Kumkumathi Glow Serum (25ml)
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Kumkumathi Glow Serum (25ml)



This serum improves the general health of your skin. It’ll make it feel softer, smoother, and more supple in less than a week! It treats hyperpigmentation, prevents acne and pimples, decreases spots and blemishes within days, heals the scars (and other injuries) suffered by both men and women, etc.

This Serum is suitable for Non-Allergic & Non-sensitive Skin.
If your skin is sensitive and prone to allergies on trying new products then try this Sensitive Skin Kumkumadi Serum. Click here

The Serum has been favourite of 10,000 customers.
Single stand alone natural product that leaves your skin glowing, bright & flawless.


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Key Ingredients

wild turmeric

Wild Turmeric



red sandalwood


How To Use

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When can I use kumkumadhi serum?

Best when used as a night serum.

What are the benefits of kumkumadi serum?

Helps in vanishing pigmentation, blemishes, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles.

Does it make my skin dark?

Due to red Sandalwood powder and saffron, a few customers might experience a slight darkening ..but that is totally normal! On continuous usage that will be rectified!

Will the results get reversed if i stop using it?

No, the results are permanent.

What does the orange and white label on the serum denote?

Orange label- for Normal, oily, and combination skin types.
White label- for sensitive skin.

What are the ingredients used in this serum?

Belleric, Jatamanasi, Haritaki, vetiver, Manjistha, galangal, Reed tuber, wild turmeric, saffron, and rose petals.

How long should we leave it after application?

At night cleanse your face just for 5 min & wash
your face. Now slowly increase the duration to 25-30mins. After 3-4 days leave it overnight.

Can we use it when we go out?

Not a good idea.

Will I get fair after using this serum?

It helps with skin lightening

Can we use it over pimples?

Avoid using over your pimples.

Does it contain turmeric?

Yes, it does.

Is it non comedogenic?

Yes,it is

Can this be used by children?


For which skin type is it suitable?

sensitive, oily, combination, and normal skin types.

In how many days will I get the results?

Use it consistently for 3 to 8 months for the best results


For how many days 25ml bottle will last if I use it regularly?

It will last you probably for 2 months

Will I get fair after using this serum?

It helps with skin lightening



10ml, 25ml

40 reviews for Kumkumathi Glow Serum (25ml)

  1. Komala

    Hii araah..Im using ur kumkumkadi and aavarampo soap…it gives me good results…it increases my complexion

  2. Bhuna

    Hello araah i am happy with your kumkumadhi serum and yeka herbal oil My under eye dark circle reduced within few days. I am gonna regular customer of your araah products

  3. Kalai

    Hi araah kumkumadi serum is too good. My skin tone is getting brighter. Even at the end of the day I am having the same glow which I have at the beginning of the day. You team rocks

  4. Vinolin

    I feeling happy to tell u that ur red wine gel N kumkumadhi glow serum is soo good… tried today but noticed differ ence in skin wid first use…my skin is looking glowing..tysm for such good product

  5. Bindhu

    Kumkumadi serum has become my fav one its fragrance no words to describe just loving to d core Am using glow oil for my hands it keeps my hand moistured throughout d day

  6. Valli

    I have been using kumkumathi serum for 25 days… Everyone telling m face looks so fresh and glowing.. Even I feel the change… Everytime when I see my face it ll look dull.. I feel worried a lot Used many products Even olay and other foreign products But seriously I feel very happy Everytime I see I see a better face fresh and good look

  7. Bhavya

    For 1 week am using ur turmeric soap my skin tone is increase and kumkumadhi oil serum awesome dark circles reduced within few days

  8. Kiran

    Hi it’s been 2months I used ur Kukumadhi serum.. F’m a person with inferiority complex because of my dark skinadded to that I was having dark patches and dark spots… Now all my marks have reduced little bit…and for that little bit to… The confidence that I gained from ur product is just awesome ya… I really want a thank you from my bottom of my heart… And now waiting for the next products

  9. Diana

    I’m using saffron goat milk soap, kunkumadi oil, Red wine gel, from last 15 days it does the miracle to my 12 and neck. IIove this product so much thqq mam thq for this wonderful product. For thos people who will work more in heat they will must use this products.. Thqq so much

  10. Hindhu

    Hello there I wanted to thank you for the best natural products I have ever used. Rose lip scrub and lip balm are truly magical kumkumadhi serum is my favoriteTomato soap has made my skin bright and soft. I could really see the difference. Due to busy schedule we lack time for the skin care routine. Thanks for the wonderful products. Looking forward to try other products

  11. Harini

    I am using kumkumadhi oil for last 2 days only it gives a gud review on my skin. when i woke up in the morning my skin becomes too soft n shiny. Great n very nice product Highly recommendable to all

  12. Shalu

    kumkumadi oil and hibiscus face wash its amazing it started giving me results within 2 days and its too good my skin became soft I am happy with the products

  13. Vidhun

    I am so in love with kumkumadi and golden glow oil it’s only 4 days since I am using and my skin feels so so amazing already. My acne scars have started to fade already. I had hormonal acne few months ago and the scars weren’t going away no matter how many products I tried. wasn’t expecting such fast results at all. And it also smells heavenly. I am so glad I bought it…thank you so much for such wonderful products.

  14. Preethi

    The product which I loved the most is kumkumadi serum. It has really done wonders.I had dark circles froma long time and this serum has really helped me. Though initially couldnt see any changes but after a week there was a great change and I am really happy using it.I will continue buying products from u Thanks a lot. In love with Araah

  15. Lakshna

    Kumkumadi serum is glowing my skin day by day. Kumkumadi serum bottle is magic. Thank u so much for ur product

  16. Suba

    I could even feel the radiance n my skin Bcz of the kumkumadi serum tooo.. Ur products are simply amazing ?

