5 Best Ways to Get Rid Off Dark circles Permanently!
5 Best Ways to Get Rid Off Dark circles Permanently!

5 Best Ways to Get Rid Off Dark circles Permanently!

Dark circles around the eyes can take away your entire look. It gives you a dull, tired, sick, and old look. It often takes the happiness from our face and this (appearance of a dark circle) is the most used change in actors to show their emotional and physical state. So, sporting a dark circle is a daunting task. There are numerous creams and products available on the market to cure the dark circle, but the most simple and efficient way is to rely on natural products and ingredients that do not cause any side effects. Before we give you 5 simple ingredients to cure dark circles, we will let you know a little more about how and why these dark circles occur.

Causes of Dark circles

rid you dark circle

There are two main causes of dark circles:

  • increased melanin production
  • dilated and enlarged blood vessels

Melanin is a skin colouring pigment. This gives colour to the skin. When there is excess production of melanin by the melanocytes, then the skin colour will be dark. These are various causes of the increase in melanin production.

Some of them are:

  1. Sun exposure– One of the major causes of excess melanin production is exposure to the sun. Melanin production is a protective reflex against the sun. Hence having unprotected sun exposure can reduce melanin production
  2. Pregnancy – Pregnancy hormones can trigger melanin production and result in melasma which can occur around the eyes too.
  3. Inflammatory conditions – This causes the skin to swell and develop dark spots. Some of the common Inflammatory conditions include sinusitis and allergic rhinitis.
  4. – Certain medications like contraceptive pills and glaucoma medication can trigger dark spots.

The blood vessels under the eye can be dilated and enlarged due to the following reasons

  1. Lack of sleep -Less sleep can adversely affect the eyes and this can result in a dark circle.
  2. Less water intake – Not drinking adequate water can lead to puffy and dark eyes.
  3. Allergies – Allergic reactions can lead to dilated blood vessels leading to a dark circle.
  4. Age – With age skin becomes thin and blood vessels are visible beneath the skin leading to a dark circle.


Now that you know the causes of the dark circle you can plunge into the solutions that will save you from dark circles.

1.Cold tea bags

Keeping tea bags on the eyes is a very good way to reduce dark circles. The caffeine present in the tea bags constricts the vessels and provides a cure for dark circles. This is a simple yet effective way to make your eyes look bright and ready.

Things Needed

  • Tea bag
  • Water
  • Cup
  • Refrigerator


  • Fill the cup with water. Keep the tea bag inside the water.
  • Refrigerate the cup for half an hour.
  • Remove the tea bag and keep it on the eyes for 15 minutes. Do it regularly to see results.


Potato has natural bleaching properties. This helps to reduce the darkness under the eyes. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, applying potatoes to the eyes is a very easy way to recover from the dark circle.


potato on face

  • Potato

Method 1

Grate the potato and keep it on the eyes for 10 mins

Method 2

Keep Potato slice on the eyes for 10 mins

Method 3

Extract potato juice and apply it around the eyes. Leave it until it dries and then wash off.

To save prep time, you can invest in Araah Skin Miracle Potato powder and get bright eyes every day.

3.Cold Milk

Milk is an age-old ingredient that helps to lighten the skin. Milk is also a natural cleanser and moisturizer. The lactic acid in the milk helps to reduce puffiness and darkness around the eyes. Cold helps to reduce the enlarged blood vessels. Thus this one ingredient is a complete package to reduce dark circles.

Things Needed

  • Cold Milk
  • cotton ball


Wet the cotton ball with milk and keep it on your eyes for 10 mins. Do it twice or thrice a week.



Another age-old ingredient to reduce dark circles is rose water. Rose water has cooling properties and relieves the eyes from all the tiredness that leads to dark circles. Also, it has skin-lightening properties and this helps to remove dark circles. Thus you can refresh, rejuvenate, and get rid of the dark circle all in one go.

Things Needed

Rose Water



  • Wet the cotton in rose water and keep it on the eyes for 15 mins. Repeat every day.
  • Get your hands on Saffron Rose water toner from Araah Skin Miracle and relieve your tiredness anywhere anytime.



Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, and vitamin C and also contain natural bleaching agents. Thus it helps to remove the dark circle.


tomato for skin care



  • Apply tomato juice around the eyes and wait until it dries off completely.
  • Then, rinse it off with water

To enjoy doing this in under a minute get Tomato Powder from Araah Skin Miracle. You can not only cure dark circles but also make your recipes for glowing skin. Also, Araah Skin Miracle has launched an amazing natural under-eye cream to give you bright and beautiful eyes. To Buy Click Here

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