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Yeka Moringa & Green Magic Herbal Hair Oil (1000ml)
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Yeka Moringa & Green Magic Herbal Hair Oil (1000ml)



Yes, you read it right! We are delighted to share with you that YEKA is the pioneer in introducing Greens in Hair Oil. Our Native Greens are truly a treasure trove for your Hair! YEKA – A Deep Nourishing Herbal Hair Oil with 6 Miraculous Organic Farm Fresh Greens blended with Cold Pressed Sesame Oil & Virgin Coconut Oil gives your hair the strength and sheen. Every ingredient is prudently selected from various Siddha, Ayurveda scripts &    western texts.


The Iron in Moringa Brings Oxygen to your Hair roots; Its Zinc content stimulates Hair Growth; The essential amino acids in Moringa build Healthy Hair strands and its Omega 3s nourishes your Hair.


This item: Yeka Moringa & Green Magic Herbal Hair Oil (1000ml)
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So you’re looking For Strong, Healthy Hair? But you really don’t know what more to use to Stop That Hairfall or Control the Dandruff..

Maybe you’re feeling lost, confused, time-poor, or just stressed about the whole heckin’ thing.

If you’re nodding your head and feeling this way, I want to let you know there is a simple answer and solution to your needs.

A way to get from Scanty, Frizzy, Unhealthy Hair To Long, Strong & Healthy Hair.

And that solution? Is our YEKA MORINGA HAIR OIL .

This Oil is perfect for you if you have any one of the below Concerns.:


Yes! You really really don’t need a painful Hair Transplant or the harsh Minoxidil Treatments. You just Need this Moringa Magic with a little patience and a Healthy Diet! And here is a genuine transformation.

Yeka Moringa magic hairoil - hair regrowth in your bald areas HAIRFALL CONTROL:

If you’re tired of counting those precious hair strands on the floor, then here is a Miraculous Challenge put forth to you. Regular Yeka Oil usage + a Regular Sleeping Pattern is going to make that magic happen:

Yeka Moringa Magic hairoil - customer's Before and after review picDANDRUFF :
3 Quick Steps and you are just going to kick out dandruff off Your Scalp
— Oil Your Scalp with Yeka Moringa Hair Oil and wash your hair thrice a Week
Wash your Pillow Cover after every hair wash
Wash your Towel & Comb DailyYeka Moringa Magic Hairoil - get rid of dandruff in just 3 quick steps

Pre-Mature Greying
Let’s bid a Final Good-Bye To The Grey Hair & Premature Greying. Regular application of Yeka Moringa Hair oil works deep inside your hair follicles and promotes new thick black hair growth.

why we chose moringa? - here's the answer And Finally, if you ask us how is it all possible with just One Single Oil, the answer to it lies in its Miraculous Ingredients. Have you heard your Mommies and Grannies nagging you to Take Green Vegetables regularly in Your Diet.. Yes I mean those Fresh Green Leaves ( Keerai / Kale )..And obviously, you would know its nutrient value.. Astonished with its Benefits and Nutrient Profile we have heard it in our Oil Too….
Yes You Heard It Right!!!! MORINGA (The Real Drumstick Leaves in Your Hair Oil )

How To Use ?

Yeka Moringa Magic Herbal Hairoil

Usage Instructions:

1. Moderate Hair fall:
Use weekly thrice before hair wash. Apply on
scalp and leave for a minimum of 1 hour and wash off. Slowly increase the duration to overnight for better results.

2. Heavy Hair fall: Apply a few drops of the oil every day on your scalp. Weekly thrice use it is massage oil and give a gentle massage from scalp to ends and wash the Hair.

General Instructions:

Caution: If the customer has a cold body, they can start using the hair oil just for 10 minutes before hair wash and slowly increase the duration.

The causes of hair fall may be Hormonal Changes/Change of Place / Change of Water
Stress Kindly control the stress level and stay relaxed

Eat lots of veggies and fruits Take Amla or Amla powder daily. Take fresh curry leaves daily



Yes , Ditch your all other Hair Care Products when your Grab our YEKA Moringa Hair Oil !

  • Gives Irresistible softness to your Hair.
  • The Extra Penetrating Oil Promotes HAIR GROWTH
  • It helps in reducing HAIR FALL.
  • Intense Repair Therapy aids in Hair Re-Growth in BALD AREAS.
  • It prevents PREMATURE GRAYING of Hair & darkens your Hair.
  • Instantly smoothes and tames your frizzy Hair.
  • Combats Dandruff, Lice & other Hair Related Infections
  • It controls sleeplessness.


Is it suitable for all hair types?

It is suitable for (All Hair Types) including colored and chemically treated hair.

Can men and women use this?

Yes, men and women above age 5 yrs can use this.



1 review for Yeka Moringa & Green Magic Herbal Hair Oil (1000ml)

  1. Mahi

    Hey araah l am using your products for the past few days .I have tried lot of products for my hair fall problem,but nothing helps me..but after using yeka herbal hair oil, I can able to see the changes within a week..Your hair oil have done miracle to my hair!

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Yeka Moringa & Green Magic Herbal Hair Oil (1000ml)