3 Must-Have Morning Drinks for a glowing Skin
3 Must-Have Morning Drinks for a glowing Skin

3 Must-Have Morning Drinks for a glowing Skin

Who doesn’t love to have glowing skin!? I don’t want glowing skin said nobody! But, due to work, everyday stress, and routine many people struggle to take care of their skin. And the result is dry and lifeless skin. In this fast-paced life, everyone wants a quick remedy and hence many of us resort to temporary solutions. But, this can lead to deeper skin damage. We are here to tell you that by making a single change in your routine you can get glowing skin. Interested. Then read on.

After a long night’s sleep, your stomach is ready to absorb all the nutrients from the first food you give it and we ask you to take advantage of this. It is now proven that you can change the way your skin looks by having a detox drink. This fact first came to light through water. Water is the best detox drink for the body and it helps to keep the skin moisturized. It is always seen that the skin of those who drink plenty of water is better hydrated than those who drink less water. If you are someone who cannot drink water on an empty stomach then you can try one of our three healthy morning drinks and enjoy glowing skin.

These drinks are filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory and thus can give an all-around protection to your body. Without further ado here are three nourishing morning drinks that will help your skin glow.

Lemon water and honey


Why lemon and Honey?
This simple drink can do wonders for the skin. Studies now show that lemon is very effective against fungal infection. Rich in vitamin C, lemon will help your skin by helping in skin rejuvenation. It helps in the skin and thus gives you young and glowing skin. Honey is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which helps to keep your pores clear and prevents acne break out. Now let us learn how to make this juice.


Lemon- 1
Honey – 2 tsp
Water – 2 cups


1. Cut the lemon into two halves. For maximum juice cut it horizontally.
2. Take a squeezer and squeeze the juice out of the lemon
3. Add 2 tsp of honey to the lemon juice
4. Add slightly warm to the lemon and honey mix
5. Stir it well and drink it as your first-morning drink.

Turmeric Milk

Why Turmeric Milk ?

Turmeric Milk is an age-old drink that has a whole lot of benefits. Apart from giving an immunity boost, it helps you to have glowing skin too. Curcumin in turmeric is an antioxidant that will help your skin to stay young and healthy. Also, turmeric is antiseptic and hence gives you relief from pimples. Pepper added to the turmeric milk activates the curcumin and gives you maximum benefits. Milk is rich in calcium and vitamins and as the first drink in the morning it gives you nourishing benefits for the skin. If you have oily skin, you can skip the milk.


Turmeric- 1tsp
Milk one cup
Pepper – as required
Sweetener – as required


1. Pour the milk into a vessel and bring it to boil
2. After it boils add turmeric and give it a nice stir.
3. Add in the pepper and sweeter and allow it to boil for two minutes
4. Enjoy a cup of hot turmeric milk

Beetroot and Carrot juice

This colorful juice is a powerhouse of nutrients and thus helps your skin to be flawless and glowing. This combination revitalizes your skin, and detoxifies the body. Both beetroot and carrot help in fighting pigmentation. This deeply nourishing drink helps you have clear skin that is free of pimples. Also, it bestows soft and supple skin.


Beetroot – 1 medium size
Carrot- 2 small
Ginger – 1 inch


1. Wash and peel the skin of the vegetables.
2. Roughly chop the vegetables and put th3m in a blender
3. Add little water and grind it into a smooth consistency
4. Refrigerate this drink and have it first in the morning.


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