These three tips will help you get rid of open pores
These three tips will help you get rid of open pores

These three tips will help you get rid of open pores

The first thing that we want to tell you is, that the word open pore is a misnomer, as pores are always open and everyone has it. They become visible under certain conditions and this is a cause for aesthetic concern. Before searching the internet for ‘ Easy ways to get rid of open pores‘ or How can I close my open pore overnight’  first let us try to understand the science behind these large visible pores.

What is a skin pore?

The pore is a small opening through which sebaceous glands and their secretion to the skin. Also, each pore has a hair follicle. Under normal, we will not be able to see the pores. Once they become larger they become visible.

Why do pores become visible or large?

Large visible pores commonly known as open pores appear most commonly in the regions where the sebaceous glands are more densely situated. Hence, it is more common to have visible pores in the T region or the T zone of the face. The almost invisible pores become larger and visible and adversely affect the aesthetics of the skin. Pores enlarge if there is damage to the skin, imbalance in hormones, Advancing age genetic predisposition.

Let us explore the most common causes of large, or visible or open pores here.

1.Increase sebum production –


As the pores serve the purpose of delivering the sebum produced in the sebaceous glands to the skin when there is an increase in sebum production the pores become visible


2. Hormonal fluctuation-


Any change in the production of the hormone also affects the sebaceous glands. Usually, it results in the excess production of sebum. Thus, as already stated to deliver the excess sebum to the skin, the pores enlarge.


3. Thick hair follicle


An increase in the volume of the hair follicles needs a larger follicular opening on the skin that forms the skin pores. These are usually tubular in structure. These will have to dilate more to all the natural flow of sebum or oil. Thus, this condition causes visible pores


4. Genetics-


It is known that heredity plays a role in the occurrence of large open pores. Ethnic background and heredity factors are internal contributors to open pores


5.Acne –


If your skin experiences frequent acne breakouts, or if you experience blackheads and whiteheads then you have a chance to get open pores. This is because the frequent acne may cause inflammation which weakens the sebaceous glands and the follicular opening. This results in large open pores


6. Sun damage and natural aging


Unprotected sun exposure and the natural aging process affect the collagen production and elasticity of the skin. This reduces the strength of the skin and makes the pores larger and visible in older people.


7. Skin conditions and deficiency:

Acute skin infections, Chronic radiodermatitis, and also deficiency of Vit A are other lesser-known causes of enlarged pores on the skin.

If you would like to avoid the pores becoming large and visible make sure you follow good skin hygiene. Always cleanse your skin with a water-based cleanser and avoid oil-based cleansers and moisturizers. Has comedogenic cleansers and moisturizers may clog your pores and cause breakouts which may result in open pores. Also when you step out into the sun make sure to use SPF 30 + sunscreen for your skin. Sun protection helps your skin to maintain its elasticity and this in turn prevents the appearance of large open pores


Here are 3 simple tips you should include in your skincare routine  to prevent the appearance of large and visible pores


1. Steam


Steaming is a great way to cleanse your pores and keep them clear of pollutants and irritants.  This will make the pores also less visible. It also gives a natural glow to your face. The addition of essential oils can make this experience more delightful for you and your skin.  The term pore is used to describe the small openings in the skin

2. Face mask

face mask

Another excellent way to Cleanse the pores and make them look less visible is by applying a mask on your face. The ones that dry on your skin pull out all impurities from the pores remove blackheads and make them look less visible. Clay masks or tomato mask works very well on the skin. Always go for all-natural products for your face. To check out best-selling natural products click here.

3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation is an important step that you shouldn’t miss for the good health of your skin. Exfoliation again helps to clear out the pores and makes them free from oil and pollutants. You should exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. If your exfoliating products contain astringents it helps to reduce the appearance of pores more effectively.  Tomato is an excellent astringent that you can try to minimize pores.

To check out skin products that contain tomatoes click here.


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