Dark Neck Causes and Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dark Neck
Dark Neck Causes and Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dark Neck

Dark Neck Causes and Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dark Neck

Uneven skin tone especially around the neck can cause serious confidence issues in most people. This is because the neck is a fairly visible skin that often gathers attention. And, flaunting a bright and flawless neck adds to the beauty and confidence. Often people develop dark necks over some time. This might be the effect of a simple cleansing issue or even a sign of an underlying medical condition. In this article, you will find out about all the causes of dark neck and learn how to easily remove it from your skin.

dark neck

Causes of Dark Neck

1.Improper cleansing

Many times we tend to neglect our necks. Let us be honest here, most of us don’t give the same amount of care to the neck as we give to the face. This might result in dirt, grime, and dead cell accumulation leading to a dull, dark, and lifeless appearance of the neck

2.Sun exposures

Sun protection

Sun damage can lead to dark skin. if you are stepping out in the sun and not protecting your neck, then most likely this will then cause you to develop dark skin. Hyperpigmentation is oftentimes a bodily response to protect against the sun’s harmful radiation


Certain medications can cause the darkening of the skin. This includes birth pills and steroids. This type of black skin will go away once you stop the medication



Being Diabetic or pre-diabetic can make you have a dark neck. Insulin levels can make the skin around the neck thick, dark and velvety

5.Hormonal Imbalance

Thyroid conditions like hyperthyroid and hypothyroid may lead to darkening of the neck.

How do get rid of a Dark neck?

This is the most important question we seek an answer to if we are suffering from a dark neck, right?  And we also are wondering if the dark neck will go away on its own. In this section, you will get the answer to all your doubts and questions. The important thing you should know is that a dark neck can be removed easily by following a proper skincare routine and the right skin care products. And also unless it is caused by a medication you are using, it will not go away on its own. If even after following a good skincare routine and products you are struggling with a dark neck, check with your doctor for any Hormonal imbalance.

The right skincare routine and products to get rid of Dark Neck.


  • Cleanse your neck thoroughly with a natural cold-pressed soap or natural powder.
  • Wet your neck and apply your cleanser. Use a circular motion to get rid of all the dirt, grime, and dead cells.
  • Wash off with water

Sinamika- De-tan face wash from Araah Skin Miracle will be the best fit for this purpose as it contains tamarind, a natural de-tan agent. This skin brightening face wash powder upon regular use will help you to get rid of dark neck and get flawless skin on your neck


Exfoliating your neck is as important as exfoliating your face. Follow a weekly twice exfoliation routine using natural products. Make sure to use a circular motion while exfoliating the neck.


Araah Skin Miracle Rose Body Scrub is the best natural body scrub. It is gentle on the skin and doesn’t strip away the natural moisture yet removes all the accumulated dead cells. Rose is a natural skin brighter that will help you get a bright neck.


Applying a toner to the skin helps it to seal the moisture and maintain a ph balance. This helps to protect the skin and keep it soft and bright

saffron toner rose water

Araah Skin Miracle Saffron Rose water toner is the best way to give a boost of hydration and protection to your neck. This natural toner contains the goodness of skin brightening saffron and rose that will give your neck an instant brightness


Using sunscreen when you step out of the house is essential to prevent sun tan and damage. Make sure to apply enough sunscreen on the neck too before stepping out.

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