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Liquorice Soap (75g)


Skin Type: Normal & Combination Skin (For Face) / All Skin Types (For Body)

If you are looking for the best choice to treat melasma or pigmentation without using chemicals, the best choice is Liquorice Soap which naturally has the tendency to reduce melanin production and also even the skin tone. It’s best suitable on normal/combination non-sensitive skin.

Not suitable for sensitive skin


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Key Ingredients



red sandalwood

Red Sandalwood

coconut oil

Coconut Oil

almond oil

Almond Oil

Detailed Ingredients List











How To Use


How does this soap work?

It works on clearing Darkspots, pigmentation and evens skin tone.

Is it suitable for all skin types?

Suitable for Normal/combination non sensitive skin types.

Is it suitable for kids?

It can be used above 15 years of age.

Does it cause any side effects?

No. It’s safe

Is it natural soap?

Yes. 100% natural, chemical and toxin free, cold processed and handmade soap.

Can an expectant mother use this soap?

Yes. After the first trimester.

Can sensitive skin people use this soap?


Who cannot use this soap?

People with pimples, acne prone skin.
People below 15 years.
People with sensitive skin.
People other than normal/combination skin types cannot use this soap.

Can I use this soap to cure body pigmentation?


Weight 75 g


43 reviews for Liquorice Soap (75g)

  1. Sundari

    i am usng ur liquorice soap for skin is getting even nd brighter..i could c changes in my face…am happiee using ur products…

  2. Ramani

    Liquorice soap cleanses well and it’s vera level.. Skin glow oil lightens my dark lips. I’m very much happy about all ur products.. l’m loving it from my heart… Every products are awesome and results giving..

  3. Asha

    Hi araah, Liquorice soap I used very good results… nd I see much difference in my skin my acne Mark’s got reduced….. Thank you so much will order the same shortly….

  4. Nirmala

    licorice saop is suchaa wonder soap for sure My skin strtd glowing from just less than one week aftr using it. N golden glow powder is another magical powder. Drak sopts on my cheeks are getting lighter n lighter now.

  5. Clara

    Hi, i would like to thank you for providing us with ur wonderful products. i have been using ur liquorice soap, rose lip balm and rose lip scrub from last 20days and i m really very happy to see the desired result in such a short period of time. Liquorice soap has lighten the pimple marks and complexion and the lip products are amazing too..

  6. Vishva

    Hi Araah Family, I am using golden glow oil and liqourice soap its very effective. My skin is getting very glowing and soft… tq u so much mam….

  7. Rohini nikhil

    This is very beautiful soap …. results are very quick…i love this product

  8. Nagendra


  9. Ram

    I want to share a review used kumkumadhi oil and liquorise soap and it cures my pigmentation around mouth 90% pigmentation is remove

  10. Meena

    Hi Ur Liquorice soap was awesome Dark spots fading Thank you for your wonderful products Thanks much

  11. Brinda

    Hi Araah!! Am using ur products for the past three months… Your liquorice soap and Kumkumadhi serum is Juz awesome everyone asks about the change of my skin tone. Awwww! In love Wid ur products… My tanned uneven skin tone has been totally changed and gives mea clear even tone skin. Thank you very much!!

  12. Guna

    Am using ur charcoal papaya soap, liquorice soap and golden glow powder. I never know soaps can bring so much changes in skin. I used soaps even from other pages. But unga soap la wash panalee… Face avlo bright uh iruku golden glow powder semma.

  13. Brinda

    Hi…. I have bought red wine gel and liquorice soap… Both are amazing…. Red wine gel is awesome… It’s keeps my skin moisture…. I can fl the difference in my face. Then Liquorice soap made my dark spots fade away.. My skin tone became little fairer…. Thank u so much for ur wonderful products… Keep going.

  14. Brinda

    heartful thanks to you for your amazing miraculous products Especially golden glow oil and liquorice soap..yes darkness r heavily fade away

  15. Rohini nikhil

    This is the best soap I’ve ever used … the results are quick and visible … I just fell in love with this soap and from now on I will definitely use araah product …. anyone can blindly believe in araah product

  16. Mithra

    Hi, I’m Araah customer since April 2021. Using your antiacne combo to tackle acne marks. Although, I still get hormonal acne but the marks arent stubborn anymore. I’ve started using liqorice soap to combat the stubborn marks and kumkumadi serum as per your guidance. Im so pleased with skin tone and the radiance it results in. Also your undereye cream has shown brilliant results.

  17. Priya

    Hi Using Liquorice soap for my body. It has made wonders can see good results.. I had many black marks and dull skin. But this soap had made magic. too good. It’s really a good skin brightening soap must say.

  18. Vindhya

    Hello. It’s review time, it’s been 10 days of my routine with araah products. I have ordered avarampoo soap, Iiqorice soap and golden glow oil. Am totally satisfied with liqorice soap ana golden glow oil. Liqorice soap instantly brightens my face. And golden glow oil is my favorite. The smel and quick absorption of oil in skin is tooo gud.. I feel some difference in my face..Thank you for ur work.. And for your information. The licorice soap which I have received is having few bubbles.. Like holes in the soap. And the smell is little heavy is wat I feel.. But the work of soap is too gud.

