6 Bad Skin Habits to Leave Behind
6 Bad Skin Habits to Leave Behind

6 Bad Skin Habits to Leave Behind

So, here we are taking this opportunity to let you know that you can drop these bad skin habits this new year. What else can be a better time to drop off old habits, right?  We all love our skin and want it to look its best. We buy so many products, hunt for the latest trend and try to give our skin the best.

But, sometimes we inadvertently cause damage to our skin because of our bad habits. Read this blog and find out how many bad skin habits you have got. Remember to include them in your resolution list and this new year will give you, your best skin ever. Excited? Then, let us start right away.

 1. Don’t touch your face

A study stated that most people touch their face up to 23 times in an hour. This finding literally creeps us out. Because this is one of the bad habits for the skin. Hands can harbour many germs and dust, by touching your face with this, you are literally harbouring the germs all over your face. This will result in breakouts and clogged pores. Also, when we feel a pimple, we try to pop it up. It may be satisfying, but you are making way for acne scars and uneven skin. Be conscious and stop touching your face and pimples.

 2. Forgetting Night Cleansing

After a long and tiring day, the bed seems so welcoming. Coming home and lying on the bed might be the one thing you might have been looking forward to. But stop yourself from getting that much-deserved rest for a few more minutes. Sleeping with make-up on can be harmful to your skin. Apart from make- up your skin holds the day’s pollution and grime on it too. If you sleep without getting all of this out of your skin, it can get clogged, cause breakouts, uneven skin and more. So, drop this habit at the earliest

 3. Not enough sleep

Sleeping for just 3 to 4 hours a day might be really harmful to your skin. Your skin does a lot of things while you are sleeping. They enter the repair and regeneration phase. A good night’s sleep will help the skin to heal from all the damage. This will prevent dark circles, eye bags, pigmentation and also premature ageing. It is called beauty sleep for a reason. Start sleeping better and you will see a natural glow on your skin. Isn’t this a good enough reason to start sleeping better?

 4. Not enough water

Water is the elixir of life and by not having enough of it you are compromising your health and beauty. In skin hydration is everything. A well-hydrated skin looks healthy and glowing. Did you know that the Korean skincare routine is based on layering up hydration?  By having up to 8 glasses of water in a day you are boosting the skin’s hydration. This means you will be free from dry, flaky and lifeless skin just by drinking water.

 5. Smoking and Drinking

We all know that both these are harmful to our bodies, but these habits are harmful to the skin too. Alcohol affects the skin by causing severe dehydration.  We just spoke about drinking water to keep your skin hydrated, Losing all the water by drinking alcohol doesn’t look healthy, does it? Smoking can result in premature ageing. It affects circulation and can lead to premature ageing, uneven skin and more.

 6. Forgetting Sunscreen

You really don’t want to forget this. Sunscreen that offers protection against the sun’s UV radiation helps us to have better skin. Sun can damage our skin and cause lots of damage. Age spots, sun spots, pigmentation, premature ageing and even cancer! Just layer up the sunscreen when the sun is up and feel protected.

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