This Ubtan for Bride Guarantees the Most Beautiful Bridal skin ever
This Ubtan for Bride Guarantees the Most Beautiful Bridal skin ever

This Ubtan for Bride Guarantees the Most Beautiful Bridal skin ever

Marriages are made in heaven but the gorgeous brides are made with bridal ubtan. Brides have this constant pressure to be the best self during the day. This oftentimes leads them to rush to the parlour and rely on chemicals and makeup, to look their best. But the truth is you don’t need anything chemical or extravagant to make your beauty sparkle at your wedding. There are many natural facial cleansers that bring out your true beauty by removing the accumulated tan, pigments, and dead cells and giving back the much-needed hydration and nourishment to your skin.

Best Natural herbal bath powder

Among the many natural herbal bath powders and packs available, the bridal ubtan is the most efficient and powerful one to bring back your lost glow to your skin. Unlike the chemical treatments, chemical creams and make up this natural ubtan makes the skin glow naturally.

As a bride would you want to be your best only on your wedding or your entire life. Won’t you like to wake up to a beautiful you, every day?

Honestly, as a women myself, I feel frustrated to see all the memes out there that openly point out the difference between women with make-up and without make-up, especially post-wedding. It’s time we learn to rely and trust on our skin and natural toxin-free herbal bath powder with herbs that work from within our skin to remove all the imperfections, damage, and sensitivity.

Once we believe this then it becomes easy to get glowing skin naturally with the help of herbs easily available in the kitchen and garden. This not only gives you the perfect glow for your wedding but gives you a certain level of confidence and comfort to be in your own skin anywhere, anytime without having the need to use any chemical makeup or cream on your skin.

The solid proof of this is the bridal glow that every bride gets after the traditional Haldi function. Imagine if in a single day the ubtan can give a beautiful glow, if you can incorporate it months before your wedding as a skincare ritual, then, the result will simply be out of the world.

Just remember before the time cosmetics entered our world, our ancestors found a way to have flawless skin with the help of natural herbs that were easily available to them. Thanks to the passing down of knowledge today we have an amazing DIY bridal ubtan that will give you a new skincare goal to aspire to.

What is Ubtan?

So, what is this ubtan? Ubtan is basically an ayurvedic mixture of ingredients that treats skin problems naturally and it also provides a healthy and natural glow to the face. This is known by different names like Nalangu Maavu Powder in the south and Haldi rasam during weddings.

The Nalangu maavu powder or ubtan is usually formulated with herbs, spices, pulses, and nuts, This natural face pack is very versatile and ingredients can be added to suit the skin’s needs too. In this article, we will be trying to unearth the finer details of ubtan and its skin-loving properties.

Benefits of Ubtan or Nalangu Maavu powder work?

This Ayurvedic home remedy for the body and face can be used as a natural face and body cleanser or as face packs. This mineral-enriched natural exfoliator houses essential herbs, and oils, that yield a flawlessly healthy and naturally glowing skin. The ingredients of this natural facial cleanser blend together and cleanse away the impurities from the skin. The ubtan for the bride has a unique mix of Ayurvedic ingredients that aids in giving a smooth texture to the skin. It also works with the skin to remove hyperpigmentation, dullness, blemishes, and dark spots.

The internet says that currently, ubtan is the most searched skincare ritual. Though it was long lost, we are happy that It’s coming back and people are willing to turn back to the roots. This absolute Ayurvedic wonder is most sought after because it contains active skin-caring ingredients. These active ingredients help to fight off all three Ayurvedic ‘doshas’ namely Vatta Dosha, Pitta Dosha, and Kapha Dosha.

The best part about this must-have natural skin whitening bridal nalngu maavu is it doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket yet, gives the desired results that are equal to multiple parlour visits. All you need to do is note down or save this page,  get the ingredients from the kitchen and make this miracle homemade bridal ubtan at home to enjoy ravishing skin.

Ingredients of Ubtan for brides

To make your own bridal ubtan at home you will need the following ingredients

  • Green gram -1tsp
  • Wild Turmeric -1/2tsp
  • Almonds -2 to 3
  • Sandalwood powder- 1/2tsp
  • Raw Milk- 2tsp
  • Rosewater – little

To make this royal ubtan that seals your perfect mesmerizing look on your wedding day first you need to soak the green gram and almonds in water. Soaking them overnight will help you get the best ubtan.

Once you have done soaking, grind together the green gram and almonds to a fine smooth mixture by adding little water. Make sure to grind it fine and smooth like a well-blended paste.

To this fine paste, you can now add the powders namely sandalwood powder and wild turmeric powder. Make sure to blend the powders well so that you have a nice homogenous mixture.

Finally, add a few drops of rose water to this and give it a good mix. Before your bridal ubtan is ready to use, you need to rest it for 20 minutes. Keeping the mix in the refrigerator for twenty minutes gives you the perfect ubtan.

While the ubtan is resting you can prepare your face to receive this ubtan. Cleanse your face thoroughly with a natural cleanser and then pat your face dry with a towel.

Take the rested Ubtan from the refrigerator and apply it all over your face and neck. Leave it on your skin until it dries completely. After it dries completely you can remove it by washing it with water.

We know that it’s everyone’s wish to look bright and glowing on the wedding day. Thus we shared this bridal ubtan to give you the most amazing wedding look. Remember to start applying this ubtan pack three months before your wedding day. Apply this twice every week to be the most gorgeous bride in town.

How does ubtan or Nalangu Maavu work

Green gram

greengram used for ubtan bride

Green gram is a natural cleanser. This humble green gram can actually rejuvenate your skin. It gently exfoliates the dead skin cells from your skin. Thus it brightens your skin and makes your skin soft and smooth. It is also rich in Vit A and C which helps to lighten skin tone, defy aging, and fight tan and pigments.

Wild turmeric

termeric for ubtan

Wild Turmeric houses antibacterial properties. It also contains bioactive ingredients that work with the skin to heal and nourish it.  Wild turmeric reduces dark circles, blemishes, and acne. Wild turmeric is also known for bestowing soft & glowing skin and also improving skin complexion.


almonds for ubtan

Almonds are a powerhouse of various skin-enriching nutrients.  It is widely loved for its high amounts of vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids.  Almonds are skin nourishing and with their anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it keeps acne away. It also has complexion-enhancing properties that lighten and brighten skin tone

Sandalwood Powder


Sandalwood contains antioxidants. It helps maintain skin buoyancy and the structure of cells. It replenishes the lost moisture and helps to keep the skin well hydrated and naturally glowing. Sandalwood also contains natural skin whitening properties and thus lightens skin tone.


Milk has numerous skin rejuvenating properties. It is a good exfoliator and cleanser. It moisturizes skin, reduces early aging signs, treats sunburns, and adds radiance to the skin. It is an amazing skin toner that brightens skin.


rose water

Rosewater is an excellent pore cleanser. It removes dirt and impurities from the skin. It adds hydration to the skin and helps to tone the skin. It also adds brilliant radiance and brightness to the skin. The amazing smell acts as an instant mood enhancer.

If you are unable to find the time or get the ingredients to make this ubtan at home you can source it directly from our page. We follow the most trusted traditional method to make the bridal ubtan our Nalangu maavu to help remove dead cella, brighten the complexion, even skin tone, and to get naturally glowing skin.

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