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Neem & Moringa Soap (75g)
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Neem & Moringa Soap (75g)


Dry skin or Acne can never hurt you with this Neem and  Moringa Soap


When your dry skin pops up pimples, don’t get flustered. You can easily manage your pimples with this Neem and Moringa soap from Araah Skin Miracle. Along with blended neem and moringa juice, this handmade cold-process soap also contains castor oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. It has a perfect balance that your acne-prone dry skin requires to heal and shine. This is the best natural neem and moringa soap that gives adequate protection against acne and dry skin. Expect a quick reduction in acne and dry skin upon regular usage of this Neem and Moringa Soap.

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Key Ingredients

neem & moringa juice

Neem & Moringa Juice

castor oil

Castor Oil

coconut oil

Coconut Oil

olive oil

Olive Oil

How To Use

When there are so many products in Market Why ARAAH?

Its ingredients & the Purity and Ethics in Making! When We Claim It, We Do It!


Unlike the other Brands that just use the available ingredients, we research skin problems and source the best ingredients and make completely organic and ayurvedic products that help to give flawless skin.

What do We choose?

Every ingredient we choose has a special note!


Neem juice– Neem is a wonder herb that helps your skin in many ways. But, if you have dry and acne prone skin then you will. love it for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This will make sure your skin is free from acne. Also as a natural detoxifier and  skin toner, it heals and nourishes your skin


Moringa Juice – Moringa is a boon to your skin. it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidant that your skin will thank you for having this ingredient in your skin care regimen. It fights acne, adds moisture, and also protects your skin from aging.


Coconut oil –  Coconut oil helps to hydrate the skin and thus accentuates the benefits of carrot soap. It helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles. It smoothens skin and makes it soft and plump. It enhances the texture of your skin.



Olive oil – Olive oil helps to repair damaged skin. It improves skin tonicity and adds more charm to your skin.  It can hydrate even the most sensitive skin. It is also rich in anti-oxidant and helps the skin to be young.


Castor oil – Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid. Ricinoleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid. This helps to moisturize your skin. It acts as an occlusive type of moisturizer. It can reduce water loss from the top layer of the skin


How To Fix skin problems with Araah?

We at Araah Skin Miracle carefully select only active ingredients in our products. Each ingredient adds value to your skin. We source our ingredients from the best places and hence we have pure organic ingredients. Only natural ingredients backed by Ayurveda are added and there is 0 ingredient that can cause any harm. So, with Araah products you are safe and on the way to healing and recovery from the first use itself.


Why Trust Araah?


Every customer is Our Celebrity and over 5000+ Customer Queens have shared their heartfelt Reviews. Here are just a few snippets of them.

What do We promise?

In this handmade cold process soap, we have tapped the potential of traditional herbs moringa and neem to fight acne. The added natural oils ensure your dry skin is perfectly moisturized. The important benefits of this soap are


  1. Preventing breakouts
  2. Hydrating the skin
  3. Preventing premature ageing
  4. Improving skin tone
  5. Keeping the skin soft and smooth
  6. Curing acne


How does this soap work?

It works on moisturising excessive dry skin, clears and control pimples .

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Suitable on Dry non sensitive skin type.

Is it suitable for kids?

It can be used above 15 years of age.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s safe

Is it natural soap?

Yes. 100% natural, chemical and toxin free, cold processed and handmade soap.

Can an expectant mother use this soap?

Yes. After the first trimester.

Can sensitive skin people use this soap?


Who cannot use this soap?

People with pimples, acne prone skin.
People below 15 years.
People with sensitive skin.
People other than dry skin types cannot use this soap.

Can I use this soap for removing body pimples or acne?


Weight 75 g


11 reviews for Neem & Moringa Soap (75g)

  1. Baby

    Hi Araah.. I am using the (pimple kit) haritah pack, golden glow powder and neem soap in 1 month its just amazing it gives the good result… Thnk u so much araah

  2. Janani

    Hii my dear araah family Happy by using our products I’m using our products for past 1 year. Presently am using neem and moringai soap its awwwwwsome my pimples r vanished like a magic love to use our products regularly and more of our products am using saffron cream, rose lip balm rose body butter yeka body oil all r doing ultinate magics on me so much thank full to our team members expecting more and more products from our team love u araah…..

  3. Anjana

    Am using your neem and moringo soap for past one week…its reduced my pimples very much….and red wine gel makes my skin glow and also it helps to make the skin soft…thanks much mam

  4. Sneha

    I used two times the moringa soap, yeka oil as night oil, and haritan anti pimple pack once a day… Bcoj of that my acne spots r gone, skin tone got lightened, and bcoj of yeka skin oil my skin is glowing and its not at all dry as before. Recommendable product at a affordable rate, overall its not just a product, but a blessing for anyone who is suffering from any skin issues.. Must try yeka products once…t wont let u down for sure.. Given the pic so that people can see n can believe that natural herbal products do take little time but surely give amazing results, need patience, atleast two weeks for good results…

  5. Hiral Kashyap

    Your avocado soap is is giving flawless glow instant, i mean with just 3rd wash.i am having glowing skin..carrot softy soap is also good.t is giving smoother and lighter skin..and your rose lip balm is giving soft smooth lips..and fragrance is just too good…tomato soap is also good…and neem morimga soap is reducing my pimple and happy to found soap for dry skin that reduces pimple…now am having light pimple and red spot of those pimple.hope they will fade sooner with help of avocado and neem moringa, thank you araah… happy to have you …my fiance is calling me brand ambassador of your product.. becausei am suggesting your product everywhere i go..even on quora and my family and friends..they are also buying products from you..

  6. Queen Mary

    Also I wanted to tell you that I had ordered your kumkumadhi serum earlier as well.. I wasn’t able to use that but my mother did .. as she really loved it.. Infact seeing her results only Ihave decided to use it .. I will try to use it regularly Also I had ordered your neem moringa soap and haritah face pack for my sister .. it has really helped her with her acne… She is quite happy with the results too

  7. Devi

    I actually thought of saying this to you a week back itself… So yeah… You’re products are amazing.. I have been using ur neem moringa soap, pimple fighter soap and red wine gel! They are literal magic.. my dark spots are reducing and I could feel the glow on my face! Even ur lip scrub shows it’s pure natural… Seriously I loved your products! Finally, a product is working on mel!! Thanks Araah!!!

  8. Monisha

    Moringa soap reduced my white heads n smoothens my skin n prevents dryness I have suggested Ur pimple fighter soap to my friend… He also surprised by its results…. so happy araaah family

  9. Ammu

    Hii I’m using ur neem moringa soap Itz really woow mai tiny pimple are reducing.. Acne makes oli leftin mai face… Golden glow face pack is osum maam… Itz making skin glow nd itz really sooo soft… I’m loving ura products… The first product to suit mai skin perfectly is oli araah products…. Seriously ura products are best maam… .Other products give thy cream soap just for getting money…. But araah ura asking the skin type the problem nd ura advising products.. Itz fantastic maam hands off too u maam After diz mai life face products is araah….

  10. Abinaya

    Hi I was having small pimples.My pimples got reduce a lot. After using neem soap and moringa gel I used just two’s give a amazing results and I really want to thank tat one. Now scare and Mark are remained…. so very beautiful and thq u so much…

  11. Brinda

    Hii Happy by using our products Im using our products for past 1 year. Presently am using neem and moringa soap its awsome my pimples r vanished like a magic love to use our products regularly

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Neem & Moringa Soap (75g)