Herbal Hair Wash Powder for Healthy & Shining Hair (50g)
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Herbal Hair Wash Powder for Healthy & Shining Hair (50g)


Throw way chemical-filled shampoos. This Natural Hair Wash powder makes your hair strong & shine!

There is no stopping you from flaunting your hair with this herbal hair wash powder

Tired of seeing hundreds of hair strands all around the house? Is your hair dull, damaged, and frizzy? Get yourself together, as now you can experience hair fall control from the comforts of your home. Be ready to welcome lustrous and healthy with Araah Skin Miracle’s Herbal Hair Wash Powder. This is a natural shampoo that can lock in moisture in your hair. This is the best organic shampoo as it contains carefully selected herbs that fight hair fall, strengthen hair roots, and make it shine from within. You will be letting down your hair more often to flaunt the gorgeous mane with this best organic hair wash powder as this also acts as a chemical-free conditioner and the best herbal shampoo for hair growth.

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What and Why of ingredients?

herbal hair wash powder

Read on to get to know how this chemical-free hair wash powder works for getting hair fall control at home


Shikakai powder imparts Shine and Softness To Hair, Removes Hair Lice and Dandruff, and Provides Stronger and Thicker. Shikakai for hair fall control has been known for ages. It provides hair loss control for women and men.

curry leavesCurry leaves

It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and Iron. This helps to strengthen the hair roots and prevent hair loss. Thus you can experience hair fall control at home

green gramGreen gram

It adds shine to the hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair. It keeps hair shiny and healthy and always


It stimulates hair growth and also helps in treating dandruff. It provides deep-conditioning of the hair. It also prevents premature greying of hair


fenugreek powderIt contains lecithin, a natural emollient. This conditions and moisturizes the scalp and hair. It revives Damaged Hair, Fights Dandruff, and also adds Shine And Soft texture to the hair

moringa leavesMoringa leaves

It is rich in amino acids hence this helps in the rejuvenation of hair. It reduces alopecia and hair fall.

nourishes hairSoapnut 

Soapnut nourishes hair. It makes hair glossy, voluminous, and silky.

soften the hairArappu

It is a natural conditioner for the hair. It reduces heat in the body and softens the hair.

increase the hair growthLemon Peel

It is rich in vitamin C. Increases the rate of hair growth by boosting the production of collagen. The acidic nature helps tighten the hair follicles this curbs hair fall

reduces dandruffKarisilangani

It houses antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It reduces dandruff, itching, flaking, and premature greying

promotes hair growthAvarampoo   

It promotes hair growth. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties treat scalp infections and reduce scalp inflammation.

How to get the best out of it?

hair wash

Step 1 – Mix the required amount of the Hair Wash Powder with Curd/Water to form a paste.

Step 2 – Apply generously all over the scalp & wet hair

Step 3 – Massage gently

Step 4 –  Let it rest for not more than 10-15 mins

Step 5 – Rinse thoroughly with normal water.

Step 6 ( optional) – Apply Herbal Hair Conditioner  if the hair is dry & frizzy

Follow these steps to get the best Hair fall control at home.  Buy this Hair Wash Powder Online



Is this Hair Wash Powder suitable for oily & greasy hair?

Yes, it’s suitable for all kinds of hair textures including oily & greasy hair.

Are the ingredients used in this product safe for damaged dry hair?

Yes, they are natural handcrafted ingredients that are free from toxins & harsh chemicals like sulfates, phthalates & parabens. All our products are cruelty-free & do not contain any artificial color or fragrances which makes them safe for use for dry, brittle & damaged hair.

Can a cold body use this Hair wash Powder?

Yes. It’s safe.

Can I use this on kids?

Yes. You can use it after 1 year.

Can an expectant mother use this ?


Is it a natural product?

Yes. 100% natural, no added toxin or chemicals or parben.

Can men use this hair wash powder?


Does it dry out Hair?

No. We have added natural hair conditioning ingredients.



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Weight 50 g


2 reviews for Herbal Hair Wash Powder for Healthy & Shining Hair (50g)

  1. Priya

    I want to give a review about hair wash powder.my mother in law used it..she had itchy scalp n pimple in head..so many things tried bt not effective…then she used my hair wash powder and she realised that her itchy scalp became normal n pimple also gone.. thanks for ur pure n handmade products which is very beneficial for our skin n health

  2. Anjali

    Want to share you today I wash hair with your hairwash powder and before that applied moringa oil And after hairwash my hairfall reduced hardly 10-20strend

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Herbal Hair Wash Powder for Healthy & Shining Hair (50g)