4 Secrets of preventing Dark & Dry Lips Which no one would tell you!
4 Secrets of preventing Dark & Dry Lips Which no one would tell you!
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4 Secrets of preventing Dark & Dry Lips Which no one would tell you!

Who doesn’t like a Naturally pink and luscious lip? 

But, not everyone is blessed with it. Just like not everyone has the same skin colour, not everyone has the same lip colour too. The melanin responsible for the colour of your skin is also responsible for the colour of your lip. A change in lip colour can be due to environmental factors, lifestyle or any medical condition. And this may automatically change once the underlying reason is treated. But whether you have Dark lips by birth or recently developed dark lips these well-kept secrets will get you well-nourished pink lips that you will love to flaunt.

1. Double cleanse lips daily at night

double cleanser

The latest beauty trend in Korea is double-cleansing. And this age-old skincare routine is here to stay because it is super simple and super effective. This two-step regimen includes one oil-based cleanser and one water-based cleanser. First, you need to massage with the oil-based cleanser for a min and then use a water-based cleanser on it.  For example, you can apply  Coconut oil / Yeka  Golden Glow oil on lips and gently massage for 1 minute. Use wet cotton and wipe it. Follow this with your face wash or soap. Remember to not use products with sulphate in them and go for natural products to enjoy maximum benefits.

Why should you do double cleansing?

This two-step regimen has double benefits. It helps to get rid of dirt, grime and accumulated pollution and makeup without stripping off natural oils in your skin. It prepares your skin to receive the nighttime serums or moisturizer and thus their action becomes enhanced. This will instantly brighten and moisturize your lips.

2. Use Lip balm daily overnight

The absolute truth is you can never overdo a lip balm. Lipbalms essentially protect, nourish, exfoliate, and restore the health of your lips. Thus, it helps your lips to get the natural pink colour. Applying Lip balms overnight is very important because the cells regenerate during the night and hence the lip balm you apply at the night will give extra protection to your new lip cells. Natural lip balms contain active ingredients which will add value to your lip cells.

LIPBALM preventing Dark & Dry Lips

The Araah Skin Miracle’s natural lip care range is curated with utmost care to give a new lease of life to your lips. The Beetroot Lip balm seems to be the most popular in this company.  A dash of beetroot powder with natural oils is the best secret lip treatment to achieve your dream lips.

The pigment defying beetroot makes it a lip lightening balm that works through lip pigmentation to give naturally pink lips.  Similarly, the Rose Lip Balm is very popular with this brand for its mood and lip enhancing properties. We all know the power of rose in skin care the unique property of rose hydrates and restores the natural pink colour of the lips. You can check the product here.

3. Avoid licking the lips frequently

When the lip is dry we automatically tend to lick it with our lips, trying to make it moist and hydrated. But what we are doing is drying the lips even more, and also this could be the reason your lip is turning black.

avoid licking your lips

Saliva is bad for your lips because of the digestive enzyme present in saliva. These enzymes break down the skin cells and cause them to dry up even faster. Hence, this habit leaves the lips more prone to drying, chapping and peeling. So, just hydrate( drink water) your body next time when you feel the lip is dry which is a healthy way to restore moisture.

4. Avoid Heavy pigmented chemical-filled lipsticks and prefer natural formulations.

The lipstick that stays for a long time has heavy chemicals. we need to avoid using such lipstick to save our lips and health. Check with the ingredients and find lipstick which has butter and oil formulations. You should do this because the chemical lipsticks can have a long-lasting ill effect on lips. It blocks pores, dry are the lips, and causes allergies and irritation.

avoid using chemical lipsticks its harmfull to lips

To hide all these ill effects you might use more lipstick that makes this vicious cycle continue forever. Apart from the harm, it causes to the lips, the lead in the lipstick can also harm your body.

So Beware!

love ARAAH ❤️


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