How to achieve hair fall control naturally at home and also flaunt a gorgeous mane
How to achieve hair fall control naturally at home and also flaunt a gorgeous mane

How to achieve hair fall control naturally at home and also flaunt a gorgeous mane

Every day seeing hair strands strewn around the house and everywhere you go can be frustrating. And the fear of extreme hair fall that can lead to hair loss is very much real. If you are nodding your head and agreeing to this then read on to find how you can achieve hair fall control and develop hair growth naturally from the comforts of your home

Reasons for hair fall

hair loss shocking fact

Hair fall and hair loss are the most commonly face hair problems. There are numerous reasons for facing mild to extreme hair fall. Although losing 50 to 100 hair strands every day is considered normal, it is best to know the reason for hair fall so that we can find ways to curb it effectively in the early stages. Stress plays an important role in hair loss. An increase in stress levels can lead to excess hair loss. Also, nutrition plays an important role in hair fall. Inadequate nutrition may lead to excess hair fall. Also, medication, hormonal changes, radiation, and chemotherapy can lead to hair loss

Ways to control hair fall naturally

As you read. the reason for hair fall in women and men can be many. But the first step to reducing hair fall from home is to follow a good daily hair care routine.

Step 1: Shampoo

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It is always confusing when it comes to how many times a week you should wash your hair. Do you do it every day like your body? No.  Your hair doesn’t need a wash every day until your scalp isn’t too oily. And another important thing to know is for thick and curly hair to be the same always you shouldn’t wash it every day. Washing your hair two to three times a week depending upon the oiliness of your scalp. Also, it is healthy to use an all-natural herbal shampoo or herbal bath powder for your hair

Step 2: Conditioning


Remember to never skip conditioning. Conditioning is very important regardless of the type of your hair. It helps to lock in moisture in your mane and brings down frizzy and untamed runaway strands. Make sure to condition the length of your hair until you reach the tips. It is not necessary to condition the scalp and roots as it might cause them to become oily quickly. For extremely dry hair you can condition your roots as you will benefit from it.

Step 3 Leave-in Conditioning

Leave in Conditioning is a must if you have dry and frizzy hair or if you dry and style your hair often. Leave in Conditioning should be done on days when you wash your hair. This step will moisturize your hair and also give it a healthy shine. This should be only applied to the strands.

Step 4: Styling

If you are using styling tools for your hair then it is very important to use a heat protectant. This will act as a protective barrier and prevent the drying of your hat. It also prevents hair loss due to styling and prevents hair from becoming dull. Remember heat styling affects your hair and to prevent it heat protectant is necessary

Step 5: Drying

 let your hair air-dry

The most common method of drying is with a cotton towel. But friction can damage your hair and hence you should try to avoid this type of drying. Air drying followed by blow-drying is the best method to dry your hair. Using ionic hair dryers or wet-to-dry hair stylers is very effective in drying your hair and protecting it from damage. Drying should be done only after applying all the products to your hair


Avoid common hair care mistakes to stop hair fall

Now that you know how to form a good routine to prevent hair fall,  it will be useful to get to know about the common mistakes that lead to hair fall

1) Avoid tight hairstyles that pull on the hair

2) Avoid using heating tools

3) Don’t bleach your hair

4) Use the essential oil or other oil hair massage weekly once

5) Do not use hard brittles combo

6) Don’t comb wet hair

7) Don’t start combing from Scalp

8) Don’t be harsh on hairlines while combing

9) Don’t comb after applying hair oil, cream, or serum


5 simple steps to boost hair growth :

Along with avoiding the above-said mistakes make sure to remember these 5 easy steps that will help you boost your hair growth

1) Regular massage with oil:

A massage with Coconut oil or olive oils or almond oil + any essential oils keeps hair and scalp hydrated.

2) Regular trimming:

This process helps to curb split ends and gives way to hair growth.

3) Eat a balanced diet:

Balanced internal nutrition helps in hair growth.

4) Wash your hair weekly twice:

This prevents the accumulation of dirt and hair fall due to clogging pores.

5) Don’t forget to condition:

This prevents frizz and dryness in hair.


Check what goes into your hair care products

Now that you have understood the reasons for hair fall, how to set a hair fall routine and common mistakes that lead to hair fall, and also easy steps to promote hair growth, it is also important for you to choose the right products for your hair.

Most commercially available products contain toxins such as phthalates, sulfates, and more. Hence these products can cause hair damage and hair fall in the long run. Hence it is important to see the labels before you buy a product.

All-natural Hair fall control products


hair wash powder           hair conditioner             moringa hair oil

But if you want to avoid toxins, and buy toxin-free hair care products you can always choose all-natural shampoo, all-natural conditioner, and all-natural hair oil. These natural hair care products contain hair-loving ingredients such as Shikakai. Shikakai for hair fall control is trusted by Ayurveda and is in use for a long time. The ingredients for herbal hair wash powder or shampoo is completely safe on hair and the benefits of herbal hair wash powder are that – it strengthens hair from the roots, gives a natural shine, and makes hair and scalp healthy and well-nourished. If you would like to check out the best herbal hair wash powder that is trusted by 10k + customers click here

Not only shampoo, but all-natural toxin-free hair wash conditioners and hair oil are also available.

To take a look and change your hair care products to all-natural click here


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