Yeka Oils Gift Combo

Yeka Oils Gift Combo


Yeka Oils Gift Combo: The Essence of Radiant Beauty.

Introducing the ‘Yeka Oils Gift Combo’ at 1349, a thoughtfully crafted assortment that bestows the gift of natural radiance. This captivating set includes a luscious skin oil, rejuvenating hair oil, the timeless Kumkumadi Serum, and vibrant Beetroot powder. With Yeka Oils, you’re gifting the power of holistic beauty and self-care. Elevate the spirits of your loved ones with this transformative collection that pampers both hair and skin, leaving a lasting impression of health and vitality.

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When there are so many Products in Market Why ARAAH?

Its ingredients & the Purity and Ethics in Making ! When We Claim It , We Do It !

Unlike the other Brands where they just use the available ingredients, we research about skin problems and source the best ingredients and make  completely organic and ayurvedic products that help to give a flawless skin.

In This Combo You Get


Skin Oil (100ml)

This traditional Indian healing oil is a natural skin treatment that promises to revive rough, sun-damaged skin. The main ingredient is DAMASK ROSE (ROSA DAMASCENA) is so potent with antimicrobial and anti-aging compounds. Virgin coconut oil is derived from coconuts just like your regular coconut oil.



Hair Oil

The Iron in Moringa Brings Oxygen to your Hair roots; Its Zinc content stimulates Hair Growth; The essential amino acids in Moringa build Healthy Hair strands and its Omega 3s nourishes your Hair.



Kumkumadi Serum 

This serum improves the general health of your skin. It’ll make it feel softer, smoother, and more supple in less than a week! It treats hyperpigmentation, prevents acne and pimples, decreases spots and blemishes within days, heals the scars (and other injuries) suffered by both men and women, etc.




Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder, crafted from dried and ground beetroots, enriches your meals with vibrant color and nutritional value, and can also enhance homemade skincare routines with its natural radiance. A versatile essential for both the kitchen and your beauty regimen.



Skin Oil Mini (25ml)

Coconut oil and roses can help soothe skin irritation and itching which makes it the perfect after-sun lotion. It removes stubborn tan.

FOR INTIMATE CARE Inner Thigh Darkness/Underarm Darkness

We understand how pigmentation and tan on your underarms, inner thighs, intimate areas can make you self-conscious. But firstly, let’s clear it out. The tan or pigmentation on the inner thighs or armpit doesn’t relate to an unhygienic routine! It just needs some extra care and self-love!
Apply a few drops of our Yeka Golden Glow Oil everyday pre-shower on your thighs. Wipe off with wet cotton. This helps in cleansing your skin.
After washing the surface with a mild soap, apply the Oil again and a loving, gentle massage.
?Tadda!! You shall see the magical transformation in your skin texture. This Organic Oil loaded with tons of roses is superlight, non-sticky, and deeply hydrates your Skin!


To have healthy skin, we have heard Cleansing is one important skin ritual that one can never skip. But most of us grab the Micellar Water for this purpose.
The fancy term has caught a trend in the beauty industry!
But did you know the shocking truth behind this chemical cosmetic..!!
It can contain harsh chemicals that strip off your skin’s moisture and  sometimes carcinogenic too! Yes, cancer-causing…
What You Put To Your Skin is as important as what You Eat! Choose Wise! Choose Natural Skin Care
#yekagoldenglowoil Organic Multipurpose Beauty Oil. Best to cleanse your skin as well.
Apply a few drops of the Oil. Give a gentle massage.
Wipe off with wet cotton or towel dipped in warm water.
It cleanses the makeup, dirt and leaves your skin completely fresh, clean & glowing.

Hair Oil

Hairfall Control:
If you’re tired of counting those precious hair strands on the floor, then here is a Miraculous Challenge put forth to you.
Regular Yeka Oil usage + a Regular Sleeping Pattern is going to make that magic happen:
Ingredients Like Brahmi, Carom Seeds, Liquorice Are Specially Curated To Control Hairfall!

Dandruff :
We have Specially Curated Ingredients Like Bringha, Mudakathaan Keerai, Carom Seeds, Liquorice, Neem, Rose Petals To Treat Dandruff & Control It’s Reoccurrence.

3 Quick Steps and you are just going to kick out dandruff off Your Scalp
1. Oil Your Scalp with Yeka Moringa Hair Oil and wash your hair thrice a Week
2. Wash your Pillow Cover after every hair wash
3. Wash your Towel & Comb Daily

Pre-Mature Greying :
Lotus Is A Special Magical Pick Among Our Other Ingredients. It helps in stimulating Melanin Which In Turns Helps in Controlling Premature Greying & Restoring Your Hair’s Natural Black Colour!
Let’s bid a Final Good-Bye To The Grey Hair & Premature Greying. Regular application of Yeka Moringa Hair oil works deep inside your hair follicles and promotes new thick black hair growth.

Kumkumadi Serum 

Saffron has potent antioxidant properties which help lighten skin discolouration. Manjistha is mostly known for its uses as a natural way to reduce pigmentation, improve complexion, and reduces inflammation Sandalwood is great at removing pimples, acne marks, blemishes, suntan, older scars from the skin by nourishing it.

Beetroot Powder

Weight 300 g


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Yeka Oils Gift Combo