Tea Tree Gel (10g)


A blast of Moringa for acne-free skin

It’s infuriating to see pimple crop up every day and the scars they leave behind is so nasty. That’s why we at Araah Skin Miracle formulated the Moringa gel. Putting a clear face on and radiating confidence just got simple with Moringa gel. Moringa leaves, lemongrass, basil leaves, and tea tree oil comfort your skin, control oil, inflammation, and infection. It leaves you with a well-nourished face that isn’t sticky or greasy. You will fall in love with our non-greasy formulation and your oil and pimple-free face.

Note: Even natural ingredients can cause allergy to some so always patch–test before using.

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What and why of the ingredients?

Moringa leaves

The humble moringa is a house to numerous vitamins and antioxidants.  Its antibacterial properties are helpful in preventing acne breakouts.  It also helps in removing blemishes, dark spots, pimples, and blackheads and gives you clear skin.

basil leavesBasil Leaves 

It is full of antioxidants and vitamin C.  It brightens skin, evens skin tone, and is very effective for fading pigmentation and reducing acne.

lemon grassLemongrass

It has to purify properties that help to remove impurities, detoxify the skin and leave it feeling clean and clear.

tea treeTea Tree Oil 

It is a powerful weapon against acne. It reduces acne and skin irritation.

How to get the best out of it?

This gel can be used as a day and night moisturizer and also as a makeup primer.

How to use it as a moisturizer?

To get the best hydration follow the following steps. This gel  must be used before sunscreen

Step 1:  Cleanse your face thoroughly

Step 2: Take an adequate amount of gel  on your clean fingertips

Step 3: Gently massage onto your skin

Step 4: Do it every morning and night to get the best out of the gel

How to use it as a Primer?

This gel prepares the skin to receive make-up and helps the makeup to stay longer.

Step 1: Cleanse the face

Step 2: Take a little gel on your fingertips

Step 3: Apply it to the face

Step 4: Give a massage and let it dry

Step 5: Your skin is now ready for foundation and makeup

Product Details

Skin Type             All  Skin Type
Usage Frequency Daily day & night
Gender   Unisex
Expiry 6 months

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pimple soap moringa gel



Is it safe to use Moringa gel on sensitive skin?

No. It works best oily non sensitive skin.

Can men use this gel?

Yes. It is the unisex product only.

Is it free from chemicals and toxins?

Yes. It is Paraben-free, preservatives-free, toxin-free, and chemical-free product.

How often should we use this?

Use this twice a day regularly (in morning and night after cleansing) for better results.

Should I apply it on day or night?

You may use it both times for better results.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s completely safe

Can a pregnant woman use this?

Yes. After first trimester.

Is it natural gel?

Yes. It is free from chemicals and toxins.

What is the texture of Moringa gel?

It’s lightweight in nature and in gel formulation.

Can I use it as day cream?

Yes. It can be used.

Can it be used for kids?

No. To be used preferably above 18.

Does it make my skin greasy?

No. Its light weight formulation absorbs quickly onto skin.

Can I apply all over face or on pimples only?

You can apply all over face as regular moisturizer.




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Tea Tree Gel (10g)