• Almond Soap (75g)

      69.9% 349.00150.00 150.00

      Nourishing almonds to get a soft and smooth skin Is your skin sensitive and dry? Are you worried about the dark spots on your skin? Relax. We have just the soap that is right for your skin. Araah Skin Miracle Almond soap is made of almond milk, turmeric, shea butter,…

    • Carrot Soap (75g)

      73.9% 369.00130.00 130.00

      Back in the goodness of Carrot Soap, and enjoy youthful and glowing skin. Increasing skin problems? Dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines causing you stress? Change the way your skin looks by just changing the soap. Pure and natural Araah Skin Miracle’s handmade Carrot soap contains the goodness of carrot…

    • Charcoal N Rose Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      When Grime Magnet Charcoal & Skin Lightening Rose Meet Tan Vanishes! Has tan hidden your true complexion? Are you fed up with mismatched complexion caused by tan? Then this product is made just for you. Araah Skin Miracle’s Charcoal Rose soap cuts through dead skin cells, dust, and tan. The…

    • Neem & Moringa Soap (75g)

      19.8% 69.00280.00 280.00

      Dry skin or Acne can never hurt you with this Neem and  Moringa Soap   When your dry skin pops up pimples, don’t get flustered. You can easily manage your pimples with this Neem and Moringa soap from Araah Skin Miracle. Along with blended neem and moringa juice, this handmade…

    • Potato Soap (75g)

      59.9% 299.00200.00 200.00

      The best skin pigmentation treatment is sealed in this Potato Soap Are you fighting with dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation day in and day out? And are acne dark spots scaring you?  Don’t worry your search for hyperpigmentation treatment ends here. Potato is the dark spot remover for black skin.…

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