  19. Tamil

    Hi Araah Ur liquiorice soap giving good result for my mom During winter season her body starts to itching bcauz of extend dryness after using ur golden oil and liquorice soap no dryness feel now Thanku so much keep going

  20. Anandhi

    LIQUORICE SOAP it remove suntan and hyper pigmented and lightens my skin its a natural foodie to my skin

  21. Padma

    Thank you Araah. I’m using Araah since April 2020. My acne has reduced with acne kit and marks are fading too with liquorice soap. Kumkumadi serum provides a never ending glow to the skin. Your beetroot lip balm is amazing.

  22. Mithra

    after using the liquorice soap some of my black spots on hands have disappeared and I believe that if I use 2 more liquorice soap then my full hand will look flawless without any spots

  23. Mary

    licorice saop is suchaa Wonder soap for sure My skin strtd glowing from just less than one week aftr using it.

  24. Barathi

    Liquorice soap cleanses well and it’s vera level

  25. Oviya

    Liquorice soap hands down the best soap for pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This s my second soap. Seriously the best for dark spots Big fan of your liquorice soap.

  26. Nethra

    Hai araah! For 20days I just used your liquorice soap for my pimple marks. But to my suprise I did faded all the marks. My face is looking more brighter now . All those u have been commenting on my pimples and marks have now stopped commernting..| feel very happy. Thankew for suggesting me the right products. Now I go to all places without hes itation and with self confidence. My face is now pimple free!! And I hope that rest of the marks will also fade in a few day !

  27. Nethra

    Used liquorice soap it’s visible results I was clearly able to see the difference in skin thanks for natural products a permanent Customer of Araah Team keep growing loads & loads of blessings and love

  28. Sneha

    Hi.. I have started using liquorice soap it started removing black patches

  29. Shridevi

    15 days after using u r Rose lip balm and Liquorice soap I’m very very happy With ur products It’s very amazing

  30. Priya

    Thank u for the wonderful job araah really really black spots have been reduced after using liquorice soap..and rose scrub is’s kinda am eating that …..doing great job And usully i believe when somebody notices me regularly and spotted my improvement in frnd told me that my black spots and acnes havve reducing day by day Thank you lots love youu

  31. Sai

    the liquorice soap made my skin soft and bright and my dark pigments on my face started diminishing

  32. Joe.

    after using the liquorice soap some of my black spots on hands have disappeared and I believe that if I use 2 more liquorice soap then my full hand will look flawless without any spots

  33. Mathy

    licorice soap as well they r literally making my dark spots less. I don’t like soap at al…but u proved them wrong….will come back again for order

  34. Madhu

    Your products are really nice I’ve used your licorice soap nd it’s been only 3 days but still i can see the difference, my face is looking more clearer than before. Thankyou keep the good work up

  35. Sadhana

    Hi… I have bought red wine gel and liquorice soap.. Both are amazing.. Red wine gel is awesome… It’s keeps my skin moisture…. I can fil the difference in my face… Then Liquorice soap made my dark spots fade away.. My skin tone became little fairer.. Thank u so much for ur wonderful products… Keep going.

  36. Anandh

    For past 2 weeks Im using ur liquorice soap and red wine gel amazing results it removes dark spot even my skin tone is improving gradually..thanks a lot

  37. Mounisha.c

    Hi ur all products was awesome.. I love it. 2 weeks before I bought more red wine soap, charcoal and rose and liquorice soap that is for my office colleague.. they told me that red wine soap was just Wowwww.. the skin became very soft and glowing… charcoal and rose some and the skin also became very soft… Thank You so much u guys are rocking… Now my skin became very soft and glowing… Thank you Araah

  38. Rithvana

    Hi araah I purchased skin care products for the first time online.i was in a dilemma before buying it but I should say it’s was definitely worth the skin.I have waited for exactly one month before giving my review for you product to be honest I have very positive affect I have been used golden glow wine gel.rose scrub,lohita pack nd liquorice soap. Product are really awesome…it’s help me most. I feel difference in my skin thanku so much

  39. Fareena

    Hey araah! Im really happy to give my revies about ur products..i was really scared of using products on my skin bt aftr reading all review i oradered LIQUORICESOAP, PIMPLE FIGHTER sOAP and SVARNA FACE PACK And these products did magic my acne spots are almost gone.. Thankyou so much

  40. Davina

    Ur soaps Avarampoo and licorice has given me very good results..

  41. Glasy

    liquorice soap tat makes wonders on my pregnancy pigmentation, myy dark neck too fading away i love ur product
    I like to reorder ur liquorice soap

  42. Hari

    I love your Liquorice soap and it’s results

  43. Priya

    Hi Aarah Naturals…. Thanks a lot for ur wonderful products…. I started using ur products one month before … I would have seen a lots and lots of changes in ma face…. Ur liquorice soap and golden glow powder does a magic thing in ma skin tone and now the skin started to glow bcoz of ur golden glow powder and bcoz of red wine gel… Ma blemishes r faded away completely…ur products r amazing …. Im so happy. … Just a Thanks isnt enough for u guys…. I will keep on

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Liquorice Soap (75g)