  17. Cithara

    I want to give review on glow serum.It works like magic on my face, all marks gone away.lov lots of araah

  18. Arivu

    Araah? it took few days to review Kumkumadi serum. It actually works. My skin become smooth and started glowing. Without putting cream my face glow. Thanks for the amazing product.

  19. Prathana

    Ur kumkumadhi serum is just awesome..my mother noticing changes on my skin.my face is glowing day by day..thaks a lot for this wonderful product ma’am

  20. Benita

    I really really.need to say this.that ur kungumathi serum….works so beautiful to my face and neck I am using ur kungumathi serum glow for past 2 months… got gud results on my face…and a glowing skin…my lips too turned rose in colur . am so happy for that

  21. Haritha

    your beetroot soap and kumkadi serum is awesome it does wonders on the skin…i dnt use customized products as such.after using your i can have faith…awesome work

  22. Nethra

    Seriously guys I am just using1 week,l give the best result my acne fade away and my skin become too soft and nice skin tone and glow..seriously before using this product Iused lot lot of lot product like drugstore product. no result My skin became very oily and red rashes..and then I am thank God. .he suggested the good product araah. ..trust me guysssss it leave my skin pimple free and my rashes or gone away. …Il am very very very thank you for araah. .trust araah

  23. Vindhiya

    Oil is just amazing In just few days only there is difference in my face Dark circles getting reduces and darkspots as well Thanks soo much

  24. Nithya

    It definitely has lightened my dark circles. I asked my mom at first. She said she feels it has reduced. But i had waited for my husband to come so i could confirm it with him who is in chennai. And finally he came. The first thing he asked me was, how was your dark circles have lighted. They are a lot better now

  25. Keerthi

    Actually i planned to outing with my frnd so night I appiled the kumkumathi serum aftrthat tmrw mrng my frnds said my face started like glowing its all for your honest product

  26. Priya

    Yeka serum is the first thing in my daily list As you can see, i ve used half of the bottle. Ialways apply it around my eyes and scars. I found that it works wonders on my scars too. I cant say the exact results but i feel good everytime i use all of your products and l’ll definitely buy this serum again.

  27. Malini

    Ur kumkumadi serum I use within 4day its real very nice product… my skin day by day more soft and glowing skin… thanku for magicl serum…

  28. Sudha

    I have a very dry and sensitive skin. Not acne prone. But I get little bumps on my forehead only during periods. My skin care journey s quiet long. All Tremember is when u use chemical free products be patient.I have used avarampoo soap from araah for my face as a soap based cleanser morning only ) , and since my skin s super sensitive I apply Kumkumadhi serum only be fore bath (atleast fr 20 mins) and take bath only in cold water. My body skin s super dry and hence I use strawberry body butter from araah as soon as I step out f shower followed by my sunscreen. I have seen visible results with these products so far . Remember always be patient and regular when u stick to some brand. have bought and tested hell lot f products from insta and from the fewI stick to, Araah has an important place.

  29. Sree

    Kumkumadi serum and avarampoo soap romba superbly en face la work aachi nalla glow kedachidhu dark spot la koranjiduchi soap instant ah brightness kudukudhu oil control panni fresh feel kedaikudhu really amazing Araah you making such a wonderful product for all skin type I really proud of you guys thank you

  30. Maha

    Hi nan 13 days a araah product use panneren really super. Ithu feedbackaha sollala unmaiya semma improvement theriuthu. Aavarampoo soap use pannathula en face la eruntha dark spot clear aayruku. Kumkumathi serum smell semmaya eruku. En face ippo nalla bright a eruku. Thanks

  31. Vindhya

    Hi kukumvathi serum also .so nice.my mom.said that my skin.. colur became..lighten…

  32. Lakshmi

    smell of kumkumadhi serum is heavenly !i love it all,Will buy more products once these are finished! Thankyou thankyou! I used to have very fair skin when I was a small child but i was getting tanned as i grew up but now my complexion is changing and im very happy thankyou ar products am best

  33. Pavithra

    Before and after using Kumkumadhi serum. There is smoothness and even tone in my skin. Small skin blemishes has reduced a lot and fine lines too… Blackheads is vanishing like magic… I could see so much difference

  34. payal

    I had used your product Kumkumathi serum & Golden glow oil. Getting amazing results in my skin and I’m very happy to see my glowing skin. So Im want to place an order

  35. Lolita

    l am using yeka golden glow oil, kumkumadi serum, kumkumadi under eye serum,kajal,liquorice soap, beetroot lip balm.. My skin care is filled with your products as they are fulfilling all myy concerns like pigmentation, dark circles,dryness.l have become a fan of you.l am sure I will be a regular customer to you.Thank you soo much yeka and aarah

  36. Suja

    Kumkumadi serum & skin oil:
    Really doing wonder on my skin kumkumadi serum + skin oil ……..am dusky skin but it improved my shade to brown…..thank you for introducing thz Hero’s ……
    Keep rocking Mam

  37. Banu

    Kumkumadi serum is really
    M not consistent n skincare but when I use know really amazing.


  38. Baby

    I used kumkumadi serum for 4 days and my skin just boomed it is worth 50000 of facial cost wonderful product
    Thnkw so mch dear

  39. Suja


    I ordered kumkumadi serum nd glowing serum… I got beetroot face pack…
    Kumkumadi serum is really adorable result… And beetroot face pack is wonderful when ever i use both product my face was pinkish… I want to order more product from you

  40. Kani


    I’m using kukumadi serum …n I’m loving the glow honestly didnt expect tht it would suit my skin as I hv used kumkumadi serum from other brands ..which caused acne ..

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Kumkumathi Glow Serum (25ml)