Festival Combo

Festival Combo
    • Festive Facial Kit

      49.9% 1,195.001,199.00 1,199.00

      The Ultimate Festive Glow: A Complete Beauty Experience in a Kit Introducing the ‘Festive Facial Kit’ at just 1199 – an enchanting treasure trove of beauty. This indulgent collection includes a skin oil, the radiant Sinamika, the timeless Kalki, a herbal face cleanser, and the luxurious pairing of beetroot lip…

    • Festive Pedicure Kit

      19.4% 348.001,449.00 1,449.00

      Step into Elegance: The Festive Pedicure Pamper Kit Elevate your pampering this festive season with our ‘Festive Pedicure Kit’ at 1249. This luxurious assortment features a nourishing skin oil, velvety Rose body butter, exfoliating Rose Body Scrub, invigorating Coffee Spa Soap, and luscious Strawberry powder. Indulge your feet in an…

    • Minimalist Combo

      41.6% 498.00699.00 699.00

      Simplicity in Beauty: The ‘Minimalist Combo’ “Discover the ‘Minimalist Combo,’ a harmonious blend of essentials that redefines beauty through simplicity. This curated collection includes a skin oil mini, beetroot lip balm, lip scrub, and fruit powder – all designed to enhance your self-care routine. Elevate your skincare with this elegant…

    • New Mom’s Minimalist Combo

      48.3% 747.00799.00 799.00

      New Mom’s Rejuvenation Ritual: The Ultimate Minimalist Combo. Introducing the ‘New Mom’s Minimalist Combo’ at 799 – A lovingly curated collection that pampers and rejuvenates. This set includes essentials like a skin oil mini, nourishing CP soap, Amyra Anti-Aging Serum, Kumkumadi eye cream, and a revitalizing fruit powder. Designed to…

    • Yeka Oils Gift Combo

      32.6% 748.001,549.00 1,549.00

      Yeka Oils Gift Combo: The Essence of Radiant Beauty. Introducing the ‘Yeka Oils Gift Combo’ at 1349, a thoughtfully crafted assortment that bestows the gift of natural radiance. This captivating set includes a luscious skin oil, rejuvenating hair oil, the timeless Kumkumadi Serum, and vibrant Beetroot powder. With Yeka Oils,…

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