If you read this you will never stop exercising again
If you read this you will never stop exercising again

If you read this you will never stop exercising again

We all know the health benefits of exercise, and the importance of exercise on our heart and health has been constantly emphasised. But, what has been ignored lately, are the benefits of exercise on the skin.

The link between skin and exercise is being studied now and the results show a positive correlation between exercise and glowing skin. It is now being said that even people with skin conditions like acne or eczema etc can benefit from exercise if they know the right way to exercise. Regular aerobic exercise for 30 mins confers you with young and glowing skin, that you can’t resist. Here we are sharing five reasons why you should give priority to exercise this new year.

5 Skin Benefits of exercise

  1. Promotes Hair Growth.

We all know that regular exercise promotes blood circulation. This means that now your hair gets more blood flow. This will make sure that your hair gets all the nutrients it needs, including antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging your hair. Improved blood circulation also removes toxins and stimulates hair follicles. This gives you new Hair growth. It also prevents the clogging of pores and dandruff.

  1. Glowing Skin

Exercise imparts glowing skin. This is because during aerobic exercise the following happens- Improved circulation, improved oxygenation and improved removal of toxins. All these combined help your skin to get a natural glow. During exercise, the toxins are also eliminated through sweat. This double elimination of toxins gives you naturally glowing skin.

  1. Prevents ageing

Exercise helps in keeping your skin young and healthy. This happens in two ways- One is through Improving collagen production. Collagen helps the skin to look and feel younger. The second method by which exercise helps you stay young is by strengthening the muscles. Stronger muscles give you firmer skin by improving the tone of the skin.

  1. Reduces acne

Exercise works both indirectly and directly on acne prevention. Acne occurs due to blocked pores and blocked pore is the result of the overproduction of sebum. One of the major causes of excess sebum production is stress and exercise reduces stress and indirectly produces sebum, therefore acne. Also, during exercise pores are freed as the toxins are flushed out through sweating. Thus, if you want clear skin, exercise more often

  1. Reverse ageing

You are going to love this one.  A recent study has shown that after 3 months of exercise, the cells of older individuals looked much younger. This means that with regular exercise you can actually get your younger skin back Interesting right? What more reason do you want to start exercising? Start right away and enjoy gorgeous-looking skin.

To accentuate the benefits of exercise it is important to remember these pointers

  1. Don’t exert too much. Too much strenuous exercise might put a strain on your body and this can reflect on your skin. So keep the exercise lighter to get glowing skin.
  2. Wear loose clothes to avoid frictional damage to the skin
  3. To cleanse off sweat from the skin, always have a bath after exercise
  4. If you are battling chronic conditions like eczema, remember to apply moisturiser before exercise. This will prevent flare-ups
  5. Also for chronic skin conditions doing exercise in a cool place or water sports like swimming might be more beneficial
  6. If you are exercising outdoors remember to wear your sunscreen. This will help prevent UV-induced skin damage. While exercising for our skin, we don’t want to damage the skin, do we? So be generous with the sunscreen

It is already a new year and you have got 5 more reasons to start exercising. Don’t wait for any longers. Stick to your resolve and indulge in 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and enjoy beautiful skin every day. Also, remember to follow our pointers while exercising to prevent any inadvertent damage to the skin. Even if your skin experiences flare-ups initially, the benefit of exercise outruns this flaw in the long run. So, happy exercising.

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