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Cold-Processed Soaps

    • Almond Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Nourishing almonds to get a soft and smooth skin Is your skin sensitive and dry? Are you worried about the dark spots on your skin? Relax. We have just the soap that is right for your skin. Araah Skin Miracle Almond soap is made of almond milk, turmeric, shea butter,…

    • Avarampoo Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Ancient skincare for a flawless you Bade a final goodbye to dark spots, pigmentation, skin blemishes, and uneven skin tone. Get ready to welcome clear skin, even skin tone, and radiant glowing skin with Araah’s Avarampoo Soap. Unveil the ravishing you naturally with this Ayurvedic amalgamation of Avarampoo, wild turmeric,…

    • Avocado Nourishing Soap (75g)

      42.7% 149.00200.00 200.00

      Skin Type:  Sensitive Dry (For Face) / All Skin Types (For Body) Avocado is rich in Lecithin which is used as an emollient in skincare to soothe irritated skin. This is the best to treat your damaged and irritated dry sensitive skin Dry and flaky skin can be unease until…

    • Beet Beauty Soap (75g)

      49.9% 249.00250.00 250.00

      Have you ever tried a natural soap blended with powerful skin rejuvenating oils, butters with the juice of Beetroot? Beetroot -a well-known superb vegetable that has a proven record of improving skin tone and making skin flawless. The Soap is crafted specially for those having Normal/Combination(tzone) Skin which is Non-sensitive…

    • Carrot Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Back in the goodness of Carrot Soap, and enjoy youthful and glowing skin. Increasing skin problems? Dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines causing you stress? Change the way your skin looks by just changing the soap. Pure and natural Araah Skin Miracle’s handmade Carrot soap contains the goodness of carrot…

    • Charcoal N Rose Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      When Grime Magnet Charcoal & Skin Lightening Rose Meet Tan Vanishes! Has tan hidden your true complexion? Are you fed up with mismatched complexion caused by tan? Then this product is made just for you. Araah Skin Miracle’s Charcoal Rose soap cuts through dead skin cells, dust, and tan. The…

    • Charcoal Papaya Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Skin Type:  Sensitive Oily/Normal/combination (For Face) / All Skin Types (For Body) The combination of charcoal and papaya makes this soap unique to remove stubborn tan. It clears dead cells and brightens skin. This works best on oily, combination, normal sensitive skin. For dry sensitive skin use this along with…

    • Coffee Spa Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Suitable for all skin types (For Face & Body) / Not suitable for Sensitive skin Coffee and chocolate are rich anti-oxidant blast that prevents skin from damage. Infusing the goodness of both the exotic ingredients, this soap is best suitable for skin nourishment and controlling the aging effect. This soap…

    • Dates Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Normal To Oily Non-Sensitive Skin  (For Face) / All Skin Types (For Body) Make your day more special with our ultra moisturising dates soap. Dates are known to enhance the texture of the skin. When mixed with exotic butter and natural oils there is no doubt that this soap is…

    • Flora Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Normal, Dry, Combination Sensitive Skin  (For Face) / All Skin Types (For Body) Made with the fabulous combination of floral extracts this soap is best suitable on dry, normal, and combination sensitive skin to enhance the complexion. Tuberose and marigold extract in this soap calms down irritated and sensitive skin.…

    • Fresh Mint Soap (75g)

      42.7% 149.00200.00 200.00

      Skin Type: Sensitive Oily/Normal/combination (For Face) / All Skin Types (For Body) Rich in methanol and anti-bacterial properties, Mint Soap is highly preferred to treat sensitive pimple-prone skin. It also reduces the redness and infection caused due to bacteria on skin oily/combination/normal sensitive skin.

    • Goat Milk Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      Skin Type: Dry Sensitive Skin (For Face) / All Skin Types (For Body) Goat milk has been an integral part of the skincare regime for ages. It calms down the troubled skin, which makes it a great choice for sensitive dry skin.

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