7 Must do things to get rid off Dark circles permanently!
7 Must do things to get rid off Dark circles permanently!
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7 Must do things to get rid off Dark circles permanently!

Dark circles are one of the most dreaded skin problems all around the world. It makes one look older, tired, and sick all the time. If you are too frustrated answering all the questions about your dark circle or too tired of seeing the dark circle grow darker every day, then you must make these 7 changes immediately to stop the dark circle from growing. Once you have done it, you will have nothing but glowing bright and even skin around your eyes. what causes dark circles under your eye ?? Get ready to free yourself from dark circles.

1. Don’t watch tv/mobile/laptop etc in a dark room.

watching laptops , tv in dark room

Oh my, isn’t it a pleasurable routine to lay back in our bed and scroll through, Facebook, Instagram, or binge watch Netflix, or just to have a glimpse of the viral funny video everyone is talking about through the night, until sleep steps in? But did you know that this pleasurable activity apart from disrupting your sleep routine can cause a dark circle and make you age quicker? Shocking right? This is because our skin repairs itself every night. The blue light coming from the screens is similar to the sun’s rays, thus it tricks our body into believing that it is still daytime, and thus repair doesn’t happen. Toxic metabolites get deposited, blood circulation is impaired and pooling of blood occurs below the thin and delicate eyes. These are the reasons for the dark circle to appear.

Tip to avoid it– Use of a blue-ray Filter will be helpful to counteract this phenomenon

2. Generally keep the brightness as low as possible while using gadgets

keep your brightness low

As we already discussed blue rays from your screen are bad for your skin’s health. If you don’t have a blue light filter you can use your phone setting to help you out. By keeping your screen brightness low or by turning on night mode you are doing so much good to your eyes and skin.

3. Avoid oversleeping as well as sleeping late at night/ lack of sleep

sleepless make you trouble

Well, you must be aware that lack of sleep can cause fatigue and lead to tired eyes and pale skin. This can also lead to the appearance of dark skin around the eyes. Oversleeping can lead to eyes becoming puffy.

4. Have a good amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and greens in your daily diet.

fruits and vegetable for diet

For dark circles to vanish completely you need to take care of your body internally. Usually, dark circles appear because of dehydration, poor blood circulation, and loss of skin elasticity and collagen. You can help your body work better in all the above aspects by just taking in fruits and vegetables in your diet. Tomatoes, papaya, orange, cucumber, and Watermelon Vit E and omega 3 rich foods help to improve collagen production, elasticity, blood circulation, and hydration. Thus,  this improves the health of the skin around your eyes and prevents dark circles.

5. Use oil-based cleansers to remove eye makeup.

cleanser to remove makeup for your eyes

Using oil-based cleansers to remove makeup gives you double the benefit. Apart from cleansing and removing makeup naturally and healthily the active ingredients nourishes, hydrate, and brighten skin. Hence, it gives your a skin brightening boost that helps you get rid of dark circles.

6. Keep well hydrated. Drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily.

Water is vital to maintaining skin hydration. A well-hydrated skin ages slowly. Since the skin around the eyes is thin, the effects of dehydration show quickly. When you are dehydrated your eyes become tired and also due to osmosis water gets accumulated under the eyes causing them to puff up and look dark.

7. Use Eye Cream daily around the eyes and leave overnight

kumkumadi EYE CREAM

Doctors suggest applying skin lightening creams around the eyes to prevent dark circles. You can look for creams that are natural and have active ingredients in them. The presence of active ingredients is a boon for your skin as they bring about visible changes to your skin right from the start.

For example, Kumkumadi Eye cream from Araah Skin Miracle is an ayurvedic preparation with the finest of active herbs that have helped to change the looks of 3k+ happy users. This is a targeted formulation by Araah Skin Miracle. They were the first to bring the powerful Kumkumadi for treating the dark circle. And we should say that this women empowered company has done a great job in formulating this cream. They have included all the right ingredients that have collagen boosting, hydration enhancing, elasticity improving, and skin lightening properties such as grape seed oil, almond oil, pomegranate oil, watermelon seed oil along with Kumkumadi oil. This makes it the best cream to remove dark circles naturally

Tip – You can buy this cream at an amazing price here.

If you have read it till the end then congratulations, you are all ready to go dark circle free…. Just start bringing these changes in your life and see the magic happen.


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