Find out why AloeVera is used extensively in skincare
Find out why AloeVera is used extensively in skincare

Find out why AloeVera is used extensively in skincare

Aloe vera is a common plant seen in most households. It holds innumerable health, skin, and hair benefits than we give it credit for. This humble plant can be your way to great health and amazing skin and hair. The main benefits of aloe vera lie in the core or the gel of the plant. Aloe vera holds lots of water which makes it nice and fleshy. It also has a gel and sap which contains aloe latex in the nice and fleshy interiors. Most of the health benefits of Aloe vera come from this part because it holds numerous nutrients and antioxidants that help in the healing of the body, skin, and hair. It has almost become a rage in skincare to include aloe vera in their skin care. Before we find out why Aloe vera is used so much in skincare let us find out how to extract the gel from aloe vera.

Aloe rose gel

To remove the fleshy gel from aloe vera follow the following steps.

  1. Choose a nice and thick leaf
  2. Cut the leaf closer to the base
  3. Cut the leaf in half
  4. Slice the thorns
  5. Remove the outer layer of the leaf
  6. Scoop the gel
  7. Store it in a container
  8. Refrigerate the container

Now that you know how to extract this nourishing Aloe vera gel, let us find out why this aloera gel is used in the cosmetic industry

1.Helps to soothe the skin

Whether you have sensitive skin or your skin is sunburnt, all you need is a little bit of aloe vera. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. This helps to relieve all the inflammation and sunburn. Thus you can enjoy calm skin with aloe vera. It can also be used as an aftershave lotion to relieve the skin from irritation

sensitive skin gel cream

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2.Hydrates the skin

If you want to enjoy the best hydration without having to deal with the oily feel, then aloe vera is your best bet. It unclogs the pores and also gives you soft and plump skin. Aloe vera deeply nourishes the skin and adds moisture. If you are suffering from dry skin you should include aloe vera in your skin care regimen

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Aloe vera has an abundance of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. This makes the aloe vera the best agent to give you ageless skin. It helps to fight free radical damage thus preventing wrinkles, fine lines, and other premature signs of ageing.

Aloevera soap

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4.Fights pimples


Aloe vera has anti-bacterial properties that help it to fight pimples. It is also known to possess anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties all of which help to keep pimples away. The polysaccharides and gibberellins in aloe vera promote new cell growth. The astringent property of aloe vera helps to reduce visible pores and also it cleanses the pores. Thus aloe vera is a complete anti-pimple package and hence if you suffer from pimples, invest in aloe vera.


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5.Aloe vera for dark circles

Aloe vera gel is extremely useful to reduce dark circles. The properties of aloe vera which help in reducing dark circles are- its anti-inflammatory action, hydrating potential, skin lightening properties, and its anti-aging effects. Thus, using aloe vera regularly and getting enough sleep and hydration can help to reduce dark circles considerably.

kumkumadi EYE CREAM

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6.Aloe vera gel for tan removal


Aloe vera is known to reduce sunburn on the skin. Along with this aloe, vera can reduce skin tan too. It helps to reduce the dark tan by lightening the skin. You can use it to remove your tan in a week. All you have to do is apply this to the affected areas. But beware, don’t go out in the sun without sunscreen as aloe vera +sun can cause the skin to darken further.

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7.Aloe vera for hair

Apart from helping the skin, Aloe vera can also be used to get gorgeous hair. Aloe vera can help in hair growth because of its rich nutrients and its proteolytic enzyme. It helps to keep dandruff and scalp infection at bay. It also acts as a natural conditioner which will help you to keep your hair soft, shiny, and hydrated.

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This humble household plant can do amazing things to your skin and hair. So just extract the gel yourself or use natural products with aloe vera and reap huge benefits. Check out the best aloe vera products from Araah Skin Miracle here.

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