• Acne Minikit 1 / Oily/Normal/Combination


      1. Pimplefighter Soap  This signature product for pimple-prone skin has the infusion ingredients like tea tree oil, basil, and mint which are rich in anti-bacterial properties makes this soap highly preferable to treat pimples and acne on oily, normal, and combination non-sensitive skin. (ADD NOW – Soap only )  …

    • Eczema Combo

      42.2% 379.00520.00 520.00

      Tired 😫 Of Trying Several Treatments & Dermatologist Visits For Eczema..But Nothing Worked ?? Then You Are Definitely At The Right Place !! This is Going to surprise You ! Yes , put an end to all the Expensive Treatments/ Chemical Cures !! Just This Natural Solution is Going To…

    • Hair Conditioner Pack (100g)

      25% 150.00449.00 449.00

      Although chemical-based conditioners in the market condition our hair making it soft, frizz-free, and manageable, prolonged use of this will damage the hair altering its natural bonding. Replace your chemical conditioner with our herbal conditioner powder which does the same job without causing damage to hair.

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