm. I’ll continue the products as my regular routine for skin. Thank you so much for the natural products from Araah.

  39. Priya

    You are really doing a great job lam using your pimple care products,rose lip balm All the products are magic my pimples got reduced and hairfall dandruff got reduced a lot Really thank you for those beautiful boons

  40. Mona

    Hello team Araah. This is a review post to mention that the rose lip balm are working well to remove pigmentation on lips. It’s slow, but is working well. 1 can see a lot of difference in the last 1 month of usage. Lip balm has a lovely scent, Nevertheless, great buy! Thank you:)

  41. Kavya

    Rose lip balm getting my lips so soft
    I’m carrying lipbalm where I go super super

  42. Nivya

    Hi. thank you for your was just amazing!…m using your lip balm and glow oil for past 1 wk…your lip balm was wow my lip become more soft and pink..and your glow oil was just amazing…

  43. Grace Beatrice

    I am big fan of yeka and araah.. am using araah lipbalms for more than 2 yrs it was awesome.I could see visible change in my lips it become so soft and darkness was removed completely…Tq so much for the quick delivery

  44. Lisa

    Hi your kumkumadi serum works well, feels a change in my appearance and rose lip balm also makes softer, smelling nice Thank you araah

  45. Davidpup

    interesting post

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  47. Karthika


    Your products are really magic I’ve been using them for hardly a month
    and the results are so satisfying insuch a short time. I travel a lot to my work place. In this burning summer my skin was sun damaged.. tried a lota sunscreens but everything was in vain. The charcoal rose soap and golden glow powder were like life savers to me…. rose body scrub, rose body butter and rose lip balm.. everything are just so awesome.
    I’ve made up my mind to throw away all the other products I’ve been using and jump into Arah products completely !!
    Kudoss to Arah group.

  48. Priya

    I am happy customer of urs
    Have been using ur saffron and goat milk soap n glow powder Working wonders in reality n lip balm is such awww

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Rose Lip Balm (8g)