Surprising Skin benefits of Saffron
Surprising Skin benefits of Saffron

Surprising Skin benefits of Saffron

Saffron is one of the costliest skin care ingredients in the world. Saffron is nothing but the stigma of the flower crocus sativus. This ingredient is rare because it can be harvested only twice a year and it should be hand-picked. Saffron has been used in Indian Cooking for its fragrance and beautiful color for ages. This ayurvedic ingredient has medicinal properties and is known to help fight any disease.  This herb also has lots of skin-caring properties which will help the skin to glow and shine naturally. Let us explore the various skin benefits saffron has to offer us in this article.

Protects against UV radiation

We all know the ill effects of UV radiation. Uv radiation can affect the skin in many ways. It causes various skin issues like premature aging, dark spots, and pigmentation. Saffron has a way of blocking these harmful UV rays. Saffron contains crocin, an antioxidant that helps to block both UV A and UV B radiation. Thus using creams containing saffron can offer you good sun protection and prevent premature aging and pigmentation.

saffron cream

Aarah Skin Miracle has a highly pure and ayurvedically prepared saffron cream. This cream is a perfect moisturizer, becomes the best primer, and gives full protection from the sun. That’s not it, it also gives you instantly glowing skin. Check this product here.

Reduces inflammation

Skin inflammation is one of the main causes of various skin conditions including acne. The active component crocin in saffron helps to reduce skin inflammation. It reduces oxidative stresses and also reduces the production of inflammatory proteins. This helps the skin to be free from any inflammation and redness. Saffron can be of great help to calm the inflammation in sensitive skin.

saffron toner rose water

Araah skin Miracle Saffron Rose Water toner can help you tackle inflammation on the go. It can help to instantly freshen up the skin, reduce oxidative stresses, calm irritation, and also give instant brightness. Check out this most loved product here.

Aids in wound healing

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of saffron are responsible for promoting wound healing. Wound healing is important to reduce skin infections and skin scarring. Healthy skin should heal quickly and come back to its original form without undergoing any damage. Saffron helps the skin to achieve this type of healing. It is also stated that saffron helps to increase cell multiplication, another important factor that will aid in wound healing.

Reduces hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the condition where patches of skin look darker than others. This is because of the production of excess melanin. Melanin is the skin coloring pigment produced by melanocytes. Exposure to the sun can trigger the production of excess melanin as a part of a protective mechanism. Saffron helps to reduce hyperpigmentation in two ways: one- it can block harmful rays from the sun. By using saffron creams you can reduce sun exposure. To get one of the best saffron creams click here. Two – it has the potential to suppress tyrosinase. This tyrosinase is needed for the melanocytes to produce melanin. Once this is blocked hyperpigmentation reduces naturally.

Araah Skin Miracle Saffron Soap and Safra body wash are the two best selling products. These help to cleanse the skin, enhance complexion, and remove dark spots and pigmentation. Araah Skin Miracle sources only the best and high quality saffron and hence the products always give results.

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The above benefits of saffron are scientifically studied and proven to produce results consistently. There are many other benefits of saffron that are yet to be scientifically explored. Two of the unproven results of Saffron are that it reduces acne, and also hydrates skin.

The anti-inflammatory action of acne is thought to help in reducing acne and it is also being studied that saffron might have anti-bacterial potential too. The benefits of saffron are attributed to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from this its ability to reduce melanin production and improve cell multiplication gives a healthy, glowing, bright, spotless skin. You can easily include saffron in your skincare routine.

We will see more about the ways to use saffron in your skincare routine soon. Until then enjoy beautiful skin with Araah Skin Miracle Saffron Products.


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