4 Best water based gel moisturizer for all skin types this summer
4 Best water based gel moisturizer for all skin types this summer

4 Best water based gel moisturizer for all skin types this summer

In summer, usually we look for oil free moisturizers to make sure we don’t sweat much Gel based moisturizers are light on your skin and they don’t make your skin feel oily or greasy They lock the moisture for a long time and make your skin look plumpy and hydrated Given below are natural moisturizers which you can try at home and rejoice this summer Have a happy summer!

skin using gel

Amazing overnight gels for skin lightening:


Method 1:

aloe gel                olive oil

?Aloe vera gel 1tsp

?Olive oil 1/2tsp


Method 2:

tomato         aloe gel

?Aloe vera gel 1tsp

?Tomato juice 1tsp


Method 3:

aloe gel          orange

?Aloe vera gel 1tsp

?Turmeric pinch

?Orange juice 1tsp


Method 4:

                       aloe vera extract

?Aloe vera gel 1tsp

?Rose water 1/2tsp

?Saffron strands 1-2


If you are one looking out for best skin lightening gels try this amazing ways. This helps to lighten your skin making it flawless and glowing.


The ingredients used in these methods are rich source of antioxidants which can help to brighten your skin and make it flawless.



Mix ingredients as said above. Apply this on face and neck. Leave it overnight and see the magic!




aloe gel

Gently soothe and deeply hydrate your skin

It’s time to get free of dry, itchy, and irritated skin. All you need is the soothing care of Araah Skin Miracle’s Aloe Rose gel. Heal and nourish your skin with a pure blend of aloe vera and rose hydrosol. Aloe vera calms down itchy, irritated, and sunburnt skin and gives you instant relief. Rose hydrosol has deep nourishing properties that hydrate your skin from deep within and give you skin that is soft, smooth, and nourished. It can double up as primer especially for sensitive skin by calming and prepping the skin to receive makeup


                                    Acne pimple gel

A blast of Moringa for acne-free skin

It’s infuriating to see pimple crop up every day and the scars they leave behind is so nasty. That’s why we at Araah Skin Miracle formulated the Moringa gel. Putting a clear face on and radiating confidence just got simple with Moringa gel. Moringa leaves, lemongrass, basil leaves and tea tree oil comforts your skin, controls oil, inflammation, and infection. It leaves you with a well-nourished face that isn’t sticky or greasy. You will fall in love with our non-greasy formulation and your oil and pimple-free face.


                                   tea gel

Let your skin reflect your inner joy!!

When you are happy, joyous, and spirited, why should your skin be oily, dull, and acne-prone? We at Araah skin Miracle created the green tea gel to make your skin as beautiful as you. Reinvent your skin and make it glow just the way you want it to. The polyphenols in green tea control excess oil secretion while the basil and moringa leave act efficiently against acne-causing organisms and combats inflammation. This organically made green tea gel is your skin’s best friend with no harsh chemicals, toxins and is completely handmade.


                                  red wine gel

Defy the laws of aging with this Red wine gel

Whether it is Fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, or uneven skin tone, just don’t worry. Ageless skin, instant brightness, and well-nourished skin are boxed and ready for you. Araah Skin Miracle’s Red wine gel is infused with red wine gel, aloe vera, and pomegranate. This gives your skin a tremendous boost of antioxidants which slows down aging and gives you instant brightness. Flavonoid and resveratrol in red wine fade away wrinkles and fine lines. Pomegranate helps to improve complexion. In a nutshell, this red wine gel protects your skin health, nourishes your skin, and keeps you young. Get yourself ready to invite unadulterated beauty into your life.

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